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  NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons pack (v 1.11)  
Picture of NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons pack Author : Massi
Version : 1.11 Era : Modern Type : Weapons
Size : 1 Go Demo mission : No
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Description :

Version: v 1.11 release: 18/DEC/2015


This addon is meant to equip my US, UK and Italian NATO SF and GRU Spetsnaz units with realistic modern weapons in use today.
Most of the weapons are Vilas MLODS released to the pubblic modified and ported to A3 by me with his permission, the other models are A1/A2/OA released MLODs modified and adapted to A3 by me, with the precious help of Alwarren in model config and config.
The weapons that equip my SF units will be found in the editor in 3 ammoboxes divided by sides as follow:

NATO SF Weapons:
- M4A1, M4A1 M203, M4A1 AG36 black, desert, woodland and CQB versions
- HK416, HK416 M203, HK416 AG36 black, desert, woodland and CQB versions
- L119A1, L119A1 M203, L119A1 UGL black, desert, woodland
- M16, M16 M203 black versions
- SCAR-L standard and short barrel with EGLM versions
- SCAR-H with EGLM version
- ARX160 with GLX versions, both tan short-barrel and black long-barrel
- G3, G3 M203 fixed and folding stock versions
- FN FAL, FN FAL M203.
- Lee Einfield, M14 marksman rifles
- M27 IAR black, desert and woodland, 30rnd and 150 rnds mag versions
- HK417, SR25 black, desert and woodland versions
- SCAR-H Marksman and M110.
- M24 black, desert and woodland versions.
- LRR AWM sniper rifle.
- M107 black, desert and woodland versions
- M249 black, desert and woodland versions
- MK48(placeholder) black, desert and woodland versions
- M240 black.
- M60E4.
- MG3.
- MP5A5, MP5SD6 black, desert, woodland and underwater versions
- G36C.
- Guerrilla weapons: MP40, MP40(open stock), Sten MK II, Pzf-60, M-79 GL
- Submachinegun in handgun slots: SA61 Skorpion and Micro UZI
- Beretta M9, Glock 17, USP, ACP, Mk23, P226, Brw HP.
- config edited MP7.
- Benelli M1014 shotgun.
- AA-12 Automatic shotgun
- Anti-Tank launchers: M136 AT-4, M3 MAAWS, SMAW, M72 LAW(retex RPG18), custom Titan short with different warheads.
- Anti-Air launcher: FIM-92 Stinger.

Spetsnaz GRU Weapons:
- AK74M, AK74M GL black and camo versions
- AK74M, AK74M GL, AKS74, AKS74 GL SF Rails versions black and camo
- AK12 and AK12 GL
- AK74, AK74 GL, AKS74, AKS74 GL versions
- AKMS, AKMS GL black and camo versions
- AKM, AKM GL versions
- KSVK black and camo versions
- Pecheneg
- Zastava M70s , M72 and M91
- AK74U black and camo versions
- Bizon
- VSS Vintorez
- AS VAL with underwater version
- MP-443 Grach
- Makarov.
- Saiga 12 shotgun.
- Anti-Tank launchers: RPG 7, RPG 18, METIS with different warheads.
- Anti-Air launcher: SA-7 Strela.

Optics and gear:
- Pistol suppressors
- Rifle Suppressors
- Sniper rifle Suppressors
- Acog (3D), Aimpoint, Sniper optics (NV capable), Thermal optic , ANPEQ15/ ANPEQ2 laser pointers
- PSO/ PSO Sniper(3D), Kobra, NSPU ans Goshawk
- Backpacks for my unit's addons
- Masks, googles, NVGs and wraps for my unit's addons


- Those weapons are meant to equip my unit's packs
- Weapons have custom ammo and magazines
- Weapons have custom UI pics
- Weapons have custom sounds thanks to LordJarhead!
- Weapons have A3 features : optics, torch, suppressors and IR capable, rotating muzzleflash, custom handanims and anims.
- Weapons have dedicated ammocrates
- The pack includes few dedicated optics (PSO, Acog, Aimpoint, Sniper optic), retextured BI camo optics and dedicated suppressors
- The pack includes unit's dedicated backpacks
- Dedicated launchers (M136, MAAWS, RPG7, RPG18, Stinger, Strela, Pzf-60)
- Classlist and PDF GUIDE included in folder
- Optional ASDG Joint Rails config included in folder
- Optional ACE3 config included in folder

v 1.11 date 18/DEC/2015
- Updated the ammo hit values to BI and other mods standards
- Tweaked a little bit the PSO optics
- Added SD subsonic ammo also for pistols
Picture of NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons pack
Size : 1 Go
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