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  CUP Units (v 1.3.1)  
Picture of CUP Units Author : CUP - Community Upgrade Project
Version : 1.3.1 Era : Modern Type : Units
Size : 2.3 GB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 2683 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Description :
CUP Units

CUP Units contains all the units of the original ArmA 2 and Arrowhead as well as the DLC. Right now, there are a lot of placeholder units that do not look like the original ones but are instead stand-ins using default ArmA 3 uniforms and CUP equipment. Some units might still be placeholders using current ArmA 3 vanilla gear – they will be replaced later. All uniforms and vests are compatible with vanilla content, meaning that you can mix vanilla and CUP content.

CUP Weapons

Version 1.3.1 (17|Apr|2016)
2 New cap designs (TrackIR, Make Arma Great Again)

British and Khet/Jeans units bouncyness (now Lord Pettka is back to being the Lord of the Bounce)
US Army, Russian, Chedaki units not appearing in Zeus
Napa Soldier 4 hood removed in Pilot/First Person View
Russian Spetsnaz Assaultman did not have ammo for his RPG-18

CUP Units Pack 1.3 (13-Apr-2016)


Please delete your existing @CUP folder before installing this. Do not try to unpack this over an
existing installation. It is very likely that it will break something.

If you are subscribing this from the workshop, make sure you remove @CUP from your addons list. In
the future, the weapons pack will always be called @CUP_Units. There is no @CUP anymore.

Please keep in mind that this pack is still very much WIP.

For more information on this pack, the Community Upgrade Project, or for contacting us, refer to our
web page at

What's New

Added Worker, Profiteer and several other civilian units
Added RACS (Royal Army Corps of Sahrani) faction under Independent
Added NAPA faction under Independent
Added Takistani Guerrilla faction under Independent
Added SLA (Sahrani Liberation Army) faction under EAST
Added Takistani Militia faction under EAST
Added Fedora
Added new vest models for German KSK
Added German KSK Flecktarn (Woodland) variant for all units (credits go to Brainbug for original textures
Added USMC Jungle Cover with PRR
Size : 2.3 GB
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