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The Cleaner (v 1.0)
Picture of The Cleaner Author : Wuestenfuchs Version : 1.0  
Islands :
Official islands
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Playable as : Infantry (Assault) Downloads : 1701
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • TheCleaner.Porto.pbo
Description :
The mission was made under the Armed Assault version 1.14 under use of the AACF Soundmod v2.3 as well as Maddmatts ArmA Effects v1.1
(Special effects like smoke, fire, explosions).

Dl-Link AACF Soundmod:

Dl-Link ArmA Effects:

If some links should not work any more, then helps Google at the search for another download source.

How to install the mission:

Copy the file "TheCleaner.porto" into the mission folder.

Go to disc drive (your hard disc) / Program Files / Bohemia Interactive / ArmA / Missions.

- The order to the neutralization of the enemy is only then complete if absolutely all opponents are dead.
As a rule, this works very well. It happened, that in the city of Porto occasional at the tests
all enemies were killed apparent, but the order was not crossed off in the briefing.
A thorough search has shown that some AI units stayed at the following places:
- on the backyard of the biggest building (several business in the ground floor) besides the minaret
- on the backyard of the buildings in the square BC13 between provisional hospital and the area where are located the two silos
- on the backyards of the houses opposite the base (the houses which go parallel to the base wall)
- in a hospital tent
- in the minaret

- What everything the player to equipment needs and does not have with him, he finds on the island. Think that you are surrounded quite
alone by enemies who make the area insecure with patrols and marksmen. The playing time is depending on experience approx. 1 to 1.5 hours.

- There is 1 automatic save point. Therefore it makes sense to save the game progress occasionally manually.
Otherwise frustration could adapt.

The first mission which I have ever made and published was a mission for Operation Flashpoint. The name of this mission was "The Cleaner" (approx. 2002).
Into this the player must clean completely the russian enemy on the airfield of Malden, in the role of a US-BlackOp.
Because this is possibly the last mission, I still publish now anyway after a long break, unfortunately only after the end of Mapfact
and because the action and the game principle are similar, I have given her the same title as my first mission.

I thank the beta testers: Florian aka Chneemann and Christian BadAss of the former Mapfact team as well as Christoph aka Unterfeld,
our faithful Mapfact fan who has already tested many mission for us. Their suggestions are contained in the final mission.

A lot of fun with playing!

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Picture of The Cleaner Picture of The Cleaner Picture of The Cleaner
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