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  Cold War Rearmed² : Demo 4  
Picture of Cold War Rearmed² : Demo 4 Author : Cold War Rearmed Mod
Version : N/A Era : Modern Type : Total Conversion
Size : 3.5 GB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 4375 No rating for this addon.

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
Cold War Rearmed² : Demo 4

Besides the many units, weapons, and vehicles from the past Demo and a lot of big and small fixes this one also contains:

* All 5 original Terrains from OFP, all with updated terrain textures and little enhancements
* Assistant MG, AT and LAW/RPG units added
* Squad leaders added to West and East factions
* M151 and Willy's Jeeps added (thanks vilas)
* Ladas added
* Gaz-24 added
* Round parachutes added (thanks ACE2 Mod)
* Upgraded 6G30 and MM1 launchers (thanks hcpookie)
* Some more editor objects from the OFP days are back, e.g. tables with maps
* Old ugly field hospital replaced with one from ArmA2
* All previous 'DLC' added (Scud, Cessna and Kamov)
And a lot more I can't remember now.

As a 'little bonus' we also included:
* Saint Adam Terrain by Jakerod
* Dutch Marines units and weapons by Sander
* British Armed Forces units, weapons and vehicles by Col Stagler

This release is dedicated to James 'Planck' McNicoll.
You will be missed and we're sure you would be happy with what we achieved in the past years.

See the included readme files in the CWR² Documentation folder for install instructions.
These files also contains important informations for mission designers, e.g. class names.

Important if you have the previously released Demo and/or standalone Islands:
As before, this is a complete new package! Please make sure you have removed all previously installed CWR² Mod folders!
All of the previously released files are no more required or horribly outdated.
Everything you need to play is in below Downloads.

Please note: Both ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead (Combined Operations) is required!

Size : 3.5 GB
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