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  About ArmA II, Bohemia Interactive at INVEX Digitex General    

Bohemia Interactive is showing ArmA2 at INVEX Digitex, have a look at the program on Bohemia Interactive web site.

This year Bohemia Interactive will participate Game Life conference at Fairs of Information Technologies and Consumer Electronics INVEX - DIGITEX staged from 23 - 27 October 2007 at the Brno Exhibition Center.

Links to reviews had been post by Spook on the BI Forums, but ... they are all in Czech.

[CAVE]guerilla has posted a translation of about these coming from Saigon's & Binariz3 blog, page and

- you can command around 100 ai and send them to 1 target
- better shader for dynamic lightning (Shader 3.0)
- dynamic shadows, really real light
- shooting with every weapon out of vehicles (not sure here)
- better swimming, twice as much soldier movements (not sure)

than they talk alot about the advantages of DX10 and Shader 3.0 i guess, thinks like photorealistic texture, bump maping and how good it looks.

4 campaigns

- 1 linear (i guess they mean straight)
- 1 free (RPG?)
- 1 total free (take a side and go to war)
- 1 Multyplayer campaign (a dream comes true here)

Than somethink about importing the 3D VBS Editor and demolitation of houses with and without interior, they got 1 house working so far.
The nice view's on Chernarus, falling leaves in the forest, railway for trains with some trains but only for war feeling (not working).
The author says the he can see the better AI handling cover and comunication in towns and on the field.
About 10 GB files (several DVD disks) for ARMA 2
Converting for XBOX360 with autoaim till 12/2008.

and on the 3th interview i see following:

no dynamik destruction model like wished but somethink similar like shot a hole in a house and enter it, also possible for AI's. AI is gonna hide behind walls, pillows, trashcans, autos with surpressing fire and granates while flanking you somehow. animation for entering and leaving vehicles. numeric position in vehicles can be chosen by assigning ai to a vehicle like gunner instead of driver (without the menu 4 - 2 - 4), no animal (cow) hunting just a bunny because its possible to stream it in and let it disapear.

not only fight mission in the campaign, there are also missions like going to dring a beer after the shift, tee cooking with friends, going to search something for someone etc.


- DX10
- the grass is fat and low for better view, just better
- fog looks more real
- shadows, i did't understand that, so far the same as ARMA 1
- better smoke fx
- better forest texture with fog on the ground etc.
- beautiful object reflection if "ODLESKY" means reflection, dunno
- Viewdistance stays the same as ARMA 1 as there isn't even a cpu to handle this.

A translation of Saigon's & Binariz3 blog by Deadfast can be found in our Articles section.

Some videos have also been released on YouTube from different sources.

  October 27th, 2007 - 00:20 By Old Bear   Comments (8)  

  ArmA 2 Expectations on BIS Dev Blog Official    

MattRochelle has informed us about a new article on the BIS site announcing new ARMA2 features that should be expected!

Compared to ARMA, we're concentrating on the following improvements for ARMA 2:

- Campaign with RPG elements, and with a story combined with dynamic events
- Improved AI, especially in Close Quarter Battles
- AI using taunts and hand signals for coordination and increased immersion
- Much more realistic terrain, based closely on real world data
- Optimizations for dual/multi core systems
- Console and PC release

And as usual, there are some changes which are perhaps not that important, but we still hope they will help to make ARMA 2 a more enjoyable game.

- Increased facial detail
- Increased vegetation detail
- Ambient animals
- Improved building destruction (we will return to this in some future blog)

Read more on the BIS site here!

Source : MattRochelle
  October 1st, 2007 - 15:03 By Cervo   Comments (32)  

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