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  New ArmA II Preview and Video Official    

Yesterday our colleague telejunky from the team stumbled upon a new non-english preview about ArmA 2 on the website. While visiting the website a few minutes ago we have discovered that BIS has stated that they will release new footage/information on a regular base, so we advise you to visit from time to time. The first released video is about the USMC in ArmA 2.

United States Marine Corps

USMC deployment in Chernarus consists of 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), which is supposed to overturn the balance in the civil war in the favor of Chernarussian government. Marines are skilled in assymetrical warfare and are backed up by superior weapons and technology.

- Marines wear MARPAT camouflage and are equipped with state-of-the-art personal weapons: M16A4 assault rifles, M4 carbines, SAW and M240 machineguns and many other special-purpose weapons.
- Standard part of ground forces are LAV-25 light armored personel carriers, tracked AAV armored personel carriers, and M1A2 Abrams tanks.
- Standard assortment of aircraft contains MV-22 Osprey transport convertoplanes, MH-60S Seaknight and UH-1Y Venom transport helicopters. Super Cobra assault choppers and F-35 VTOL fighters fly in attack and CAS roles.
- Force Reconnaisance detachment is assigned to 27th MEU to provide extra support to operation Harvest Red. Men of Force Recon have exquisite training for recon and surveillance missions, direct actions deep in enemy territory as well as dealing with local population.
- Marines in field rely on many advanced weapon platforms: Predator unmanned aerial vehicles, MLRS rocket artillery and many more

Also here is the non-english preview + video (with unseen ingame footage) found by the telejunky. All credit goes out to

News submitted by telejunky.

Edit: telejunky uploaded the video to YouTube ! and you can now download the HD version from our FTP aswell !

Edit2: We added some interesting captures of of the Video, made by the Team.

  January 29th, 2009 - 19:35 By Deadeye   Comments (19)  

  New ArmA 2 Video Preview ! Videos    
We have come across a new video preview featuring ArmA 2. In fact the title says Flashpoint 2 Vs Arma II but apart from some scences ofp the OFP2 CGI Trailer (rendered), the video is about the upcoming ArmA 2.

Disclaimer : We do not want the comments to end up in an OFP2 vs ArmA flamewar, that's why we are kindly asking you only to give constructive feedback about ArmA 2 and not OFP2.

Click the image to get redirected to the trailer !

  January 28th, 2009 - 10:47 By Deadeye   Comments (16)  

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