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  Black Hawk Down OFrP by Marc Shepard Mission release    
Marc Shepard has released an "OFrP" version of his Black Hawk Down ArmA mission on the BI Forums.
Needed Project RACS Pumas and Arma Frenchpoint are included in the archive.

After having two PMs in my box for converting Black Hawk Down to French Infantry, I'm proud to give you the link of Black Hawk Down OFrP V1.0b1
It's in Beta version so if you see any bug or problem, send me a message

Black Hawk Down OFrP features:
-AddOns required are in the .zip file
-Black Hawks are now PUMAs (but the one who crashed)
-US Marines are now French Infantry (but the Special Forces)
-OpFor won't attack the pilot who crashed
-Tested with V1.14 of ArmA
-The Rescue Chopper will now land to take back the pilot
-Radio communications
-You can fail
-You can win

  August 26th, 2009 - 11:00 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  ArmA : Unsung MP missions pack Mission release    

Warrior Xâ„¢ from the UNSUNG MOD has informed us about the release of the last Unsung mission pack for ArmA.

Missions pack available for ArmA 1. Due to work moving to the ArmA II area, these will be the last done for ArmA 1.

The pack includes 7 missions out of which 5 patrol missions for 12 players and 2 clearing missions for 20 players. Drop the files into your ArmA/MPmissions folder and play. Needed for the missions are Unsung R1 Alpha release and Lowlands island for ArmA 1.

Source : Unsung MOD
  August 26th, 2009 - 10:00 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  M24 Woodland Camo Tarn Screenshots    
Christian.1987 published several new pictures of his work in progress M24 with new woodland camo Tarn.

Source : BI Forums
  August 23rd, 2009 - 22:09 By Marko112   Comment (1)  

  CWR: OFP Nostalgia Pack Mission release    

W0lle from the Cold War Rearmed Mod has released a CWR: OFP Nostalgia Pack, 39 missions ported from OFP on the BI Forums.

This is a revival of the OFP Nostalgia Pack.

Back in 2001 a few talented people created the first OFP Missions using the demo content and a 3rd party mission editor - remember the game was not released back then.

I have converted and fixed these missions so they can be used in CWR. Where possible I added playable slots for MP usage.
Converting these missions was a pain because the previously mentioned editor created mission files which are no more readable by ArmA. That means I had to fix the bugs manually, then imported the mission and then started working on them once the mission became stable.
I changed a few smaller things and scripts but I would say I reached the goal of keeping 90% of the original mission.

Compared to todays "standards" these missions are pretty easy, there is no fancy scripting and effects stuff. However playing these missions gives you an idea how it was back then in Summer 2001 as the community was awaiting the first War Simulation from BIS.

You can read the original text made by famous Avon Lady here.

I want to thank Avon Lady for keeping the original mission download available until today.
Thanks too of course to all the people making these missions back then.

Please feel free to report bugs and I try my best fixing them.

You can download the 39 mission package here.

  August 21st, 2009 - 14:27 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  Funny stuff WIP Screenshots    
Anyone want a cigarette, now you can in ArmA! -=engener=- published three WIP pictures of a cigarette addon on our forums.

Source : ArmedAssault.Info Forums
  August 20th, 2009 - 19:46 By Marko112   Comments (8)  

  WW2 TankPack by FF Studio released Addon release    
[FF]Faust from the FF Studio released their WW2 TankPack on the BI Forums.

- FFS_PzIII (desert)
- FFS_CrusaderMkII
- FFS_CrusaderMkII (desert)

  August 20th, 2009 - 12:16 By Marko112   Comments (9)  

  Campania de Malvinas MOD Screenshots    
Campania de Malvinas MOD released several new WIP pictures of their latest work. You can see more pics on their site.

Sorry for the silence of radio, we were very busy this last months. Though already the matter remained resolved, it is exactly as Alphadelta said , the name MALVINAS is in Spanish, MALOUINES in French, FALKLANDS in English, etc. etc.

As for the date of release, we decided to launch soon the models finished up to the moment for the Armed Assault, and to continue with the complete development for the ARMA 2.
Here I leave images of the vehicles "with wheels", which it is the last thing that we are going to realize for the Armed Assault. The rest (planes, helicopters, ships, etc.) will be for ARMA 2.

Source : Campania de Malvinas MOD
  August 19th, 2009 - 07:05 By Marko112   Comments (4)  

  PMC 51km Desert terrain released! Addon release    
Snake Man from PMC Tactical informed us that he has released his PMC 51km Desert terrain for ArmA!

This is 51km x 51km desert terrain with war torn cities and villages. There is also few modern (intact) cities, three airbases, six oilfields, five harbors, dirt road network and two lane highway.

This is the first release of this terrain.

Online manual:

PMC homepage:

PMC forum:

PMC forum official release topic:

PMC Editing Wiki:

News submitted by Snake Man.

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  August 11th, 2009 - 15:02 By Marko112   Comments (3)  

  CSLA3 Phase1 Patch 1.02 to 1.03 released Addon release    
EMERY informed the community that CSLA 3 MOD released a new patch version v1.03 on their site.

- added 3 versions of MiG-29A "Fulcrum"
- added 3 versions of Mi-24 "Hind" (1x D, 2x V, random jaws displayed)
- added small rowboat
- added new objects (fake MHQ, Medical heliport) - not only for WF
- improved stability on dedicated server
- many tweaks in CFG and scripts
- AI units are more sensitive now
- added 2 new SP missions (Riders On The Storm, Clear Sky)
- updated MP missions Domination and Warfare to v1.1 Cerberus

Of course you need to have CSLA 3 MOD in v1.02 before patching.

For more and detailed info see attached PDF ReadMe file (ENG/SK/CZ).

Unpack mod to main folder of your Arma installation, keeping the folder structure.
You need patch 1.14 or higher to run the mod properly.

Needed addons :
CSLA3 Phase1 (v 1.02)

Source : BI Forums
  August 11th, 2009 - 14:38 By Marko112   Comment (1)  

  Romans - Icewindo Screenshots    
Icewindo published a picture of his work in progress Romans.

Put the romans ingame for a quick test. Getting them to attack is another question, but I'm fine with my progress for now.

Source : BI Forums
  August 11th, 2009 - 11:27 By Marko112   Comments (2)  

  New M24 Screenshots    
Christian.1987 released several new pictures of his M24 rifle on the BI Forums.

Hello Community

I work for the time on my new M24 with Acog and new textures, of the Originl Model from ArmA.

In Two Versions.

- M24 Completely.
- M24 Without Stand Feet.

  August 11th, 2009 - 11:20 By Marko112   Comment (1)  

  Fww2 - Finland at War 1939-1945 Screenshots    
Von Rundstedt from the Fww2 - Finland at War 1939-1945 released two pictures of their latest work on the BI Forums.

Yet another small update with a question attached.
First quick teaser since I have kept so long silent of ingame screenshots, but then in return I have got a lot done in meantime.

And now the question part. I have edited BIS faces in attempt to get battle worn look on some faces to bring variety on clean and neat regular face. Obiviously it still needs some work on it. Should we keep them in mod or scrap this idea?

  August 11th, 2009 - 11:12 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

  Socom ACU (WIP) Screenshots    
bulkington80 informed us that ardvarkdb released four pictures of his work in progress Socom ACU units.

Source : Forums
  August 6th, 2009 - 16:39 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

  FWW2 - Finland at War 2 more WIP pics Screenshots    
Von Rundstedt released some new WIP screenshots showing his upcoming FWW2 - Finland at War 1939-1945 on the BIS Forums.

M/26 Lahti-Saloranta LMG
The weapon was able to fire in both full automatic and semi-automatic modes. M/26 was extremely accurate and earned name "rapidfire rifle". Finnish Army only used 20 round box magazine (instead of 75 rounds drum) which didn't really support weapons capabilities. Even greater mistake was that parts were too tight, which caused jamming when dirt got inside. Finnish soldiers prefered Soviet counterpart DP-27 over domestic M/26 (click on picture).

Quick screenshot on Mosin Nagant accesories, bayonet and PU scope (on seperate scope picture I accidently cut off part of model, base of scope is more detailed).

  July 30th, 2009 - 19:32 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

  M16a4 Tiger Stripes Addon release    
Chris.87 informed us all that he has released his M16a4 with red and blue tiger stripes on the BI Forums.

So Guys, i publish my project (M16a4´s whit Tiger Stripes) This is a only Beta Version. I Work to a Final Version.


Init: removeallweapons this; this addmagazine "30rnd_556x45_stanag"; this addweapon "C1987_M16a4_red";

Red Stripes:


Blue Stripes:




Have Fun.

  July 21st, 2009 - 11:31 By Marko112   Comments (12)  

  Estonian soldiers WIP by STEWY Screenshots    
Stewy published an early picture of his work in progress Estonian soldiers

No where near in comparison - but a quick knock-up of an Estonian soldier. The vest has been sampled from Sentinels Infantry pack (with permission)

Rifle from HWM, Faces from Wip and SWM

Thanks to bulkington80 for informing us!

Source : BI Forums
  July 19th, 2009 - 18:06 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

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