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  The Cleaner 1.0 by Wuestenfuchs Mission release    
Wuestenfuchs has send us his newest single player mission for Armed Assault, called The Cleaner 1.0. In this mission you're a russian soldier who fight against the american forces on Porto.

The first mission which I have ever made and published was a mission for Operation Flashpoint. The name of this mission was "The Cleaner" (approx. 2002). Into this the player must clean completely the russian enemy on the airfield of Malden, in the role of a US-BlackOp.
Because this is possibly the last mission, I still publish now anyway after a long break, unfortunately only after the end of Mapfact and because the action and the game principle are similar, I have given her the same title as my first mission.

  April 27th, 2010 - 16:31 By Imutep   Comments (4)  

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