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  ArmA Effects Updated Addon release    
Maddmatt has updated his impressive ArmA Effects mod and released it on the BI Forums. The new version includes many new features and improvements...

It contains:
* A new grenade effect.
* A new explosive ammo effect (for example the Vulcan cannon and the KA-50 HE ammo).
* A new tank muzzleflash.
* More smoke when buildings are destroyed.
* Tweaked bullet impacts.
* New smoke effects.
* AT backblast effects.
* Aircraft destroyed in the air now leave a flame/smoke trail.
* New bomb effect (The Harrier's bombs)
* Various other tweaks.

Source : BI Forums
  September 30th, 2007 - 14:16 By DaRat   Comments (3)  

  TrueRangeAI Beta v0.9 Released Addon release    
rg7621 has released the TrueRangeAI beta mini-mod over on the BI Forums. The mod increases the engagement ranges for AI soldiers making them more realistic and true to life.

This mod (TrueRangeAI), the first phase of our upcoming AI modifications, will adjust only AI spotting distance and engagement ranges. We were both fed up with the fact that the AI would not engage us (or even see us for that matter) at ranges where we could easily spot, identify, and engage them. We are shooting for realism, and trying to make AI engagement ranges much closer to those of human players.

A demonstration video of the mod was released on Youtube:

Source : BI Forums
  September 30th, 2007 - 12:11 By DaRat   Comments (5)  

  Bush Wars Mod - Several releases Addon release    
The Bush Wars Conflict Mod released today several addons in the BI Forums. The addons are: a Bush Wars GUI, SAAF pilots, a new version of their Alouette II beta and a brandnew Alouette III K-car beta.
If you want to know more about the addons or the story of the mod, visit the BIS Forums or the Bush Wars Conflict website.

They also released two SP missions by NBSVieiraPT and Rellikki which can be found on their website or in our Mission section.

Furthermore the Mod is still recruting and needs some help (modeller, skinner, coder/scripter). If you like the idea of the mod and want to be a part of it, visit the BIS Forums or send a email to

  September 30th, 2007 - 11:15 By Flyer   Comments (6)  

  Piper Warrior II Released Addon release    
[APS]Gnat has released his impressive Piper Warrior II addon over on the BI Forums.

- Carries 1 pilot and 3 passengers
- Working control surfaces
- Working Flaps
- Working Nose Wheel
- Working lights (except 1 extra! )
- Proper Texture Normal mapping
- Proper Damage Textures

Source : BI Forums
  September 30th, 2007 - 09:32 By DaRat   Comment (1)  

  Main Battle Tank Gun Ballistics and FCS - Work in Progress Screenshots    
Here's one for all you people disalousioned with ArmA's take on tank realism; NonWonderDog is working on his Main Battle Tank Gun Ballistics and Fire Control Systems mod which aims to make the tank ballistics and weapons systems far more realistic. Take a look at his BI Forums Topic for lots more information.

Following up on my small-arms ballistics, I'm extending the same to tanks. It took a lot of research, but I have fairly accurate trajectories and damage for several different 120mm/125mm tank shells. In addition, APFSDS darts will no longer destroy tall buildings in a single shot ( they had explosive=1 defined in the config! ).

Source : DJ DickHead
  September 29th, 2007 - 17:16 By DaRat   Comment (0)  

  RealArtillery addon by Jones updated to 1.1 Addon release    
o3oDeath aka Jones has updated his former Manual artillery addon under the name of RealArtillery on the BI Forums. This release features reworked arty guns,and rounds, scripts for forward observers, two missions and a mod folder.

Change log
muzzle velocities changed to reflect more accurate max ranges 1 tp 10 KM
New missions included
increased max rate of fire to 12 rounds per minute.
included short cuts for 505 and Atari versions of arma and a mod folder

  September 29th, 2007 - 12:47 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  AimPoint Desert Weapons released Addon release    
AimPoint has released his AimPoint Desert Weapons addon on the BI Forums.This addon will provide you with 8 BIS Weapons in desert camo SF style.M4A1 with variants, SPR MKII, M24 Sniper Rifle and the M107 Anti material Rifle.

My first release here :)
Eight BIS Weapons with realistic desert camo.
M4 upgraded to M4A1 (Single Shot & Full Auto fire mode)

  September 27th, 2007 - 21:24 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Another artillery addon released ! Addon release    
Chops has released an arty addon on the BI Forums. This addon comes with 3 SP Missions.

This is an artillery addon that allows M119 artillery strikes of four different warheads, through the action menu and mapclicks, out to a range of 7600m.

-Indirect fire out to 7600m
-Four different warheads
-M760 HE
-M84 smoke
-M314A3 illumination
-Just copy the template user mission into your own missions and you're ready unleash hell!

  September 27th, 2007 - 18:52 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  ArmA: Queen's Gambit street date General    
The 28th of September as a release date for ArmA: Queen's Gambit is confirmed on the Bohemia Interactive web site.
As well as a new cover picture for the IDEA games edition.

ArmA: Queen's Gambit , the official expansion pack for critically acclaimed ArmA: Armed Assault , is knocking on your door. The addon will hit the shelves on 28th of September. Digital distribution will start on 8th of October via Sprocket system, available for either Europen or overseas customers.

You will find ArmA: Queen's Gambit tomorrow, perhaps under one of these covers at a price ranging from 14,99 € in Germany to £ 11.98 (around 14,14€ today) in the UK and from 19,99 € to 24,98 € in France (price tags from Amazon and FNAC).

  September 27th, 2007 - 17:11 By Old Bear   Comments (12)  

  Manual artillery addon by Jones Editing    
o3oDeath has released a Manual artillery addon on the BI Forums. This addon features reworked arty guns, scripts for a forward observer and a target range mission.

I got sick of all the click on map artillery scripts and wanted something a bit more realistic so I gutted the vanilla arma M119 and D31 and and reconfigured them with new ammo and magazine classes and named them LRM119 and LRD31.
There are 8 powder charges.
powder charge 1 muzzle velocity: 200
powder charge 2 muzzle velocity: 400
powder charge 3 muzzle velocity: 600
so forth and so on. PC8 is 1600
The timetolive is set for 500 seconds so the round vanishing will not be a problem.

I also included a mission with it. It is just a target range but i wanted to pass on the spotter script I wrote as it would be almost impossible to have a spotter direct fire from 5 km away with out some kind of tool. The foward observer has an action that shows you the distance and direction to the fire base.

  September 27th, 2007 - 15:05 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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