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Description :

SP Sniper Stealth Mission
For ArmA2OA 1.60
By Maxjoiner


July 8, 2012 Takistan army commander, Abdul Mohamed Ben Aziz, with a coup, even committing atrocities against civilians,
gets absolute power, becoming the new Rais.
The United Nations is powerless due to the veto by China, historical ally of Takistan.
Not having the ability to send the army, on orders from U.S. President, the CIA recruits five best snipers contractors sending in Takistan.
The five snipers are airlifted and parachuted in Takistan, their secret mission is to kill Colonel Ben Aziz.
Mission very difficult because the whole army of Takistan is mobilized officially to search for dissidents but really to recover as much wealth as possible.
The country has set aside about 150,000 soldiers, mechanized infantry, tanks and even the air force patrols the skies with helicopters and airplanes.
In fact It's not difficult to meet civilians that hide herself near towns.


- No addons required!
- Intro and outro
- New unit Sniper contractor (no addons only scripts)
- Bullet Camera
- mission completely random
- random enemies in random locations
- random insertion point
- random extraction point
- random target position
- random music
- altimeter for parachute
- some surprise
- calculation of the killing meters distance
(with scores based on distance)
- countries populated with civilians and animals random
- punishment for killing civilians or units friend
- Unit player Reinforced (also when in vehicles Arcade-Mod)
- ability to heal
- Health, firstaid and score always showed on screen
- alternative endings


Copy the file .pbo in mission folder in main ArmA2 folder


Upon landing in Takistan You will be notified
the location of Colonel Ben Aziz.
He travels on a black SUV escorted by another SUV, carrying about ten soldiers of the Special Force Takistan.
To find and reach the target you can see the map, it will be marked on the map.
To reach the target you can steal the means of civil or military Takistan.
Of course it is not easy to take military, because they are heavily armed is better to engage in combat using the skill sniper, firing from long distances.
When you kill Ben Aziz request by radio a Heli extraction.
But be careful before calling the helicopter landing area must free the enemies otherwise the helicopter will be shot down.
Done this Your mission will be complete!

know bugs:

Rarely the radio disappears after loading, just reload.
(However, the radio is used only to call the Helicopter once)


Sorry for my basic English and for some orthography error! :)

The bullet cam some once does not work, It's not a bug, but a problem of the Eventhandler "fired".

Credits & Thanks:

All the scripts are by Maxjoiner It's not possible to modify or use without my permission.
For information contact me on my site:

Size : 20 MB 7z
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