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[SP] Flashpoint: Chernarus - Utes [BAF] (v 1.21)
Picture of  [SP] Flashpoint: Chernarus - Utes [BAF] Author : thomsonb Version : 1.21  
Islands :
Official islands
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Playable as : Infantry (Assault) Downloads : 378
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
Requires: ArmA2 + Operation Arrowhead - no other Addons required!



- Added: GCam spectator camera by Gigan. Available in action menu after you are killed and come back as rabbit. Press the L key to show the GCam controls, and press Spacebar to exit GCam.

- Performance Fixes, many tweaks to improve framerates:
* Lots of scripts are now precompiled and use the spawn feature.
* Reduced slightly the number of dead bodies before removal.
* Tweaked the default settings for slightly fewer groups.

- Changed: Infantry Group Behavior:
*50% of groups stay at their spawn position and Guard or Patrol.
*50% of groups Move to a near town, then Guard or Patrol.

- Changed: "Apply Field Dressing" action, text in the centre of screen removed (it was annoying when in combat).

- Fixed: At mission start units will not spawn closer than 200M.

Go here for further information:
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Picture of  [SP] Flashpoint: Chernarus - Utes [BAF]
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