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  Baucau Airfield, East Timor (v 0.99)  
Picture of Baucau Airfield, East Timor Author : OChristie Version : 0.99
Era : Modern Demo mission : No
Downloads : 5059 Rating : 1.9 / 5 (rated 7 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
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Description :
Baucau Airfield, East Timor - Terrain for ArmA/ArmA2/VBS2

Version: 0.99


Hello Folks, Recently I was inspired by various videos, screenshots other material to act on a passion that I have for Mapping a Tropical Location. Now some of you may think, 'Why not Map Carribean or Africa etc', and you are right, but, mapping a large area of East Timor fits the profile. So I though, GREAT. I set out trying to aquire data for East Timor some months ago, but to no avail as Google Earth's Sat Image is shite. Also finding elevation Data for anywhere other than the US in decent quality is extremely hard to find unless you want to spend ALOT of money.
So I used:

Standard: QuickBird Imagery of Baucau, East Timor
Resolution: 0.6m (2' Foot) Pan-Sharpened Color
Distance Covered: 25km2

I have now spent 2 weeks straight on developing this map to a stage where I feel it looks and feels good

Full Flickr Album full of 26 High quality JPEG's of this map. Use when and where you want, remember to credit me.


-Initial Release


Right, the tricky part.

--Place in ArmA\Addons\ Directory.
--Run Game.

-ArmA 2
--Follow these Instructions:

Go to your ArmA 1 directory and find the following files and move them to a modfolder in your ArmA 2 Directory:



Rename all by putting CA infront, eg: CArocks.pbo

Create a shortcut for Arma 2, add the line -mod=@ArmA1

This should work fine, but, if it doesnt then use the above method combined with this one:

--Developer's Heaven - ArmA 1 Stuff in ArmA 2

* Install Yoma Addon Sync.
* Add the CAA1 Yoma Addon Sync Server:
Auto config URL:


or by adding the server via the caa1.yas file.
* Download all files.
* Load the modfolder via -mod=x\caa1;x\oac\oac_core;
Size : 273 MB
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