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  New ArmA3 screenshot Screenshots    

Jerry Hopper informed us about the launch of his ArmA3 fansite

To celebrate the launch, LimnosRadio is presenting you with a exclusive ArmA3 screenshot, a small gift which will be the first of many, and other exclusive Arma3 events.

In the near future, several interviews are planned with community-members as wel as Bohemia Interactive officials, as wel as a competition where you can win some unique prizes.

Source : Limnosradio
  April 15th, 2012 - 19:23 By JerryHopper   Comment (0)  

  Report In: Animations Interview ... and new video. Videos    
From Arma3 official web site , some infos about animation enhancements and a video as sneak peek at an upcoming intel.

Animations are a big part of the improvements planned for Arma 3. Their development touches upon various aspects of the core gameplay, be it weapon handling, manoeuvring around obstacles or even whole new avenues of gameplay, such as scuba-diving.

The ‘little things’ are important, too. Facial expressions, weapon reload/firing animations – even the odd goat tottering through your line of fire – these elements all come together to create a more engaging, tactile gaming experience.

Since Arma 2, we’ve invested in new hardware, which helps us to improve the quality of our work. Bohemia Interactive now utilises three optical motion capture systems, including high-end Raptor-4 cameras from Motion Analysis Corp.

Over the next few months, we’ll certainly have a lot to cover as we introduce some of these fantastic new features and refinements. Today, though, we’d like to kick things off by way of a quick chat with Arma 3’s resident Animations Tsar, Zdeněk Vespalec, who talks about new weapons animations, multiplayer ragdoll, and more!

“Another feature worth mentioning is ‘alternate poses’, [...] With them, you can adjust to have a high/low or left/right variant to each stance. In terms of gameplay, we’d expect to see improvements in finding effective cover and being able to fire from it.”

Click here to read the full interview across on the Bohemia Interactive homepage, along with a number of behind the scenes images!

And, below, we’ve got a special bonus video! It’s a sneak peek at an upcoming intel update, and a chance to see some of the new lighting and animations at work:

News submitted by zenger.

  April 5th, 2012 - 15:41 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  ArmA3 leaked footage Videos    
Some of you might have seen Jerry Hopper's posts on the Social Media Channels, regarding a unofficial ArmA3 movie.

Earlier this week jerryhopper received unconfirmed rumours about ArmA and the possible futuristic weaponry and units it might have.
Today Jerry presented video-proof of his informant, and we have asked Bohemia Interactive for any feedback on this matter.

Although the material seems to be genuine, JerryHopper havent got any official confirmation on this from BIS.
A little research learned us that the material has been recorded in the BIS - Brno Office. ( Who else has a GSMEAC checklist on their wall? )
Jerry's informant confirmed that the person that recorded this material, has been put on non-active, and faces the chance to be fired.

Judge for yourself and leave your thoughts on this in the comments, or leave a message in the limnosradio answering machine.

We are trying to get in contact with BIS, to get some official response.

Source : limnosradio
  March 30th, 2012 - 22:06 By JerryHopper   Comments (4)  

  Arma 3 Official map "Limnos" Official    
The Arma3 official website has been updated with the very latest information about the Arma 3 campaign.

Ahead of that, here's a quick peek at the background and history of Limnos:
"Amid the events of 2033, the island was defended by a weakened contingent of the Hellenic Air Force and Army - elements of which successfully repelled Iranian attacks for several weeks - before succumbing to occupation by the Iranian Armed Forces.
In the weeks and months following the Jerusalem Peace Accord of 2034, which crystallised Iran's position in the Aegean, a small group of Greek forces established a resistance movement, covertly backed by the United States and Great Britain.



Your area of operation is the island of Limnos, once an important Greek air force base in the Mediterranean, now a remote hostile territory deep behind enemy lines. Still partially inhabited by a fraction of the original Greek populace and refugees from the Eastern Mediterranean, the island bears many scars from the fierce battles between NATO and the invading Iranian troops in 2025. The large airfield and the adjacent military base now serves as a basis for a fairly large Iranian force servicing the objective Omega.


Limnos, spreading over an area of almost 300 square kilometers, is situated in the Northern Aegean (39°54’04″ N, 25°14’25″ E). The terrain of its North-Western part is remarkably hilly, gradually lowering Eastwards into the flatlands; its highest peaks reach to almost 400 meters above sea level. The island’s climate is Mediterranean, with particularly strong winds and average temperature, slightly colder than Greek mainland, mild winters with the occasional snowfall.

The most inhabited and developed areas can be found on the South-West of the island. The current population (excluding military personnel) is partially scattered amongst the isolated farms and villages, estimated to be approximately 2,000.


Limnos played a vital role for many cultures throughout history. There are many traces of antique history to be found across the island. The island became particularly important to Allied troops during the Gallipoli campaign and later in 1918, when the armistice between the Allies and the Ottoman Empire was signed in the city of Moudros.

The most recent history is partially unknown due to the general lack of records from the contested territories after the outbreak of hostilities in the 2020′s. During 2025, the island was defended by the 27th MEU of the United States Marine Corps, elements of which successfully repelled Iranian attacks for several weeks despite the sinking of the MEU’s amphibious assault ship early in the campaign. In the following years, the island has been under the administration of Iranian armed forces. Around 2029, the puppet government of the New Greece was created with the support of Iran; on Limnos, local government collaboration with the local Iranian military was established (see Factions – Militias). In 2030, the first incidents of armed resistance against the New Greece government and Iranian troops was recorded; ever since, Iranian troops and N.G. militias are engaged in a low-intensity COIN campaign.


Most of the formerly inhabited areas are currently unpopulated; highest population density can be found in the vicinity of Myrina and along the Southwestern coast. The biggest settlement is currently the military base, inhabited only by Iranian troops.

The basic infrastructure is mostly decayed due to combat damage and no maintenance. Limited support is available in the housing of Myrina: electricity, intact sewage systems, drinking water distribution. Local economy is based on direct bartering on local products, mostly vegetables, genetically modified corn and olives, meat and fish. The services are limited, probably strongly dependent on educated or trained individuals as in similar societies throughout the European war zone, there is a general lack of hi-tech equipment, medical supplies, clothing and luxury goods. Due to regular supplies from Turkey, fuel and ammunition are well accessible in the New Greek areas.

Majority of the island is in the hands of hostile forces. In order to maintain the security over the area, many observation posts and checkpoints were established, many of them in remote parts of the island. Several resistance groups are most probably hiding in the mountainous regions far from the frequently used routes and military outposts. Iranian troops are supplied by air and sea, the base provides power generation, water de-salter and other life support.

Security level is generally high in the areas under New Greek militia control or under direct surveillance of Iranian troops. Distant areas may be under the control of various paramilitary factions.

News submitted by Shooter_OFCRA.

Source : Arma 3
  March 26th, 2012 - 16:10 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  A Thing of Beauty: Gepard GM6 Lynx Official    
Last Spring, the Arma 3 development team were handed the ideal opportunity to get to grips with a powerful anti-materiel rifle, the Gepard GM6 Lynx.In a new developer’s blog post, Creative Director, Ivan Buchta, describes the field trip and offers up some behind the scenes imagery

“As with many exciting development stories, this one started with a rogue e-mail: “I talked to a guy in a Hungarian company manufacturing hi-calibre sniper rifles with unique construction. They are okay with giving us the CAD data and our using the rifle in-game, and we can visit to take pictures and record sounds if we want…” One of our artists had left me a message together with some YouTube links; well, that’s really all we needed to know! ....”

You can read the entire blog post on the Bohemia Interactive website (click here).

  March 11th, 2012 - 14:56 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Bohemia Interactive leaks new Arma 3 intel for 2012 Official    

Daniel Musil has released some stunning news about Ama3 on the BIS Developer's Blog. The release of a playable build of Arma 3 called the 'Community Alpha' following E3 (June 5-7) and delayed full Arma 3 release confirmation are the main announcements.

After several months of radio silence - packed full of development and hard work - I'd like to outline some of our plans for 2012. It's been extremely rewarding to see how well things are moving forward, and, over the forthcoming year, we would like to share our progress with you on a more regular basis.

Recently, many new faces - from both other Bohemia Interactive studios and outside our company - have joined our team, which has significantly strengthened our development as a whole. It makes Arma 3 the largest ever project undertaken by Bohemia Interactive. Their experience, enthusiasm and excitement has been a welcome addition and is already paying back major dividends. An official 'welcome to the war', guys!

Looking forward, this year we're proudly showcasing our work at both E3 (June 5-7) and Gamescom Cologne (August 16-19). If you have the time, please come along and meet us to experience what we've managed to achieve so far, and get a sense of what's still to come. Of course, we'll set out more detailed information about our attendance closer to the time.

Following E3, we plan to open up the game to our players. This process starts with the release of a playable build of Arma 3. We call it the 'Community Alpha'. It's intended to enable people who'd like to try the game early on in development help us to shape it up - and make Arma 3 the greatest release of the series. Ours is a large and complex game - being developed by a relatively small team - so we really appreciate your opinions, thoughts and feedback.

The Community Alpha will be quite limited in terms of the assets it includes, with the goal of providing enough content to experiment with the brand new bits of gameplay and technology. It also enables our passionate community to prepare their mods for the very latest version of the Real Virtuality engine. Then, later on in the year, we'd like to open up our game up even further with a more extensive beta program. The exact details, however, we intend to set out closer to their launch.

As you may have recently picked up on, we plan to delay the full Arma 3 release. With this additional time, we're focused upon creating a feature-rich, polished, and bug free experience. For us, it all comes down to delivering a quality product. We've achieved a great deal, but we don't want to rush things at the expense of what we finally deliver.

DirectX 10/11 has been implemented. PhysX is working - particularly, rag-doll animation looks really impressive! The UI is undergoing a redesign, with the focus upon improved usability. Indeed, ease of use, and particularly accessibility, has been an entire goal in itself. We've heard your feedback, and we want to make the game easier to learn for those new to the game, without sacrificing anything that makes our game unique. We have reworked our animations using completely new motion capture recordings. The result is the most realistic animations ever achieved in the series, as well as additional gameplay features.

The visuals and graphics, such as color, lighting, and effects - are quite breathtaking and a massive leap forward for the series. The scale of the map truly cannot be comprehended from the screenshots... it is HUGE, vastly beyond anything seen previously. Last, but certainly not least, we are committed to delivering you a slick and rock-solid multiplayer experience. You can already experience some of the low-level fixes and optimisations brought about by the major release of Patch 1.60 for Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, and Multiplayer will be something we're keen to talk about as development continues.

We have adhered to a strong focus upon backward compatibility throughout the development, meaning we (and of course even you) are in a position to get older assets into A3 very quickly, just with few tweaks here and there. There are, of course, the new features which would require additional settings.

Looking at our previous work, the fidelity of the British Armed Forces units was the foundation for work on character models in Arma 3, which are of a quality far surpassing what we've created before. While technologies like shotgun dispersal in Private Military Company helped to provide a platform for the implementation of things like mines and explosives in A3. Take On Helicopters, meanwhile, goes from strength to strength with recent updates and the forthcoming 'Cougar' patch and Hind DLC. Various new technologies at work in Arma 3 - like volumetric clouds - are on display in this game, and of course, we'd recommend to take a look at all of these great games to get a flavour of what's yet to come.

I'm really looking forward to sharing with you the results of our development. To kick things off, we're in the process of putting together a couple of developer's blogposts starting with sound recordings and our field trip to Limnos. You can see the brand new screenshots we've made available, which give a flavour of the developments we're making. Nothing is more rewarding for us than working and getting involved with people from the community who are as excited about the game as we are. I look forward to keeping you informed about our development as often as possible!

  February 23rd, 2012 - 15:23 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  New Arma3 Screenshots from PC Games Screenshots    
On-line PC site has published new Arma3 Screenshots.

Source : PC
  February 6th, 2012 - 10:49 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  ArmA3 Gamecom coverage Videos    
At the ArmA Official YouTube channel, a 8 part serie of video's were posted.
The videos contain no new visible information, but these videos were narrated in proper English, and contain no background noise.
This clear audio-commenting will ( for some people ) offer extra information of what is being addressed visually.

For your viewing pleasure, we created a playlist with all videos.

Or you can view each separate movie:

Part 1 : Underwater environment -

Part 2 : Authentic Environment -

Part 3 : Environment features -

Part 4 : Sandbox campaign -

Part 5 : Personal Weapons -

Part 6 : Fire Support Systems -

Part 7: Physics -

Part 8 : Presentation of combat -

  September 14th, 2011 - 05:40 By JerryHopper   Comments (3)  

  New Arma 3 screenshots released Screenshots    
As the new Arma 3 official website was launched some new screenshots were published in the Imagery section.

  September 9th, 2011 - 13:47 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  ArmA3 website launched! General    

Today, the official ArmA3 website has been launched.

The brand new website covers a wide range of information about the upcoming title Arma3
You can find information about Personell, Factions, Limnos, and the Armory.

Furthermore the site has a video-section, with a newly released video.

Be sure to drop by the Supply-depot for some downloadable goodies like several Avatar's and Wallpapers in various sizes.

But wait! there is more to come!
There are still 2 sections 'Combat records' and the 'Gear-up' section that still needs to be declassified.

Head over to WWW.ARMA3.COM

Source :
  September 9th, 2011 - 09:38 By JerryHopper   Comment (0)  

  Arma III: Studio visit and presentation Screenshots    

Gazzara visited the Bohemia Interactive Studio's where Ivan Buchta
talked about the development process of ArmA 3.
The article covers the research that was done on Lemnos ( including some picures) and various other aspects of game-development research like the field-trip to a hungarian manufacturer to get the ballistics and firing sounds recorded.

“We are a Studio of big ambitions and like to produce games that other Publishers would look at as impossible” Ivan reveals to Gazarra over lunch with a demeanour that is down to earth, realistic yet passionate about the game he is helping to produce.

Bohemia Studio’s Arma division, operates out of the beautiful city of Brno, in the south of the Czech Republic and acts like a Behemoth from the outside, hitting heavy with Arma II, a military sim so steeped in operational realism that you would think the studio had 100 staff working tirelessly on the project.....

Read the whole story at

Source :
  August 22nd, 2011 - 21:15 By JerryHopper   Comments (2)  

  9 new ArmA3 gamescom screenshots Screenshots    
Bohemia Interactive released 9 new ArmA3-Screenshots because of the gamescom Köln at offical ArmA3 Facebook-site.

  August 20th, 2011 - 17:23 By Andi31   Comment (1)  

  WTF is ArmA 3? Gamescon preview Videos    

Today a Gamescom video surfaced on youtube.
Jimboob was kind enough to inform us about this.

Here are some selected features :
Underwear in ArmA 3 ( Switch uniforms )

HD enviroment, volumetric clouds :

Attach bombs to vehicles

A look on the details of Lemnos.

And, Sight adjustments for grenade launcher and snipers...

News submitted by Jimboob.

Source : YouTube
  August 19th, 2011 - 12:43 By JerryHopper   Comments (6)  

  New ArmA3 screenshots for gamescom Screenshots    
5 new ArmA3 screenshots have been released at ArmA3-Facebook as a foretaste to the gamescom 2011. They're showning the high detailed underwater world whith some wrecks etc.

  August 15th, 2011 - 09:09 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

  Audio : ArmA3 Interview with Ivan Buchta by Nordassilradio Community    

On August 1, Nordasilradio broadcasted an interview with Ivan Buchta from Bohemia Interactive Studio's.
The showhost Briggsil, asked several community submitted questions about the upcoming ArmA3 game.
After the show was aired, Briggsil was kind enough to post the audio interview in three parts on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Source : BIS Forums
  August 9th, 2011 - 20:46 By JerryHopper   Comment (0)  

  New Arma 3 screenshots Screenshots    
New Arma 3 screenshots have been released on

Source :
  August 8th, 2011 - 11:46 By Old Bear   Comments (5)  

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