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  P85 Mod released Addon release    
Vilas has informed us on our Forums about the release of the 1st part of the P85 Mod.

I would like to inform, that new, reborn P85 addons packs are ready, they are first part of release, later you will see missions, campaign , bonus units, fixes, etc.

now we releasing:

> united config file (small addon, easy to overwrite in case of bugs found)

> weapons (to avoid conflicts in configs, you can delete : vilas_mod, vilas_wpn, vilas_pwp, vilas_gwp, vilas_awp - details in readme)

> units (soldiers) for 1985 and bonus units for year 2000 for a sake of unifications balistics in missions, and give player possibility to play in more modern warfare with the same weapons

> vehicles (for 1985 and few bonus units)

> air, water units and user interface

what will be next ?
> missions and campaigns
> bonus vehicles - 2 types of Russian camouflage will be used for some eastern vehicles
> rest stated in readme

those addons are made to be used in vanila game or in gameplay-changing mods
if there will be problems with non-compatibility between those addons and other mods, please give a signal and we will try to fix and unite

I wish fun of using it, screens are welcome.
due to short time and real life issues, we had no time for long full tests.
I hope it works good.
have fun.

EDIT 21:30 : Updated config file do be downloaded again !
config fixed second ago - 2 bonus Russian units were not shown due to wrong model path

  April 29th, 2009 - 17:44 By Old Bear   Comments (13)  

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