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  LEA For ArmA 2 Combined Operations and ACE 2 (v 1.0.34)  
Picture of LEA For ArmA 2 Combined Operations and ACE 2 Author : [S.o.E] Team
Version : 1.0.34 Type : Mission Editing
Size : 18 MB  
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Description :
LEA is a standalone application with goal to simplify the customisation of player's loadout and mission edition. The software uses a full graphical interface and maximum automatised processes to help mission-makers and team players waste as less as possible time in editing loadouts. To do so, LEA has the capability to read and rewrite mission.sqm as well as generate SQF scripts into ArmA 2 mission. The software is provided with @LEA addon for players to make their loadout at mission start-up with LEA whatever the mission running on server. LEA can also help ArmA 2 team play thanks to its capability to easily share user profiles and missions through FTP.

LEA for Players:
- Creation of an unlimited number of profiles see applicable ingame, at mission start.
- Many Weapon Addons supported, included ACE 2, ACRE, all Robert Hammer's pack and more.
- Possibility to share profiles by FTP, using LEA Client Interface.

LEA for mission makers:
- Edition of all units (playables & AI), of all side.
- Edition of vehicule cargos, ammunition boxes, and all objects having cargo in the mission.
- Usable with any unit and vehicle addon.
- Quick edition commands by using predefined profile or by quick creation.
- Edition of Name and Descritpion units attributes.
- Extraction and Compression *.pbo (Windows only).
- Possibility to share missions by FTP, using LEA Client Interface.

LEA for ArmA 2 Teams:
- FTP Auto config file generator, to easily share profiles and missions.

LEA has been developed in Java language, which allows software to be executed on most of the OS such as Windows or Linux, having graphic interface. LEA is usable by ArmA 2 OA/CO players under Windows as well as ArmA 2 OA/CO dedicated server with Windows Server see or Linux Debian see. Installation could be done manually or automatically (Windows users only).

Windows automatic installer: here
- LEA requires Java Runtime Environment 6 or 7.
- LEA has been developed foremost to run with ACE 2 for OA/CO. However LEA can be used without ACE 2 (see FAQ).
- @LEA addon requires @CBA.

Sources : BI Forums
[S.o.E] - Sons of Exiled site (in French)
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