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  Real Damage (v 20130127)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : Murcielago
Version : 20130127 Type : Modding
Size : 210 KB  
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Description :
What is Real Damage?
Real Damage is a tiny code that fix some infantry damage issues in Arma 2. Like I said Real Damage is a tiny code not a mod so you can add it to your missions and players will not need any extra files to play your missions.

Real Damage does basically two things:
1. Fix the damage for infantry units.
2. Adds a dynamic and realistic bleed out system.

1. Fix the damage for infantry units:
The Real Damage systems makes differences between minor, critical and fatal wounds and in addition it will modify your ability to shoot.

In addition every time you receive a shot the screen will flash to simulate pain.

2. Adds a dynamic and realistic bleed out system to handle:
. The time left for the wounded unit (The higher the damage the less time)
. The ability to shoot for the wounded unit. The higher the damage the higher the unit's recoil coefficient)
. The bleed out rate. If the wounded unit moves his bleed out rate will be three times bigger than normal. If the wounded unit uses a vehicle it will not increase its bleed out rate.
. Visual warning. Depending of the damage and/or remaining time the code will send visual messages to let the player knows how bad his situation is. Quick flashes will indicates that the player situation is not that bad. The very long flashes will tell to the player that the time is running out and/or that the players injury is very bad.

How to use Real Damage?
The code is very easy to use. The same code will work in single and multiplayer mode and with players and AI (From editor or created via script!)

Update 20130127:
. Included Bullet Proof Vest version.
. Improved code.
. Included direction change every time that unit is hit to simulate bullet impact.
. Code made easier to be used.

Bullet Proof Vest version:
This version simulates that units are wearing a class III bullet proof vest (Not suitable for armor-piercing projectiles):
3.1. Hand guns, submachine guns and shotguns do not kill you, at any distance.
3.2. Standard assault rifles ammunition do not kill you at any distance.
3.3. Rifles and sniper rifles will kill you due to energy at close range. Long range hits may be will not kill you.
3.4. Anti-materiel weapons (m107 and AS50) will kill you at any distance by penetration and energy transfer.
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