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  Ivan Buchta on "Goodmorning Sahrani" parts 1&2 Community    

Ivan Buchta, Lead designer of ArmA2 was on Sahrani Radio yesterday for the 2nd part of his interview and you weren't tuned on the ArmA Radio Station, but Jerry Hopper has informed us that all can get a replay of the show from Sahrani Radio. In re-recorded Part1 Ivan Buchta is answering audio-questions, in Part 2 he is answering written forum questions.

Replay of the show from Sahrani Radio:

Goodmorning Sahrani EP20 - Ivan Buchta chapter 1
Goodmorning Sahrani EP20 - Ivan Buchta chapter 2

You can also download the file down there from Armed

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  Ivan Buchta on "Goodmorning Sahrani" Special Edition Community    

Jerry Hopper from Sahrani Radio send us some news of upcoming Ivan Buchta's interview on Good morning Sahrani.

Sahrani Radio brings you an exclusive interview with Ivan Buchta, Lead designer of ArmA2

In this 2.5 hour- 2 part special, Mr J.Kingsley & Jerry Hopper dive into the depths of the upcoming blockbuster from Bohemia Interactive ArmedAssault 2.
Armed with over 100 community questions, this is probably the most revealing show of this year.

In part one, Ivan Buchta tells about himself, and answers all the questions that the community have left on our answering machine.
In part two, Mr Hoppper & Kingsley try to get as much of the submitted written questions answered.

We rerecorded the complete interview to serve the community even better.
Our first recording wasnt worthy for the community, and therefore we present you this new 'ClearVoice' version.

The special edition of the Goodmorning Sahrani show will be aired in 2 separate episodes.

* Episode 1 - Saturday 4 October at 19:00 GMT+1
* Episode 2 - Saturday 4 October at 20:30 GMT+1

Dont miss it & tune it at :

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