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Q: I have taken a very nice screenshot. How can I submit it to the Screenshot Of The Week (SOTW) section on your site?

A: Your screenshot must be in 800x600, 1024x768 or 1280x1024 resolution with a jpg compression (but with a rather good quality). You have to submit it into the "Combat Photography" thread in our forums here If you are not used to post pictures in a forum, you can do it in a few simple steps:
- Register an account on our forum.
- Upload your picture on internet, there are several free hosting image service websites where you can do that such as

Q: I downloaded an addon, but it's in .zip, .rar or .ace, .7z format, what is it? How can I open it?

A: Thoses files are compressed archives, compression is used to lower the size of file in order to reduce downloading time. You can open almost all compressed files with Winrar 3.2, a shareware that you can download here. There are also other well known compressing/decompressing programs (power archiver, etc).

Q: I just downloaded a archived addon in .rar format, but I can't open it because it is corrupted!?

A: It's more likely due to the fact that your compression program is out of date concerning the latest .rar compression algorithm, rather than a messed up upload from our side. Download the latest version of Winrar here and retry.

If you still have a problem, we have been informed that sometimes downloading on FTP with a download accelerator such as DAP might corrupt the download. Turn off your download acceleration program and retry.

If you still have a problem, contact us by email.

Q: I can't download any addon on the site, what's going on?

A: There might be 3 possibilities:

If you get a "500:invalid port" error message, you are probably connected to internet using a LAN (Local Area Network) with a network adress translation (NAT) and/or behind your own router, change your browser settings to use passive FTP tranfert mode, for Internet Explorer: click on Tools then Internet Options. Click on Advanced tab, and tick "Use Passive mode for FTP transfers".

If you get an error message with "connection denied", The FTP server user limit has been reached, try to download later.

If you get an "ERROR, The requested URL could not be retrieved", there is probably an error with the link, contact us and we will fix it ASAP.

Q: I've opened an archived addon, what is the procedure to add this addon into the game?

A: First, always read the readme.txt file, it contains valuable information about the addon.
To add addons into ArmA 2, you need to extract the *.pbo file(s) from the archive into the c:\program files\bohemiainteractive\ArmA2\addons folder, or by example if you've installed the game into c:\arma2 folder, copy .pbo files into c:\arma2\addons

Q: I've put an addon in the right directory but how can I play with it in the game?

A: Well, installing an addon without any missions using it is quite useless, unless you do it just to test the addon in the editor for a few minutes or plan to create your own missions/campaign. Modmakers try to release some demo missions with the addon itself, check in the archive file if there is any. If there are some, put them into the "Missions" folder of your ArmA2 main directory.

Q: I want to make my own addon. Which program should I use?

A: First, You need BI Tools 2
Second you'll need a graphic editing software (like Photoshop) to make textures for your models. You can download a shareware version of Paint Shop Pro.
Third, you'll need a lot of time, patience and learning to make both models, textures and config files.

Q: I've made a mission/campaign. How can I get it onto your site?

A: You can find a "Submit News" link on our main left menu. Thanks!
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