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  Jonny's Marines V1.6 Released Addon release    
Jonny has released version 1.6 of his US Marines addon over at the BI Forums. Improving their performance and updating the back packs to those of his SF units.

Source : BI Forums
  July 27th, 2008 - 14:25 By Toadball   Comments (3)  

  M114 Uparmoured by NZXSHADOWS Addon release    
NZXSHADOWS has released his "M114 Uparmoured" addon in a AlphaRC2/Beta version over on the BI Forums. Also saying that as well as desert camo he may release woodland camo variants.

Im going to have a Uptodate release tomorrow Im hopeing. But till then you can Grab the current download to tinker with if you want now. An yes it has some problems etc.

-Vehicle Location:
West - Car - M1151 (M2)
The Rhino can be put in the Up or Down Position. Just walk up to it an the user Action will apear.
-Dev Notes:
Textures are not final.
Modeling is not final.
Its all just in the works.

Source : BI Forums
  July 26th, 2008 - 20:49 By Toadball   Comments (9)  

  Avgani Iraq release in v0.9 Addon release    
Opteryx has released his Avgani Iraq island on the BIS Forums.

This is a 5km sq. map based on the small Iraqi town of Avgani, it is located ca. 10 km north of Tall Afar.
The map has been in development for quite a while and still is, reason is the need for custom objects.
Only ArmA updated to 1.14 patch, QG is NOT required.

  July 24th, 2008 - 22:37 By ConnorSG1   Comments (17)  

  News screens from OFrP Screenshots    
SoldierIsNotHistory from the OFrP Mod has sent some screenshots of their stuff in the forums.

You can see on the screenshots below the GIAT VBCI, AMX-30 Roland (AA), French ABL, Milan AC, French Commando, and a repair tank.

News submitted by x-1-alpha.

Source :
  July 24th, 2008 - 00:45 By Cervo   Comments (7)  

  V.10 Update for Hamis Sound Mod Addon release    
Hamis has again updated his Hamis Sound Mod on the Bi Forums.

Added M2 machinegun,M119,M256,D81 and D30 tank cannons.

  July 23rd, 2008 - 23:50 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  RACS M1 by Vilas Addon release    
Vilas has released a RACS M1 addon on the BI Forums.

I found on my disc, old skin from old addon of RACS Abrams
so i refreshed it in few minutes and as small addon for people who like fictional RACS i released this one (of course with full permission to use by RACS mod in future)

This is M1 tank of RACS, it is like in VIBI, but RACS skin
M1 , not M1A1, so it has 105 mm gun, weaker than BIS 120 mm gun

  July 23rd, 2008 - 23:27 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  Rikabi's Iranian Cobra Addon release    
Rikabi has released an Iranian Cobra addon on the BI Forums. You will find this Addon as Bluefor on Editor.

Hello am posting my first re-texture addon of the BIS Cobra into the Iranian variant. I am aware of some slight textures missing and the Rotar texture my look strange when on the on ground when spinning but seem ok when in the air.

  July 23rd, 2008 - 23:17 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  BWC Mod units Screenshots    
CimaleX of the BWC Mod has send us some news about their work in progress on units :

Finally we have some good news, thanks to ASZ_Pedagne Mod that is helping our team, we have quite ready some FAPLA units (People's Armed Forces for Angola Liberation) that are the Opfor regular angolan units of our mod dedicated to the Border Bush war.

They are dressed in their typical cuban lizard cammo, in two variants, pilot and crew are also included dressed in kaki-brown suit.

Soon we will start with SWAPO/PLAN guerrillas, then SADF Nutria troopies (SADF - 8th SAI).

ObmaR is going on with his large amount of work (Weapons pack, Vehicles, 32 Btn, Teaser island, Impala Mk II etc...).

These unist will carry BWC weapons pack that will include AK47, AKM, RPG7, RPD etc...

Consider that teh work amount is rather big, the team is limited and everyone is busy with real life issues.

Some more news will follow soon...

News submitted by CimaleX.

  July 23rd, 2008 - 23:13 By Cervo   Comment (0)  

  Australasian Battle Group Troops Screenshots    
Sheildsy has showed us some very good WIP shots of his Australasian Battle Group Troops on our forums. These are not exact representations of Australian Forces, but more of a variant for the ABG Clan.

The Camo is more or less a photoshopped direct scan of some of my uniforms from my service days.

To Do List:
Add Mapping to Textures, at the moment they are pure co_paa (Colour Textures
Addition of 'Biscuit' (Australian Army Identification Flash/Badge worn on upper arm)
Addition of Velcro Flash (Hopefuly to be editable for you place any texture you want, be it national or clan)
Change of Kneepads/Boots
Incorporation of more Webbing and better Textured base plate/rig
Desert Version (If i can be assed going to my garage to dig out of my DPDU, Desert Uniform)
As Always, comments, questions and ideas always welcome

  July 23rd, 2008 - 13:39 By Bence   Comment (1)  

  An update for Footmunch's F16 by zGuba Addon release    
zGuba has released an update for footmunch's F16 on the BI Forums.

The CAS version uses BIS Mavericks, so they won't hurt the plane anymore :)
Also the M61 crosshair issue should be fixed.

  July 22nd, 2008 - 15:50 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

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