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  XHV Schmalfelden Map updated Addon release    
Nicholas Bell has release an update -1.1- for his Schmalfelden Extra Heavy Vegetation Map on the BI Forums.

The misplaced stray buildings found by Legislator have been removed. XHV version only updated to v1.1.

  July 4th, 2008 - 23:08 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  USMC AAVP7A1 fixed and converted by MilesTeg Addon release    
Miles Teg has released an USMC AAVP7A1 addon on the BI Forums, fixed and converted from an original model by Dave8. This addon included 2 versions : one is 1980's era original version, the second is today version with EAAK appliqué armor. Both are capable of carrying 24 infantrymen and are armed with a Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun as well as the Mk-19 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

This is a basic conversion of an old model that was never released in OFP mainly because Dave8
of Operation Code Blue ran out of time to work on it due to real life obligations. The model was given to a bunch of people to do something with it, but I got tired of waiting years (literally) for someone to finish it up so I decided to try my hand at making it work in ArmA.
Fortunately, I think overall I've been successful. This is just a beta but it should be relatively bug free aside for some minor issues and the lack of a detailed cargo interior.

  July 4th, 2008 - 10:12 By Old Bear   Comments (7)  

  Hamis Sound Mod released Addon release    
Hamis has released his first Sound Mod in the BIS Forums.

Hi there.This is my sound mod which i hope works.I can't test it myself because i have replaced these sounds permanently without mod.It covers most assault rifles and all sniper rifles and 5t truck,ural,bmp,m113,vulcan,zsu and T72 for engine sounds.Hope you like them.

  July 3rd, 2008 - 17:20 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Red's Fix v1.1 released Addon release    
Red_153D informed us that he has updated his custom patch for Arma 1.14 in the BIS forums.

Hi! I'm pleased to release my unofficial patch for ArmA 1.14. As you can see in the changelog below, I've mainly focused on fixing bugs in P3D files.
I'm not planning to release any newer versions of this patch, unless there are some serious bugs to fix.


Changelog 1.1 :

- fixed selection name typo in AV8B.p3d (Memory LOD)
- added missing rvmats and redefined 'velka vrtule staticka' selection in both Mi17 P3Ds
- added missing 'L svetlo' selection in KA50.p3d and both AV8B P3Ds
- changed rmvat of 'L svetlo' selection in AH1Z.p3d
- redefined 'L svetlo' selection in both SU34 P3Ds
- redefined 'damageHide' selection in a few models
- added missing muzzle flash in a few models
- added tracers to GAU-8 cannon (A10)

- corrected 'brzdove svetlo' and 'zadni svetlo' selections in a few models
- fixed faces order in Landrover_MG.p3d (LOD 1.000)
- corrected position of 'osavolantkon' and 'osavolantzac' selections in car_sedan.p3d and all Datsun models

- M24 now spits the empty shells to the right side
- corrected UV map in PK_MG_proxy.p3d
- renamed 'zasleh1_pilot_proxy' to "zasleh1_proxy' in m16_proxy.p3d (LOD 1.000)

- engine turns on while moving turret again (restored due to incompatibilities in Multiplayer)
- missing RACS M113 Ambulance config added (classname: M113Ambul_RACS)

Number of models fixed: 72 (16 new)

- fixed minor bugs in all Littlebird and Blackhawk models
- reworked interior in UH60.p3d and UH60MG.p3d
- added missing pilot and copilot seats (in ViewCargo) in all Littlebird models

- all cars now display taillights correctly (zadni_svetlo.pac converted to PAA format)
- fixed minor bugs (missing faces, faces order, etc) in a few models
- redefined 'damagehlaven' selection in HMMWVmk19.p3d
- fixed headlights position in all Truck5t models (LOD 3.000)
- redefined 'volant' selection in all Skoda models
- added missing texture in m1030.p3d

- fixed minor bugs
- added missing muzzle flash in M4_SPR.p3d
- ammo belt now works properly in M249.p3d

- deleted some unused selections in a few models
- moving turrent doesn't start engine now
- Police UAZ config added (classname: UAZ_POLICE)

Number of models fixed: 56

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fix AK-74 and AK-74GL, because their MLOD models haven't been released yet. If you have any info where I can find them, let me know.

  July 3rd, 2008 - 13:27 By Deadeye   Comments (7)  

  Vilas Alien updated Addon release    
Vilas has released a new beta version of his Alien addon on our forums

The addon includes :

- weapons : M41, VP70, M42, M56 look a like
- vehicles: M577 APC

News submitted by raphael.

  July 3rd, 2008 - 13:26 By Deadeye   Comments (5)  

  WIP Opel blitz Screenshots    
Stubblehopper has informed us that he started to model an Opel blitz model and would like to get some feedback about it.

Its still very much WIP and will need a few more hours work yet, before I go into any finer detail. Its working in game with a BIS Ural skin, but still needs a bit of refining.

News submitted by stubblehopper.

  July 2nd, 2008 - 19:57 By Cervo   Comments (3)  

  Mapfact's Mammoth Project Addon release    
The Mapfact Team has released awesome infos and WIP screenshots about their "Mammoth Project" on .

"3D-Editor" by Silola:

Silola began his work on his new project called "3D-Editor" once the DAC 2.0 had been released. The development on this project is far advanced and the first beta tests have shown a good ability to control, accompanied by a huge level of "fun at work".
But this Editor has nothing to do with a 3D-Missions-Editor as some of you guys might think now. It's rather a special way of object placement and that's the way the Editor has been made for.

* Projectwork possible alone or also with some partners
* Unlimited amount of projects can be created and loaded
* Projects can be saved at any time
* Each project can be exported to a SQF-Script or a Visitor-Script
* Easy Camera-Steering (only with the mouse)
* Brush-Functions "Create" (Single/Path), "Delete" and "Select"
* Random-Functions (Direction, PosX, PosY, Height, Distance, Object type)
* Replace-Function
* Options can be saved
* a lot more.

Editorupgrade by Lester

Silola is already supported by Lester who is currently working on a new EditorUpgrade. This Upgrade won't only be enlarged with all Queens Gambit objects, furthermore many objects, i.e. all street objects have been adjusted to the 3DE Format to ensure a optimized handling.
The objects will be named more accurate and a huge number of icons will be replaced by new ones as well. Furthermore ArmA will be adjusted much more through new or edited Objects like

* new signs
* new rocks, walls and a bridge
* new and modified streets and sidewalks
* new plants
* some repaired BIS objects
* one small Building-Kit of diverse objects
* static palettes and barrels
* new lamps
* object selection with a beach and water theme
* no annoying icons will be displayed on the mission map
* let us see what comes else ...

"3DE - Island" by Sgt.Ace & MCPXXL:

Finally there is Sgt.Ace, currently working under high pressure on a new “empty” Island, which shall serve as a kind of construction site, so it'll represent the basic version of our prototype Island.

Features :
* high resolution satellite texture
* new ground textures
* new clutter objects
* 2 surrounding islands

MCPXXL is a part of the team as well, so for example, he placed the whole road network with 3D Editor. He's also the first person who has to be contacted on for testing of the Editor functions.
It's our target to configure the whole "empty" prototype Island with the 3D-Editor. We can do this in a kind of a Multiplayer session, because the Editor enables us to work in real-time like a normal Multiplayer game.

We've created a video for you to enable you watching the 3D Editor in action. This video is totally free of any comments but very interesting.
Additionally here is a PDF-file with a short procedural method of project work with the 3DE.
Have fun while watching! Your Mapfact-Team

Read much more and have a look at more screenshots on the Mapfact web site.

News submitted by raphael.

Source :
  July 2nd, 2008 - 08:29 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  Desert Bradley updated again Addon release    
Pauliesss has again updated his Desert Bradley addon and released 1.03 version on the BI Forums.

Version: v1.03 released 1.7. 2008
-models by vilas
-textures by G_H_Play_AKA_BOSS, Pauliesss, Miles Teg and modEmMaik
-sounds by OFP Combat Team

- M2 and M2A2 version
- M2A2 with explosive reactive armour (ERA)
- desert camo

Update 1.03:
- no more crashing to desktop due to bad texture size (thnx to modEmMaik)
- real working dampers (thnx to modEmMaik)
- updated desert textures with more scratches and dirt

  July 1st, 2008 - 16:23 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  Rellikki's SLA Redux Pack updated Addon release    
Rellikki, our friend and site team member, has released an updated version of his SLA Redux Pack on the BI Forums. These units come in 3 packs featuring SLA Woodland Troops, SLA Desert Troops, SLA Urban Warfare Troops.

- Added signature files for MP gaming purposes
- New wound textures
- Adjusted the chestrig's straps to fit better with the shape of the body
- Replaced the 2D belt on the uniforms with a 3D one
- Added support for multiple languages for the display names
- New units: Crewman and Marksman
... and several other minor updates. has also updated his SLA Redux Replacements to 1.2.

- Updated to keep up with SLA Redux update (Crewman replacement added)
- Big thanks to Rellikki for fixing the bugs in replacement configs
Use files from only one folder at a time! Further details in readme

  June 30th, 2008 - 00:11 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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