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  Sbrodjistan (v beta04)  
Picture of Sbrodjistan Author : Old Bear Version : beta04
Era : Modern Demo mission : No
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Description :

Having done Pomegrat, a nice map for small mission but unable to hold large PvP missions, I decided to build a larger map. The project was about a squarish island, 10kmx10km, in the West-European zone : Sbrodj. This project is still on hold for the alpha version turns to be unplayable due to the numerous trees.

So Sbrodjistan project, to build a desert island, was born.

Sbrodjistan is a 10kmx10km desert map, built on purpose with few items in order to be playable on middle/low end PC. There are 2 towns, a large ruined town, 2 airbases, a lot of hamlets and some oasis.
Sbrodjistan was build with Warefare in mind but has never been tested with a Warefare for it was released in June, just as ArmA2 was released.
Sbrodjistan needs Queen's Gambit because it was done for the Clan ADO, my game team, always playing with QG.

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