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  PMC Rattler (v 1.2)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : PMC Version : 1.2
Era : Modern Demo mission : No
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Description :
PMC Rattler

25km desert terrain ported from OFP.

This is PMC Rattler terrain addon from OFP, now ported to work in ArmA. This is desert terrain of 25km x 25km size, there is roads, airbase, airstrip, several oilfields, army bases, harbors and war torn ruined cities.

This new version includes save game bug fixed.

Required Addons: AGS Industrial and AGS Port.

Read online manual: here.

PMC Tactical official release topic here.

Please post feedback if any bugs are found so I can fix them, thanks. If no critical bugs are reported or other feedback sent, this will be the final release for ArmA.
Size : 17 MB
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