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  Red's Fix v1.2 (UNOFFICIAL Patch for ArmA 1.14)  
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Size : 76,7 MB 7z
Downloads : 6458
Description : Hi!
I'm pleased to release my unofficial patch for ArmA 1.14. As you can see in the changelog below, I've mainly focused on fixing bugs in P3D files.
I'm not planning to release any newer versions of this patch, unless there are some serious bugs to fix.


- fixed minor bugs in all Littlebird and Blackhawk models
- reworked interior in UH60.p3d and UH60MG.p3d
- added missing pilot and copilot seats (in ViewCargo) in all Littlebird models

- all cars now display taillights correctly (zadni_svetlo.pac converted to PAA format)
- fixed minor bugs (missing faces, faces order, etc) in a few models
- redefined 'damagehlaven' selection in HMMWVmk19.p3d
- fixed headlights position in all Truck5t models (LOD 3.000)
- redefined 'volant' selection in all Skoda models
- added missing texture in m1030.p3d

- fixed minor bugs
- added missing muzzle flash in M4_SPR.p3d
- ammo belt now works properly in M249.p3d

- deleted some unused selections in a few models
- moving turrent doesn't start engine now
- Police UAZ config added (classname: UAZ_POLICE)

Number of models fixed: 56

Changelog 1.2 :

- changed one texture and rvmat in all Littlebird models
- optimized UH60 and UH60MG interior LODs
- redefined 'damageHide' selection in UH60, Mi17, A10 and both Harriers
- interior shadows are not visible at AH-1Z and SU-34 gunner's seat anymore
- added missing 'cerveny pozicni blik' and 'zeleni pozicni blik' points in UH60.p3d (Memory LOD)
- added 'podsvit pristroju' selection in AH-1Z (MFD displays are now lit up when it's dark and engine is turned on)
- fixed problems with artificial horizon in KA50 and Mi17
- added muzzle flash in A10.p3d

- added missing 'View - Gunner' LOD in uaz_granade.p3d
- corrected position of 'osavolantkon' and 'osavolantzac' selections in all Hilux models
- corrected Memory LOD and LandContact LOD points in a few models
- added wheels axis points in a few models
- changed glass rvmat in 5t_repair.p3d (View - Cargo)
- redefined 'damageHide' selection in HMMWVmk19.p3d
- redefined some selections in all M113 and M163 P3Ds
- redefined 'podsvit pristroju' selection in all Strykers
- redefined 'damageVez' in BMP2.p3d (LOD 15.000)
- reworked Stryker and BRDM2 interiors
- gunner's hatch now works in M1A1 Abrams
- animated ammo belts in all tanks
- added teambar icons for Police UAZ and M113 Ambulance (RACS)

- changed SPR and M24 optics
- changed muzzle flash in all m16a4, M24 and M4_SPR P3Ds
- MP5A5 now uses pistol muzzle flash
- added missing rvmat in M4_GL_Acog.p3d
- fixed some problems with rocket launchers
- added trigger and feedtray cover animations (experimental, doesn't work for all weapons yet)
- disable/enable tracers option now works for M240 and PK (including those installed in vehicles)
- all ammo boxes now use proper P3Ds

- added config for unused M24 (Desert camo) model (classname: M24_CAMO)
- Police UAZ, M113 Ambulance (RACS) and M24 (Desert) display names are now translated into all languages
- USMC units and RACS T72 display names are now translated into all languages
- minor translation fixes

Number of models fixed: 109 (37 new)

M24 (Desert) can be found in Special US Ammo Crate.

Changelog 1.1 :

- fixed selection name typo in AV8B.p3d (Memory LOD)
- added missing rvmats and redefined 'velka vrtule staticka' selection in both Mi17 P3Ds
- added missing 'L svetlo' selection in KA50.p3d and both AV8B P3Ds
- changed rmvat of 'L svetlo' selection in AH1Z.p3d
- redefined 'L svetlo' selection in both SU34 P3Ds
- redefined 'damageHide' selection in a few models
- added missing muzzle flash in a few models
- added tracers to GAU-8 cannon (A10)

- corrected 'brzdove svetlo' and 'zadni svetlo' selections in a few models
- fixed faces order in Landrover_MG.p3d (LOD 1.000)
- corrected position of 'osavolantkon' and 'osavolantzac' selections in car_sedan.p3d and all Datsun models

- M24 now spits the empty shells to the right side
- corrected UV map in PK_MG_proxy.p3d
- renamed 'zasleh1_pilot_proxy' to "zasleh1_proxy' in m16_proxy.p3d (LOD 1.000)

- engine turns on while moving turret again (restored due to incompatibilities in Multiplayer)
- missing RACS M113 Ambulance config added (classname: M113Ambul_RACS)

Number of models fixed: 72 (16 new)
Readme & Changelog :
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