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  BTR 80 (v 2.04)  
Picture of BTR 80 Author : zGuba
Version : 2.04 Era : Modern Type : Vehicles
Size : 6.34 MB Demo mission : Yes
Downloads : 7683 Rating : 2.8 / 5 (rated 4 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • SD_Btr80.pbo
Description :
Note the Addon has been revised by zGuba !

BTR 80 made by Red Cottage, granQ, MechaStalin and Sea Demon
Version 2.03

Fixed in v2.04
Fixed useless gunner bug introduced in v2.03.

Fixed in v2.03
- crew is visible through front windows (hideProxyInCombat)
- fixed material name BMDFront > BTRFront

New in Version 2.0
Compatible with latest versions of ArmA
Material And Normal Maps
Fixed some external proxies

The coolest feature is probaly the NVG you can get as gunner, the biggest bug is probaly you can't cross some bridges.
The biggest thanks goes to Sea Demon for the model, the reason behind it was MechaStalin, the one that made the config was granQ.
The thing is Btr 80 and its here to kick ass.

Please write a comment in our thread, it makes us so happy. If you wish to whine about its not being perfect, then I hope you release a addon for ArmA instead.


The Shadow, for beta testing and one mission.



Edit : updated version by ZGuba : SD_BTR80 - fixed dampers, gun shadow, XEH

I think I have learned a little about model configuration (while modelling and mapping is still alchemy for me) and fixed BTR-80's dampers + added shadow for gun :)
Now it can be used in Warfare as a counterpart for M2 Stryker :) however still bugged and perforated with holes.
Most of the addon's pioneer features currently come with mods and addons (SLX, Compact Fix etc.), so I decided to cut them out from the config and make the addon compatible with XEH.

known bugs of this release:
- geometry (can't hit turret, while AI keeps aiming at it) and probably missing parts configuration
- AI does not disembark from dangerously damaged BTR...
- ...but also it's usual to see Marines firing M136 at the sky when ordered to destroy BTR.
- shadows.
Most of old bugs are still present, but the addon is more up to date

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Picture of BTR 80
Size : 6.34 MB
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