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  zTanks Merge (v 0.9)  
Picture of zTanks Merge Author : zGuba
Version : 0.9 Era : Modern Type : Replacement Mod
Size : 10 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 2148 No rating for this addon.

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • NWD_TankFCS.pbo
  • ZGB_TankBallistics.pbo
  • ZGB_TankFX.pbo
  • ZGB_TankLoadout.pbo
  • ZGB_TankModels.pbo
Description :

Refer to contents of NWD Tank FCS v0.2 readme file. MP fix and compatibility with S-Hole's DEH by zGuba.
Requires ZGB_TankModels and XEH. Supports DEH included in the archive.
Not needed on server.

- ZGB_TankBallistics.pbo
Based on NWD_TankBallistics. Contains ammo definitions and correct ballistics for shells.
Required by ZGB_TankLoadout.
Should be running on server.

- ZGB_TankFX.pbo
Main feature: blown turret FX. Solution by Sebastian Mueller.
Requires ZGB_TankModels.
Can be running on server.

- ZGB_TankLoadout.pbo
Based on NWD_TankLoadout. Correct loadout settings for tanks.
Requires ZGB_TankBallistics.
Can be running on server.

- ZGB_TankModels.pbo
Contains models that merge features of NonWonderDog's tank optics and SmurfC T-72.
Required by NWD_TankFCS and ZGB_TankFX.
Due to custom model animations should be running on server.

Known issues:
- T-72 periscope is not working. Status: MIA/ToDo
- T-72 ready light is not working in some cases - connected to init I suppose. Status: MIA/ToDo
- Warfare dialogs are disabling distance displays
- glitches in models
- multiplayer issues connected to model animations (ArmA networking system relies on model's order of animation classes heavily) - needs reordering
- custom crew animations might throw error message for other clients in MP
- missing damage textures. Status: Fixed
- M1A1 turret flies up instead of simply disconnecting. Status: Fixed
- T-72 horizontal speed meter is not working. Status: not a bug, it's working..
Size : 10 MB 7z
  April 14th, 2009 - 15:31   Comment (0)  

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