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  USMC Marpat unit  
No picture found for this addon. Author : Scarecrow398
Version : N/A Era : Modern Type :
Size : 8,6 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 460 No rating for this addon.

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N/A None
Description :
Originally created for 'The Spaceman' on the BI Forums.

-Stillman, for fixing the config to work as a wearable item.

-Binkowski, For putting up with my constant questions and troubleshooting my problems.

-Obligatory BIS mention for the game, base texture and model.

-Scarecrow, Editing of textures, basic config.

1.1 - Uniform now working as a inventory item, inventory item now has custom marpat logo and is named as such, slight touch up on the textures.

1.0 - Initial Release
Size : 8,6 MB
  March 9th, 2013 - 11:23   Comment (0)  

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