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  New Preview (including screenshots) Screenshots    
Raptor has informed the Community that the german gaming magazine Gamestar has published a german preview about ArmedAssault 2. Added to this preview (which is in german) were several impressive screenshots. For all screens please head over to this Forum Thread.

Source : BIS Forums
  August 22nd, 2008 - 10:16 By Deadeye   Comments (20)  

  ArmA 2 press Kit + Infos + Screenshots Screenshots    
The colleagues from already visited the Games Convention in Leipzig and brought home new information, screenshots and a press Kit released by Peter Games.

The campagin:

• Multiple endings
• Non-linear freeform gameplay
• Dynamic conversation with NPC‘s
• Believable story plot based on actual geopolitical situation

Now the Real Virtuality 3 - Engine:

• multicore Support
• DirectX 9 (Shader Model 3)
• "Parallax texture mapping"
• "Hemispherical lighting"
• Micro KI (gestures, supressingfire, cm-precision)
• a dynamic built in conversationsystem

The island Chernarus:

• 225 km² island based on satellite data
• 1 million 3D objects
• 350 kilometers of roads
• 50 cities and villages
• Hilly rural landscape with rocky coastline
• Living environment including civilian population and wild life

News submitted by telejunky.

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  August 21st, 2008 - 13:40 By Deadeye   Comments (11)  

  ArmA II : thoughts and infos from Maruk General    

Maruk has posted some thoughts and infos about ArmA II development on the BI Forums and add 2 in-game new screenshots of ArmA II UH-1Y Venom for our enjoyment.

... it's already too late!

Maruk here - project lead of Flashpoint since 1998 (which we signed with Codemasters in September 2000 to finally bring you our Operation Flashpoint in June 2001) and now after years, with some more grey hair on my head, project lead of ArmA II.

We were quite silent in recent months and I guess that will not change much anytime soon - busy working on ArmA II to make it as good as we can. We know ArmA was often a rough experience, especially from the beginning but we worked as hard as we could to bring you what it is now: ArmA 1.14. ArmA II development is going well and it is in many aspects a similar experience to that of developing Flashpoint - and that's also the reason why we need a bit more time so ArmA II definitely will not be released this year in any territory. Hopefully, this time will not only help us to create a much better game but also will allow the ArmA community to produce some more great content for ArmA.

It's a very exciting and challenging time for us. Please wish us luck!

Attached are some brand new ArmA II screenshots for your reference (screen grabbed on my gold old rig: Core2Duo 6750 2.66 GHz + GF8800GT/512 + 2 GB RAM):

  August 20th, 2008 - 21:54 By Old Bear   Comments (5)  

  Arma 2 website online Official    
BI Studio have informed us that the official Arma 2 website has been opened and features a real ingame screenshot, the full site will be launched the 1st of september.

  July 28th, 2008 - 20:41 By Cervo   Comments (11)  

  Marek Španěl interview by Level 165 Community    
DeadfastCZ informed us on the BI Forums, that he has posted, an English translation of a YouTube video featuring an interview about ArmA 2 with Marek Španěl (Bohemia Interactive Studios CEO) from Level 165 (Czech gaming magazine) with English subtitles.

Thanks to raphael for the info about the release in Czech previously posted by bella1 on the BI Forums.

  July 1st, 2008 - 16:50 By Old Bear   Comments (20)  

  New ArmA 2 Preview Screenshots    

mr.g-c informed the community on the BI Forums, that the german magazine PCAction has released a new preview of Armed Assault 2 on their website. A few editors of the magazine had the chance to visit the BIS headquarter in Prague.

Information about the story :

After the fall of the soviet union, several new states were born and Chenaurus (a fictional island on which ArmA2 will be settled) another ex-soviet republic was one of them.
In the year 2009 two fractions are fighting against each other. The Communist-Nationalist Group wants to reunite the country with Russia while the democrats are trying to keep Chenaurus independent.
After a long struggle and a civil war the Communist-Nationalist Group gains the power renames the island to Chenarussian Socalist Republic forcing the remaining members of the democratic party into exile. Russia itself is refusing to unite with the new republic, which means the russian army will propably not be included in ArmA 2.

In the exile the democrats are preparing a revolution (backed by the United States Army) and you and your 5 men strong US special force unit (called Razor) are among the first american forces who are trying to bring the democratic party back to power. Every mission is played with this 5 men team and every team member will have an unique skill.

More information :

- player switching
- the 320 km² big Chenaurus island is based on real Geo-Data
- day and night circle
- around 50 vehicles and weapons (Mi24, T-90)
- lots of new weapons (Saiga-12K-Shotgun, Colt 1911)
- realistic ballistics

  May 14th, 2008 - 16:27 By Deadeye   Comments (31)  

  Arma 2 Vegetation Progress 2 - Blog Official    
Matt Rochelle has informed us that Jan Hovora from BIS has written another interesting article called Arma 2 Vegetation Progress 2 on the BIS Website

News submitted by Matt Rochelle

Source : BIS
  May 14th, 2008 - 15:55 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

  ArmA2 Vegetation progress Official    

Jan Hovora from Bohemia Interactive has released a new article about ArmA2 Vegetation progress on the BI Developer Blog.
This new entry is about :
- New shaders,
- Change in engine,
- Visual aspect of vegetation,
- Clutter (grass surfaces),
- Future.
And tells us some nice things about ArmA2 WIP such as :

From lessons that we learned about the performance impact of trees, we developed a new way of making a grass model that is more effective for drawing than in Armed Assault but looks much denser and better visually. This is also based on the knowledge that in the first lods we must target on surface reduction and in far lods on vertex reduction, because far lods are drawn with a very limited amount of pixels.
There is also a nice change in the engine, where we can now particularly colorize vegetation clutters by satellite map, this allows us to produce non-repetitive surface with a more realistic look that naturally fits to the landscape ...

Read more on Bohemia Interactive - Inside BI

  March 5th, 2008 - 22:57 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  ArmA 2 german Preview and Interview Community    

A few days ago k@voven informed the Arma community on the BI forums that the german PC-Games Magazine has written a preview about Arma 2.
They also released a short interview video with Maruk.
Flashbang151 informed the community that in the BI forums Lester posted a link to this video a few days back in the Mapfact forums.

Due to copyright on this article and video, we had to remove them from our server, since the German PC Games magazine Senior Editor required it. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Source : Armaholic
  March 2nd, 2008 - 19:06 By Bence   Comments (5)  

  ArmA 2 update Screenshots    
Alex Sworn informed us that new informations about the upcoming ArmA 2 have been released. First of all there is a czech preview on Tiscali Games (including new screenshots), and then there is a big preview (6 pages) with many new infos and screenshots in the German PC-Games. k@voven has bought the magazine and released some information on the BI Forums.

- The new Island Chernarus (the mag describes it as country, so I don't know if it's really an island anymore) shall be 230 sqare km in size. The name means translated into english Blackrussia. (I'm not sure with this one, because in German you call Belarus also Whiterussia)
- The landscape is made after an original landscape in CZ
- In this country pro communist forces strike against the democratic government and try to get back to russia. But their atempt fails and so they declare the Social republic of Charnarus. The remaining democratic forces now ask the West for help and the USA are sending their forces. It takes place in 2009.
- You don't play one anonym soldier anymore, but someone out of a small 5-man team, called Razor from the US Marine Corps. You can also switch between the members if you want.
- More than 50 weapons and more than 50 vehicles
- Online gaming with up to 50 players
- There shall be RPG elements (like talking to civilians)
- In the new view called High-level-command your troops can be navigated like in a strategy game.
- AI will be better (Called micro AI. Will be able to move precicely through the enviroment)
- The Editor will have a 3D Mode

Vehicles spotted: Osprey, MI-24, AH-1, Huey, M1A1

Further there are train tracks, the trees look really cool in some kind of autumn style and the grass also looks a lot better

  February 27th, 2008 - 15:19 By Deadeye   Comments (43)  

  ArmA 2 system requirements Official    

Maruk has updated informations on ArmA 2 projected system requirements on the Community Wiki.

Projected Minimal PC System Requirements
* Dual Core CPU
* 512 MB RAM
* GPU with Shader Model 3 and 256 MB RAM
* Windows XP or Windows Vista

Projected Optimal PC System Requirements
* Quad Core CPU
* 1 GB RAM
* Fast GPU (8800GT level) with Shader Model 3 and 512 or more MB RAM
* Windows XP or Windows Vista

News submitted by SoldierIsNotHistory.

Source : Bis Community Wiki
  February 22nd, 2008 - 21:08 By Old Bear   Comments (39)  

  ArmA II on GameStar Screenshots    
The german gaming magazine Gamestar has published a few more screenshots of the upcoming Armed Assault 2. A detailed preview of ArmA 2 will be published in the latest Gamestar release (3/2008).

The german game magazine Gamestar has published a few more screenshots of Armed Assault 2. An detailed preview of ArmA 2 will be published in the latest Gamestar release.

Source :
  January 29th, 2008 - 17:07 By Old Bear   Comments (21)  

  About Building Destruction in ARMA 2 Screenshots    

Ondøej Španìl has posted about building destruction in ArmA2 on the Developer's Blog.

Where have all the destructible buildings gone? (Long time ago)

This is question which many have asked after the ArmA 2 announcement: what has happened to two highly anticipated features: dynamic building destruction and RPG game play elements.
Did they "Gone to graveyards every one"? Or will they be present in the form we have seen them? And if not, why not - is Bohemia deliberately holding them out?
This blog attempts to answer those questions.

Destructible buildings
When we demonstrated Game 2, dynamic buildings destruction was one of the features we were talking about, and one which was liked a lot by those who have seen it.
What we had:
* Playable prototype of several buildings which were dynamically destructible. The destruction was very impressive, using physical simulation, and leaving plenty of permanent and dynamic debris.

Game 2 Concept
What we did not have:
* AI reacting to changed environment
* Solution for multiplayer
* Technology optimized enough so that it could be used extensively in large environments
* A building creation pipeline which would allow us to create such destructible buildings efficiently
Back then, we hoped we will be able to solve those problems in some or other way. Unfortunately the reality was different. In spite of the fact we invested a lot of time and workload into those problems, especially the last one has proven to be too difficult, and it was clear the idea in its original form needed reworking.
We did some redesign, learning from the problems we had, and after that the building destruction system for ArmA 2 should look like this:
* Based on ArmA destruction
* Buildings having multiple parts collapsible independently
* Physical simulation used for falling debris / wall parts
* No permanent debris left

ARMA 2 Prototype
We think a solution like this will bring most of the benefits of the dynamic building destruction to the game, but will be a lot easier to implement (and prepare data for), will require a lot less CPU power for simulation and will be friendly to both AI and multiplayer.
I understand some people will be disappointed, as this is not what we were originally talking about, and it is not what we strove to implement, but I hope most will understand the decision was not easy for us and we decided this way because we have seen it as the best for the game we are developing for you.

RPG elements ... stand by

Another major feature advertised for Game 2 was RPG elements and non-scripted conversations. What has happened to them? Were they reduced or perhaps scraped completely? You will learn more in the next episode of this blog.

  November 20th, 2007 - 20:26 By Old Bear   Comments (10)  

  About ArmA II, Bohemia Interactive at INVEX Digitex General    

Bohemia Interactive is showing ArmA2 at INVEX Digitex, have a look at the program on Bohemia Interactive web site.

This year Bohemia Interactive will participate Game Life conference at Fairs of Information Technologies and Consumer Electronics INVEX - DIGITEX staged from 23 - 27 October 2007 at the Brno Exhibition Center.

Links to reviews had been post by Spook on the BI Forums, but ... they are all in Czech.

[CAVE]guerilla has posted a translation of about these coming from Saigon's & Binariz3 blog, page and

- you can command around 100 ai and send them to 1 target
- better shader for dynamic lightning (Shader 3.0)
- dynamic shadows, really real light
- shooting with every weapon out of vehicles (not sure here)
- better swimming, twice as much soldier movements (not sure)

than they talk alot about the advantages of DX10 and Shader 3.0 i guess, thinks like photorealistic texture, bump maping and how good it looks.

4 campaigns

- 1 linear (i guess they mean straight)
- 1 free (RPG?)
- 1 total free (take a side and go to war)
- 1 Multyplayer campaign (a dream comes true here)

Than somethink about importing the 3D VBS Editor and demolitation of houses with and without interior, they got 1 house working so far.
The nice view's on Chernarus, falling leaves in the forest, railway for trains with some trains but only for war feeling (not working).
The author says the he can see the better AI handling cover and comunication in towns and on the field.
About 10 GB files (several DVD disks) for ARMA 2
Converting for XBOX360 with autoaim till 12/2008.

and on the 3th interview i see following:

no dynamik destruction model like wished but somethink similar like shot a hole in a house and enter it, also possible for AI's. AI is gonna hide behind walls, pillows, trashcans, autos with surpressing fire and granates while flanking you somehow. animation for entering and leaving vehicles. numeric position in vehicles can be chosen by assigning ai to a vehicle like gunner instead of driver (without the menu 4 - 2 - 4), no animal (cow) hunting just a bunny because its possible to stream it in and let it disapear.

not only fight mission in the campaign, there are also missions like going to dring a beer after the shift, tee cooking with friends, going to search something for someone etc.


- DX10
- the grass is fat and low for better view, just better
- fog looks more real
- shadows, i did't understand that, so far the same as ARMA 1
- better smoke fx
- better forest texture with fog on the ground etc.
- beautiful object reflection if "ODLESKY" means reflection, dunno
- Viewdistance stays the same as ARMA 1 as there isn't even a cpu to handle this.

A translation of Saigon's & Binariz3 blog by Deadfast can be found in our Articles section.

Some videos have also been released on YouTube from different sources.

  October 27th, 2007 - 00:20 By Old Bear   Comments (8)  

  ArmA 2 Expectations on BIS Dev Blog Official    

MattRochelle has informed us about a new article on the BIS site announcing new ARMA2 features that should be expected!

Compared to ARMA, we're concentrating on the following improvements for ARMA 2:

- Campaign with RPG elements, and with a story combined with dynamic events
- Improved AI, especially in Close Quarter Battles
- AI using taunts and hand signals for coordination and increased immersion
- Much more realistic terrain, based closely on real world data
- Optimizations for dual/multi core systems
- Console and PC release

And as usual, there are some changes which are perhaps not that important, but we still hope they will help to make ARMA 2 a more enjoyable game.

- Increased facial detail
- Increased vegetation detail
- Ambient animals
- Improved building destruction (we will return to this in some future blog)

Read more on the BIS site here!

Source : MattRochelle
  October 1st, 2007 - 15:03 By Cervo   Comments (32)  

  ArmA 2 Terrain - Developer Blog Screenshots    
Q has informed everyone on the BI Forums of a blog update on the BI Website.

Ivan Buchta, a member of the Bohemia Interactive team, has posted a blog talking about the aims of Armed Assault 2 regarding terrain.

In our company, there was always an ambition to create landscape which would feel real. As we constantly improved our tools and refined our technology, it is finally possible to take the image of real-life countryside and bring the best of it into ARMA 2. We have chosen a piece of forgotten land somewhere in North Bohemia in the hopes of bring you a wild and hilly environment suitable for large-scale combat operations.

  September 26th, 2007 - 21:31 By Jason   Comment (1)  

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