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Basic Orientation Race (v 2)
Picture of Basic Orientation Race Author : Grimm Version : 2  
Islands :
Official islands
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Mission type : Other (1 - 13) Downloads : 460
Playable as : Other
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • CTR02_CO_country1_eng.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_country2_eng.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_mountain1_eng.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_mountain2_eng.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_urban1_eng.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_urban2_eng.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_montagne1.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_montagne2.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_rurale1.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_rurale2.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_urbaine1.Sara.pbo
  • CTR02_CO_urbaine2.Sara.pbo
Description :
This is training missions especially for orientation.
Many players have problems to locate themselves on a chart, and to be aware of their environment.
Certain clans practise already races of orientation, but those are generally solidified, and at limited lifespan.

This pack, bound for the clans and players practicing realistic ArmA of way (by decontaminating the options of assistance on the chart), makes it possible to make varied and ludic races of orientation, as well on the level of the environments as of the possible options (random races, beacons defended by the opfor, invisible beacons, etc). A differentiated stopwatch was built-in for each team. Consultable at the end of the course, it gives all essential measurements of the accomplished race.
Size : 1.84 MB
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