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Take Ortego (v 1.2)
No picture found for this addon. Author : Tophe of Östgöta Ops Version : 1.2  
Islands :
Official islands
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Mission type : Coop (1 - 10) Downloads : 480
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • OOPS_City_Take_Ortego_(co10).Sara.pbo
Description :
City Take Ortego is the second part in a series of City Take missions. The first part was City Take Paraiso


* 10 spots. AI disabled.
* Fully dynamic. The mission never looks the same.
* Choose between Revive Respawn and Base Respawn
* Choose Time of day and weather.
* 6 different endings depending on how well you play. (casualties are counted)
* Join in Progress
* Using UPS 1.8 by Kronzky and Revive Script 1.58 by Doolittle, PRiME, Gnat, Hailo and ZoneKiller.

Mission overview:

In this mission you are to deploy in two teams to seize the city of Ortego.
There are enemy forces holding the city. You will deploy from Geraldo east of Ortego.

You are expected to engage and finish this task with minium casaulties.

We want to emphasize that this is NOT a lone wolf mission.
Planning and keeping the team together is imperative for the survival of all operatives.
Size : 28 KB
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