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Q: I downloaded an addon, but it's in .zip, .rar or .7z format, what is it? How can I open it?

A: Thoses files are compressed archives, compression is used to lower the size of file in order to reduce downloading time. You can open almost all compressed files with Winrar, a shareware that you can download here. Nowadays many addons are packed with 7-Zip, you download 7-Zip from here. However Winrar also extracts 7z files without a problem

Q: I just downloaded a archived addon, but I can't open it because it is corrupted!?

A: It's more likely due to the fact that your compression program is outdated concerning the latest .rar compression algorithm, rather than a messed up upload from our side. Download the latest version of Winrar and or 7-zip.

Q: I can't download an addon on the site, what's going on?

A: There might be 2 possibilities:

If you get an error message with "connection denied", The FTP server user limit has been reached, try to download in a few minutes.

If you get an "ERROR, The requested URL could not be retrieved", there is probably an error with the link, contact us and we will fix it ASAP.

Q: I've opened an archived addon, what is the procedure to add this addon into the game?

A: First, always read the readme.txt file, it contains valuable information about the addon.
To add addons into ArmA, you need to extract the *.pbo file(s) from the archive into the C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Addons folder, or by example if you've installed the game into c:\arma folder, copy .pbo files into c:\arma\Addons. However we advise you to use Mod Folder, you can read a tutorial on how to create them in our FAQ section.

Q: I've put an addon in the right directory but how can I play with it in the game?

A: Well, installing an addon without any missions using it is quite useless, unless you just want to test the addon in the editor for a few minutes or plan to create your own missions/campaign. Modmakers try to release some demo missions with the addon itself, check in the archive file if there is any.

Q: I want to make my own addon. Which program should I use?

A: First, You need Oxygen 2, an ArmA dedicated modelling tool, you can download it from our utilities section.

Second you'll need a graphic editing software (like Photoshop) to make textures for your models. You can download GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is a free program.

Third, you'll need a lot of time, patience and learning to make both models, textures and config files.

Check out this thread to get started with addon making !
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