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  FSM Support System (v 1.0)  
Picture of  FSM Support System Author : Desrat
Version : 1.0 Type : Mission Editing
Size : 34 KB  
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Description :
FSM Support Systems

I know there's multiple air support and artillery scripts around at the moment but whilst investigating the possibilities of what FSM has to offer I decided to make an all in one solution that combines the various options into one package.

The example missions (one for A2 one for OA) uses the communication menu to call in the support (default space bar - communication) and is split into 4 different sub menus

1. Fixed Wing

Close air support
Anti-personel cluster bomb
Anti-tank cluster bomb
Mine dispenser cluster bomb

2. Rotor Wing

Close air support (2 attack choppers)

3. Artillery

High explosive suppression
Willie pete suppression
Laser guided
High explosive Fire for Effect
Willie pete Fire for Effect

4. Air Drop


Only 1 support mission can be executed at any given time (so cant have CAS and artillery firing at the same time for example) and the mission designer can impose limits on how may times both fixed wing, rotor wing and artillery can be called (air drops are part of fixed wing), from within "Support\SupInit.sqf"

The ammo drop includes the ability to add custom code so you can use your own loadouts.

I've done my best to ensure multiplayer compatibility and haven't found any game breaking issues thus far.

To add to your own missions the following is required:

* Functions module placed on the map
* artillery module (named m119Batt)
*3 virtual artillery pieces (named vp1,vp2, and vp3 respectively)
*artillery module must be synced (f5) to the virtual pieces
*an object named spwnpad placed in the editor (I use an invisible helipad)
*a player named s1 with the following in his init line

null = [] execVM 'Support\CommsMenu.sqf';

if you intend to use the menu I created.*
- copy the Support folder into your mision
- add the following to your init.sqf file

//wait till both functions module and Multiplayer framework has initialised
waituntil {!(isnil "bis_fnc_init")};
waitUntil{!(isNil "BIS_MPF_InitDone")};
//execute init file for air support
null = [] execVM "Support\SupInit.sqf";

* If you dont wish to use my comms menu you still require a player named s1 and can trigger the calls like so


null = [parameter1,parameter2] execFSM "Support\Support.fsm";

parameter1 can be :

* Fixed
* Rotor
* Arty

parameter2 depends on what Parameter 1 is and must be in quotes:

Fixed :


Rotor :


Arty :

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