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  Extended eventhandlers (XEH) (v 1.9)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : Solus
Version : 1.9 Era : N/A Type : Misc
Size : 25 KB Demo mission : Yes
Downloads : 39900 Rating : 3 / 5 (rated 9 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • Extended_Eventhandlers.pbo
  • extended_eventhandlers.pbo.SLX_XEH2.bisign
Description :
Extended Event Handlers (XEH) by Solus and Killswitch

XEH Change log
1.9 (Sep 21, 2008)
Fixed: before, vehicle crews would not have their XEH init EH:s run until just
after the mission started. Now they are run before mission start.
Added: A stringtable with the version of XEH in STR_SLX_XEH_VERSION and
STR_SLX_XEH2_VERSION for use with the "localize" command.
Added: a way to have run-once, "pre-init" code run using the new
Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers class.

1.8 (Sep 7, 2008)
Fixed: game logics inside vehicles would cause a performance drop due to a
infinite recursion in the code that handles initialisation of
vehicle crews. Thanks to UNN for the bug report!
Added: you can make XEH init event handlers execute when players respawn by
using an inner XEH class and the "onRespawn" boolean property.

1.7 (Mar 16, 2008)
Fixed: Removed XEH from class Static, which stops ArmA from crashing to desktop
when resuming saved games.

1.6 (Mar 15, 2008)
Fixed: The "exclude" property will apply to the specified class(es) and all
subclasses thereof.

1.5 (Mar 15, 2008)
Added: Composite ("inner") XEH classes can have an extra property, "exclude"
which is either a string or an array of strings with the class name(s)
of vehicles that should *not* get a particular XEH event handler.

1.4 (Mar 15, 2008)
Added: "Static" class vehicles can now have XEH event handlers.
Added: A respawn monitor that restores non-init XEH event handlers after
the player respawns. Many thanks to Sickboy, LoyalGuard, ViperMaul for
the initial research and suggestions!

1.3 (Feb 9, 2008)
Added: The ability to use "nested" XEH classes with a "scope" feature
to limit certain event handlers to objects of specific classes.

1.2 (Jan 29, 2008)
Fixed: SightAdjustment_AutoInit.
Fixed: Extended Dammaged EventHandler.

1.1 (Jan 26, 2008)
Fixed: XEH can now handle extended event handlers that are missing a trailing
Fixed: the example addons now require the Extended_Eventhandlers addon instead
of the two older ones. Also, the debug sideChats are now guaranteed to
be seen when previewing a mission with the example addons loaded.
Fixed: XEH init EH:s are now actually being called on units inside vehicles.

1.0 Initial Release (Dec 31, 2007)
Combined Extended Init, Fired, and Other event handlers. Thanks to Killswitch
for combining them and adding the other extended event handlers!
Added signature and bikey.

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