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  PMC Cmp1 - CoC CEX Campaign new release! Mission release    
Snake Man has informed us about the release of an updated - v0.3 - version of the PMC Cmp1 - CoC CEX Campaign.

PMC Cmp1 (unnamed), CoC CEX campaign for ArmA.

Command Engine X (CEX) campaign with 28 straight forward combat missions. You have several infantry squads, special forces, tanks and helicopters as well as artillery in your disposal. It is up to you to command your troops into victory.

CoC Command Engine X (CEX) addon required! No queens gambit required!

--- fixes v0.3
- added proper "timeline" date / time to all missions and cutscenes.
- added onloadintro, onloadmission description entrys for all missions.
- 04-27: added opfor special forces (especas).
- 04-27: added opfor snipers.
- 04-28: added empty ah6, mh6 and uh60 plus helo pads for them.
- 19: added helo pads for our helos.
- 19: does not end, fixed (I hope).
- 15: resupply repair truck? added.
- 15: ammo boxes? added.
- 15: ending trigger, check. looks fine?
- 09: mission ended before all objectives were ticked in briefing, fixed.
- 03: wont end, fixed (I hope).

Online manual:

Official forum topic:

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  May 27th, 2009 - 16:23 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

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