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  WarMod 1.3  
Picture of WarMod 1.3 Author : Günter Severloh
Version : N/A Era : Modern Type : Total Conversion
Size : 543 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 4448 Rating : 2.5 / 5 (rated 2 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
what is WarMod?

Warmod is a compilation mod that aims to fix,enhance, and alter many Effects and gameplay of Arma.


Warmod started out as an idea when i began browsing Armaholic download section to change a few aspects of my game, to fix various gameplay aspects i simply was getting tired of.
Along the route i came apon mods i had never seen before even though I had played Arma since it came out, it was like a new world of opportunity opened up to totally customize the game to how i wanted to play.

I created this mod to make the game more stable, more solid more in the player's control, as I felt the game had to much gun movement, to much recoil,unrealistic ballistics, to much dispersion of the shots,crappy FX, sound and AI.
Everytime i was playing, the gun was moving, it took me half a clip to kill a guy, and the rounds i shots weren't landing where I had my ironsights or scope.
Ai were retarded, the enemy could see you through bushes, I was like WTF is this crap, i cant see through the bushes and they can!?
The sound was drab, and i searched through many sound mods to find the one that sounded most realistic to me. (sound of course is a personal preference)
The mod was mainly designed for myself and a for the guys i play with in my WW2 Realism unit, we play WW2 based game as well as modern warfare.
I spent pretty much all of the last weeks of september and all of October,and most of Novemeber 2009 researching, downloading, and testing, testing, testing, testing, yes alot of testing!
I found a good combination of mods that really made a serious difference in the game.
Most of the mod is a compilation of many addons & mods, that play apon each others features.

The difference between a page that has a list of mods and addons that you can compile together or add to your game which ever one you want, is that i did that already, i basically did all the work for you, i did the research, the downloading, the testing, the troubleshooting in terms of compatability ect, but my mod isn't units, or vehicles, its effects, fixes and gameplay, and well a good portion of AI fix/change which Arma definately needed!

- Weapon control -(hit where you shoot!)
- Weapon dexterity and dispersion has been eliminated
- Realistic ballistics and rocket ballistics
- Major AI Overhaul -(WarMod has just about every addon & mod for AI)
- New explosions for grenades, bombs, missiles, and general effects
- Over 150 various Fixes for many aspects of the game
- Ability to hide in the bushes and not be seen by the AI
- Character movement and weapon Animation-Transitions fixed
and sped up for smoother making your character more in your control
- Extended voices -(hear the AI say things based on the situation)
- Spent Shell Casings- 8 cartridge models created by Mondkalb (reference photos by Freshman):
- 9x19 Luger
- .45 ACP (not used ATM)
- 5.56x45 NATO
- 7.62x51 NATO
- .50 BMG
- 20mm
- 40mm grenade
- Hand grenade safety pin
- Handgrenades will leave a pin on the ground.
- Grenadelaunchers will leave a 40mm cartridge.
- All other "unsupported" firearms will throw out a 556x45mm cartridge
- The Ah-1 will drop 20mm cartridges on the ground, the Ah6 and Uh-60 do the same with 762x51mm cartridges.
- Realistic Tank Loadouts, and Laser engagment systems
- Various blood effects such as 1st aid pack, blackouts, bleeding, ect..
- Upgraded grenadier -(enables all grenadier Bluefor units to have a realistic loadouts)
and many more!

Whats new in version 1.3
The following features listed are the latest features that have been added to Warmod.

Deadfast's Cartridges (v 0.2.0) Pack 1 (v 0.4) Pack 2 (v 0.1)
Real Dispersion
GDT Mod Satchel
Compact Fix for ArmA (v 1.16A)
zTanks Merge (v 0.9)
PROPER ToughChopperRotor

More info about WarMod Full v1.3.7 on Armed Forums

Note : WarMod Patch v1.4 available here !
Size : 543 MB
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