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  ArmA 2 Coverage  
1. Video :

The video is about a so called "High Commander Mode".
It has a length of 10 minutes, featuring a cool introduction by the guys (although the noises are pretty loud) and also Elton (a silly german comedian... ) playing Guitar Hero at the end.

2. Video :

In fact the new AI is the Old Ai, but in Arma 2 the AI system has been improved a lot. Furthermore the so called Micro-KI has been added, which allows the AI soldier to react more realistic in a battle. That means the soldier will decide to flee when he is outnumbered, the soldiers take cover and secure their surroundings without receiving a command from the player. The Ai also use hand signals.

Another AI system that has been improved is the pathfinding. For example AI vehicles will drive on the right side of the road, there won't be a collision with incoming traffic anymore.

3. Video :

What's new?

- 50 new vehicles (counting diefferent arms and camo --> 120 vehicles)
- especially new stuff for the russian side (T90, Vodnic)
- A jeep with a static machine gun (like the one from BHD) for the rebels
- tractors to pull out airplanes out of a hangar
- Abrams with loader (4 crew members, 2 working MG's

What's new on the vehicles?

- several sounds for each vehicle
- different ground for every surface (for example if you drive over gras it'll sound different than a road)

4. Video :

What can be seen?

- Vegetation and general Gameplay.
- Some vehicles with interior displayed
- Civilian life


5. Video :

To see :

- Helpfunction in the Editor
- Commandsystem ingame
- New features: Reloading while walking!
- Object textures and a flying Hind


6, Video :

- New civillians and animal wildlife
- The damage model
- shadow on the soldiers helmets
- Graphic, gameplay and effects


7. Video :
Textures, shaddows and lighteffects for example on the Huey and ind
- Ground effects when a chopper is starting
- The F-35B at takeoff
- The V-22 Osprey at takeoff
- Object Textures (in this example the Airport Hangar)
- And of course more graphic effect footage


Again, thanks to and from BIS!
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