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Description : You can check my released missions from here also:
VanhA's ArmA Pit
All are available on armaholic as well. Some are only in "WASP-missionspack"s

Here's a list of my released missions for AmA1:
co@10 Team Alcazar
Bountyhunters co08
Bagango Rescue part1 co16
Bagango Rescue part2 co16
Diplomacy co10
co10 Snipe Fiesta
co20 Xmas Fubar
co14 Operation FlameWheel
co14 Hills Have Eyes
co12 Dunes of Death
co05 Passo Muerte
co13 309 Revisited
co10 Operation Mute Owl
co15 Operation Locust
co10 Operation JetLag
co07 Operation Baywatch
Truce co08
co20 Strikeforce WASP
co25 Operation Valkyrie
co12 Local Warming
co05 Delivery boyz
co08 Tres Putas
co16 Hamburger Hill
co12@ Communication breakdown
co10@ Bastards in arms
co16 The Pocket
co19 Lance of Ares
co06 Dead by Dawn
co06 Bomb Magnet
co12@ Justice for all
co10@ Mischieveous [2 MB]
co20@ Under Fire [3 MB]

And for ArmA2:

co12 Hijack
Files released so far :
Addons : None  
SP missions : None  
MP missions : - Tres Putas
- Justice For All
- WASP Mission pack
- WASP Mission pack#
- Revive_oldies
Campaigns : None  
Islands : None  
Utilities : None  

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