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  F/A-18 Super Hornet for ArmA2:OA (v 0,7)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : John_Spartan
Version : 0,7 Era : Modern Type : Aerials
Size : 24 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 3103 Rating : 4 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
This add-on represents US NAVY current main fighter jet F/A-18 in two E and F variants. When I started this project my main goal was to create an in game BIS like aircraft. So it would be reasonable on PC resources and looked similar as let’s say A10. Also I wanted to avoid all dependencies and scripts as much as possible, because to be honest I don’t find some popular add-ons realistic or fitting in with BIS created atmosphere in game. Off course as I was suggested, latter on final release I will add things like GLT missile box support and ACE mod compatible config, since a lot of people have different tastes from mine.


- Afterburner
Built in afterburner is an great boost to aircrafts performance and agility, especially it comes in handy for Air to Air combat, but it also consumes precious fuel much faster so use it wisely. To activate built in afterburner use “vehicle turbo” assigned key.

- Foldable wings
Aircraft has a built-in option to fold/unfold wings for use on aircraft carrier. To animate folded wing in mission start-up in aircraft init field in editor put following line:
[this] exec "js_fa18\scripts\FA18_foldwings.sqf";

- Canopy animation
On get in/get out there is BIS style animated canopy. I decided to remove user control over this function to make it lighter script wise. Also I kind of like BIS way of animating models, even thou there still some work will be needed on get in/get out animations.

- Flares and radar warning system
BIS default built in radar warning and flare/chaff system. Only bug on it so far found is that firing flare it will count it as two. Since in real life F/A18 fires a single flare/chaff at once (that’s how I animated it), but BIS provided flare launcher fires two flares at once. Also if defining a new weapon to replace BIS flare launcher, it seems to not work properly with incoming missile.

- Fuselage vapour
BIS default script which is found in game already seems to be the best solution for animating this function, since it is less demeaning on PC resources than other scripts I have tested.

- Custom textures
There is a hidden selection set in model [“camo_1”, “camo_2”, “camo_3”] that allows via script in init field of editor to load/apply any custom user made texture for this add-on. Also there are two Franze’s made realistic VFA skins in NAVY grey pattern included (the ones you already know from OFP/ARMA I). To load the textures in aircraft init field in editor put following line:
[this] exec "\js_FA18\scripts\FA18E_camo_VFA_14.sqf"; for VFA 14 low visibility skin
[this] exec "\js_FA18\scripts\FA18F_camo_VFA_41.sqf"; for VFA 41 low visibility skin

latter on final release I have plans to include PSD files and more detailed manual on creating custom skins for this add-on for player squads markings and adding individual pilot names on side of fuselage.

- Fuel tanks
This function is animated but, still work in progress. I have plans of implementing proper fuel drop sequence with/without external fuel tanks. Planed to be done on final release.

- Carrier landing and tail hook
This add-on is designed with carrier operational capability in mind. So far we have Jdogs Nimitz US NAVY aircraft carrier for ARMA 2 available so this add-on is tested on it. I have not implemented carrier built in arrestor system (it might work but with bugs) instead I decided to use Franze’s arrestor script which can be activated via action menu. Also there is a know bug if tail hook lowered even on regular airfield it will work as arrestor on carrier deck, something that game engine does not allow us to change as flexible as we want.


Default load out – MULTIROLE for both versions of aircraft which consists of: 2xAIM9x Sidewinder AA missiles, 6xAIM120 AMRAM long range AA missiles and 4xGBU12 guided bombs and M61 cannon.

To load custom weapons load outs in aircraft init field in editor put following lines:

F/A-18 E version
[this] exec "\js_FA18\scripts\FA18E_loadout_AA.sqf"; for Air-to-Air weapons
[this] exec "\js_FA18\scripts\FA18E_loadout_AG.sqf"; for Air-to-Ground weapons

F/A-18 F version
[this] exec "\js_FA18\scripts\FA18F_loadout_AA.sqf"; for Air-to-Air weapons
[this] exec "\js_FA18\scripts\FA18F_loadout_AG.sqf"; for Air-to-Ground weapons

ARMA 2 game engine: Bohemia Interactive
Model and original textures and config: Franze
Model, textures and config adaption for ARMA 2 CO: John_Spartan
Afterburner script originally by: Lethal and Gnat
Beta testers and advisers: Gnat, skeeko1337, Wiki, vengeance1, Meatball0311, fluttershy

And of course all the community members for being so kind and posting valuable information/tutorials and solutions about how to mod this game.

- pilot get in/get out animation on both versions needs to be adjusted so it looks properly
- crosshair for pilot in F version is not displayed
- gunner optics in F version are not accurate with aim
- cockpit on E/F versions needs work on textures (especially F version)
- textures need to be merged so ARMA engine handles them better and to reduce add-on size
- textures need to be changed to HD quality
- rvmats need to be applied to all textures properly
- inside view of canopy needs some work on glass reflection to reduce glare using NVG
- ALTFLIR and proper gunner weapons controls on F version need to be implemented
- fuel tanks are just visual, fuel drop sequence needs to be added to get it fully functional
- custom load out selector system (script) needs to be added
- ACE mod compatibility needs a revision (at this moment it’s not tested with ACE)
- GLT missile box compatibility not tested
- displays on both versions could use some more animations (BIS only, no scripts)
- pilot name tag “hidden selection” needs to be added
- compatibility with J_dogs carrier built in scripts needs revision
- tail hook behaviour on regular airports needs revision
- gunner in F version is able to control afterburner and fold wings, needs revision
- on afterburner both rudders move inward (to centre)
- LODS 2 and 3 needs revision to avoid plane shoving in clouse distance with bad textures and no gear (floating in the air)
Size : 24 MB
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