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  Operation North Star Troops released Addon release    

AASE from ONS Mod has released an Operation North Star Troops addon on the BI Forums.

Hello everyone, today I have an update and a release for Operation Northstar.

The mod is going well and we have started to get stuff into ArmA2 and we arnt sure at the time if we will be doing a full ArmA release or just release a few things for ArmA and the rest for ArmA2.
As you seen in the past month NZDF and CMF (Canadian Millitary Force) have Merged and keep the name of ONS. And recently Crash just released the Canadian CC130 which can be found here.
And today I have an ancocment I was going to release the troops on July 1st (Canada Day) but decided to move the release date today.

The Units included in this download are the, basic Rifleman, Grenider, C9A2 Gunner.

  June 29th, 2009 - 13:20 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  RTE version V released Addon release    
i0n0s has released a -version V - of his RealTimeEditor on the BI Forums. Required addons: Extended Eventhandler, optional addons: ArmALib.

Version 5:

- Added synchronisation of waypoints and trigger
- Added 3D objects for waypoints, trigger and marker
- Used keys can get modified within the RTE*
- Project administration to save current projects*
- Added Bank & Pitch-Dialog
- Added gear dialogue to edit cargo of objects and gear of units

* requires ArmALib or RTE Capture

  June 28th, 2009 - 12:29 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Flying Carpet released Addon release    
Drobkins informed us that he has released his Flying Carpet addon on our forums.

Hello , i just done my first addon , its flying carpet , first i would like to thanks to -martin- he helped me with config , next to ROCKET from BIF coz he helped me with anims on the carpet and to bulkington80 and to D@V£ for reply on arma info forums.

Know bug:No shadow i must fix that in next release

There was a problem with textures, download link updated.

  June 28th, 2009 - 07:46 By Marko112   Comments (7)  

  CH-47 With Ramp Mini-gun and Air Pack Screenshots    
wld427 released three new pictures of his upcoming CH-47 with ramp and mini-gun on the BI Forums.

Ive been poking around with this for a while outside of project RACS. I made it for the guys on the XS Arma Server clan. Its alot of fun and the AI fly it liek a dream. The Skin is jsut a plain olive drab so it fits well with almost any scenario. I still need to adjust the proxy for the rear gunner so he sits jsut right. The chopper is equipped with 2 M240 window guns and an M134 on the ramp.

Also included in the pack will be several versions of the Harrier with different loadouts and an A-10. Thanks to RockofSL for the flight adjustment demo as i used it for my base.

I hope to release this in the next few days if there is any interest.

  June 27th, 2009 - 20:18 By Marko112   Comments (2)  

  New section for ArmA 2 About our website    

All the site team is proud to announce a new section for ArmA 2 on our website. You can access to this section by clicking on the game you want at the top left of the site, just under the banner. You'll find there all addons, missions, islands... dedicated to ArmA 2. It allows to be clearer in your search, and we made a new design for this part to be different and clear. You can still display the news for both games on the main page or by clicking on our banner. We hope that our site will continue for a long time with you. If you have any questions, ideas, bug report on our site, please post them in this thread.

Your Team.

  June 27th, 2009 - 17:29 By Nano19   Comments (6)  

  Maule M7 (Ski Plane) Addon release    
Rocket released today on the BI Forums v1.0.1 of his Maule M7 (Ski Plane).

- Fully animated interior
- Custom crew seat/death animations
- Lit interior
- Realistic Glass
- Seats four personnel
- Ski and Non-Ski versions included

- 4 resolution lods (max 12K)
- Seperate custom Fire/Collision/View Geometry
- One Shadow LOD (second is to do)
- Seperate Pilot/Cargo View (13k polys)
- 2 x 2048 Textures, only one with Shaders (interior doesnt need it). One is exterior, other is pilot/cargo view.

Many thanks to:
- FSX for providing a great Maule for research (lots of screenshots!)
- Gnat for his Piper, which provided much of the knowledge and inspiration
- RKSLRock, and the rest of the BI Forums crew
- USEC team!
- Foxhound, Armaholic, ... and all the other community sites. Bandwidth ain't cheap!
- BI for making such awesome games!
- The forum Mod's here for being patient and always around
- Everyone who bought ArmA and ArmA2.
- The ACE mod guys too... while its been a pain to integrate. They have done great work!

This is provided "as is" with no warranty. The property contained retains any and all relevant licenses it may have. Contact me if you would like to edit this file beyond personal use, and I'll see if its possible.

The future:
- When my copy of ArmA2 arrives, I'll port it to that.
- Paintkit.
- Amphibious Variant
- I'd like to make a VOR system...
- Glass Damage textures... I have actually DONE the textures I just couldn't get the damn things working (even following the tutorial!).
- On request I edited the "engine startup" script so that it *should* work correctly with ACE in multiplayer. Haven't tested it though

  June 26th, 2009 - 20:35 By Marko112   Comments (6)  

  Oh, no! Operation FrenchPoint is down ! Community    

The French Operation FrenchPoint Team has announced they are stopping their Modding work on

The OFrP team announces today, feeling a twinge of sadness, it's closing after a 7 years life

More infos about the closing and the OFrP mod on the web site

  June 26th, 2009 - 11:30 By Old Bear   Comments (13)  

  Unsung Mod : The Lowlands released Screenshots    

Red from the UNSUNG MOD has informed us about the release of a new map : The Lowlands.

The Unsung is proud the present The Lowlands. This "new" island is a cut down version of In Country, made to make the the mod more playable for the players out there with lower spec computers. A single player mission is included. Enjoy!

  June 25th, 2009 - 17:09 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  HSO SLA Pack released Addon release    
D@VE has released his HSO SLA pack on our forums today.

Hello again

I know I said I was going to get this done a while back... but... well... I got distracted by a shiny object... sorry... it won't happen again...
Some new stuff, lots of updated and fixed old stuff... and I still haven't removed a lot of the junk there.

Source : Released Addons forum.
  June 24th, 2009 - 21:32 By Toadball   Comment (1)  

  Army of the Czecho-Slovak Republic Screenshots    
petrtlach from the Army of the Czecho-Slovak republic released several new pictures of his work in progress Rifle and Carabine mo.1895 on the BI Forums.

  June 24th, 2009 - 13:50 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

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