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  SITREP #00036 Official    

On Tuesday 26th November 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00036 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: AAF vehicles, Licensed data


Last week was packed with reports; after the usual SITREP, we followed up with a SPOTREP for the 1.06 patch release. On the same day there was the premier TECHREP, to keep track of the release and updates to the Arma 3 Tools suite. Initially we'll be updating the tools on the same cycle as the main game, but we'll see how that goes. Keep reading for some hints of useful additions to the package coming up soon!

Another thing in the pipelines for imminent staging on devbranch: three more vehicles and a sniper scope! These will be part of the next game update. Find some more details below.


With the 1.08 update we'll be releasing the following AAF faction reinforcements (and more sandbox content):

- MBT-52 Kuma - Main Battle Tank for the AAF
- FV-720 Mora - the AAF's versatile Infantry Fighting Vehicle
- WY-55 Hellcat - maneuverable air transport and fire support for the AAF

The tank is entirely new and made from scratch by our artists. The IFV has seen action in BAF, but was vastly improved and given lots more detail. The copter was also passed on from the BAF, got new armament, skids and a fresh lick of paint.

A fresh rotation of the Community Focus widget takes a look at machinima, an Arma gaming community, custom soundtrack work and a whole bunch of scripting tutorials.


We'd like to give you some idea of what we're working on adding to the tools suite. There are still some secondary tools to add, such as the FSM editor and TexView. Further away, but in the works, is Steam Workshop integration. This is more complex than scenarios have been, but we consider it an important effort. Terrain creators among you are wondering why there is no Visitor release yet. This is unfortunately not quite so easy. Visitor 4 is based on licensed technology and we are not allowed simply to release it. We need to find consent of the licencor first before we can make it available to the community. We'll keep you updated.

Together with a crack team of Top Men, Ondrej Kužel (Oukej) has started some work on AI configuration. The goal is to: define how individual AI config params affect AI behavior, document and refine these settings; provide the common player more meaningful control over the difficulty of the AI; enable mission designers more useful control over AI configuration. If you'd like to keep track of this work or contribute some ideas, check out this forum thread.


Ready your broadband connections, because we stand on the verge of releasing lots of data for modders. Barring any showstoppers, we will next week be releasing data from pretty much all Arma 2 content. This will be done under new licenses, that make it possible to use the data to release within Arma games. It will no longer require case-by-case requests to use Arma 2 models and textures for Arma 3 mods for example. Things should be clear and accessible for anyone!

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  TECHREP #00001 Official    

On Wednesday 20th November 2013, Petr Kolář - Tools Commissar - has reported a TECHREP #00001 on the official Arma3 web site.

FROM: Tools Commissar
TO: Arma 3 Modders

CIRCUMSTANCES: Version 0.5 (Initial release, Addon building)
SIZE: ~146 MB


Added: Audio tools
Added: Binarize
Added: BinMake
Added: CfgConvert
Added: DSSignFile
Added: FileBank
Added: FontToTGA
Added: ImageToPAA
Added: Oxygen 2 (version
Added: Render Worlds
Added: Arma 3 Asset samples
Added: Addon Builder


You can find the tools package in the Steam library (switch the filter to "Tools") - "Arma 3 Tools"
You will probably need to start Addon Builder (primary tool) once to add all needed registry entries for the rest of tools
See SITREP #00035 for more intel about this initial release

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  SITREP #00035 Official    

On Tuesday 12th November 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land reported a SITREP #00035 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Update 1.06, Tools release


While we are working on the 'Adapt' episode, let's focus this week's report on the other kinds of Arma 3 support! The next main branch update (1.06) is in final testing at the moment. Assuming this goes well, we'll update the game later this week. The update is primarily focused on miscellaneous fixes and on-going maintenance. One important aspect is the fix of surround sound character dialogue, during the campaign especially.

Another release now in final testing: the Arma 3 Tools package on Steam. Modders will finally receive the first iteration of this suite, focusing on building add-ons. It makes it easier to prepare their new models for the game (Binarize, Oxygen, CfgConvert, etc.). Included as well are special 'render worlds', which are basically single color backdrops for e.g. chroma key machinima work. A collection of Arma 3 sample models and configuration files provide clues as to creating your own characters, cars, tanks, weapons and buildings. In no way is this a one-time final release. As with the game, we will be updating and iterating the package. Later iterations will go beyond add-on building, providing additional and improved tools and samples. When will all this start? It should drop together with the aforementioned game update! After release, you'll find it in the Steam library's Tools section - ready for a quick install.


Andrew 'Dslyecxi' Gluck has put up a video explaining the various versions of his Tactical Guide available. The guide has grown and matured over eight years, taking all the experiences from playing the Arma games and beyond. The TTP3 edition targets Arma 3, but looks at the whole series, tactics & procedures in general, and community efforts. Recently, a free online version was published. There's also an e-book edition that can be purchased from, a grayscale print version, and coming up: a full-color print edition. Stay tuned to our online store for that one.

Senior QA team member Bořivoj Klíma, who also does a lot of the coordination on Feedback Tracker, has shared his personal Workshop dev favorite. His motivation to select 'Convoy Escort' by Tim: "It's a short and simple mission, where you follow the daily routine of an AH-9 Pawnee pilot. Especially the start of the mission at the base is very convincing, and overall, I just really appreciate the realism and atmosphere."


A recent Tweet by one of our designers reminded us of a great page on the Community Wiki, all about script optimizations. It's a good read and reminds even our developers of good practices, better algorithms and the way our Real Virtuality engine handles threading. In closing, there's a method for measuring your own script's performance: BIS_fnc_codePerformance.


The recent work on fatigue and personal protection (body armors and such) on devbranch, has been temporarily disabled. Why? Both need more time for tweaking and testing, and we want to release a main branch update this week. After this patch is out, work in these areas on devbranch will resume.

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  SITREP #00034 Official    

On Tuesday 12th November 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land reported a SITREP #00034 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Campaign episode 2, Fatigue

The second campaign episode is currently undergoing its most busy development period. The playable content team is evaluating the scenarios, gathering internal feedback and starting final iterations of the flow and logic. Meanwhile the texts (briefings, hints and dialogues) are all being fleshed out to prepare for this episode's final voice acting and MOCAP work. And, there's still a significant new multiplayer feature coming to Arma 3. We look forward to finally speak about its specifics soon™.


Scenario designer Thomas Ryan sat down with our embedded Report In! crew to speak more about his work on, among many things, the campaign. He does drop in some 'Survive' spoilers, so be careful if you haven't played it yet.


Devbranch has received its first iterations of on-going fatigue tweaks by designer Radko Voda, also involving weapon sway. Today the initial version was updated with tweaks based directly on feedback. There may still be animations which are incorrectly slowed down, but they are being systematically hunted down.


Another topic for which feedback is actively being sought is UAVs. Designer druid Bořivoj Hlava has opened a thread to collect outstanding issues, priorities and general

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  REPORT IN! Thomas Ryan – Campaign_ Official    

A new Report in! featuring Designer Thomas Ryan, one of the campaign creators, has been published on the official Arma 3 website . Here are some extracts :

The campaign is being released across 3 episodes. What did or does this mean for your work; did anything change in terms of story or missions?
[possible spoilers]
I believe the episodic approach is allowing us to provide a much more polished experience on launch than we have in the past, as I believe the reception to Survive has proven. That’s not to say it’s been perfect, of course; work is still on-going to improve certain aspects of the individual missions, and fix issues that players have run into. We’ve learned a lot from the release of just Survive alone, the results of which I hope you’ll see in the coming episodes.

In terms of a direct impact on the story or missions, here’s another piece of trivia: the ending sequence to Survive was actually originally the opening to Adapt, with Survive ending as the survivors sailed away from the shores of Stratis. However, when we decided to go with the episodic approach, we believed this scene was better suited to end Survive and leave the players wanting more, thus we made it so. Throughout Survive, though, we made careful considerations as to what we wanted to reveal, or keep secret until the following episodes. We’re only at the beginning, after all.

The episodes are called Survive, Adapt, and Win. The first episode ‘Survive’ has just been released. Can you tell us how the theme of ‘surviving’ is incorporated?
[possible spoilers]
The global situation in Arma 3 pits NATO pretty much on the losing end, with an ever-growing competitor looming in the east; the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty, or CSAT for short. We wanted things to go badly for Kerry and, by extension, the player. We wanted to test how they would react when faced with such situations. The AAF, whom NATO considered a (reluctant) ally, turns on them as they are pulling out, motives uncertain (for now), and decimates the majority of NATO forces left behind, leaving only the player and a few survivors to, well, survive. Stratis is a small place, and the survivors have very little time to put together a plan of action. Needless to say, not everything goes according to plan.

When thinking about what gameplay we wanted, we wanted the player to be on the receiving end of hell on a lot of occasions. We wanted him under-equipped and outnumbered though, sometimes, pulling through. However, most of their victories end up being partial. But Kerry, and the player, has to put a lot of faith in his superiors, and he only recognizes a few of them, if he knows them at all. Not, perhaps, the situation most soldiers want to find themselves in when faced with such odds.

Stories typically contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. Should we consider Survive as the introduction? How do you introduce a setting, story, and characters?

Survive is definitely the introduction. Adapt and Win will take what you learn here and push you harder, giving you more freedom and autonomy as you progress, as well as introducing you to the more complex aspects of Arma 3. Here, we wanted to teach you the basics; essentially, how to survive.

Apart from its technical purpose, its narrative purpose is to set the scene. We wanted to introduce the player to our world, to the characters he’ll see throughout the remaining episodes, and to start him off on the story we want to tell. We give the player a brief lesson on the global situation at the time. We then introduce him to certain characters and their motivations, though a lot is deliberately left unclear. Finally, we knew that the survivors had to get off Stratis by the end of Survive, and we set the wheels in motion, with all roads eventually leading the player to Altis.

The first campaign episode also seems a good place to start for newcomers. However, it’s not really like there are specific tutorials. What are you doing to ease these players into Arma 3?

Survive is definitely the starting point, intending to teach newcomers the fundamentals. Moving up through the tiers as the episode progresses, you start off with basic combat, before moving on to basic squad combat, and then some wildcards get thrown into the mix, such as mortars, underwater, and night-time operations. These really are the basic of basics in Arma 3, and you will need to be familiar with them to progress in the coming episodes.

Outside of our "learning through play" approach, we have also introduced a new, key mechanic in Survive: the Instructor Figure. An optional game setting, which you can easily opt-out of, the Instructor Figure is a system that gives the player context-appropriate assistance in missions where we deemed it necessary, presented in the form of in-universe conversations involving campaign characters. The idea was to provide tips that could help the player in some of the more complex situations, many of which we determined during our phases of focus testing. The idea was not to draw the player out of the experience by throwing him into some cutscene or presenting him with a book to read. Rather, we treat it as if it's almost a story event, which helps to keep the player immersed while also pointing them in the right direction.
Can you already give us a few hints on what to expect in the next episode(s)?
[possible spoilers]
Well, without giving too much away, I will say that all is not as it seems. A lot of the questions you have been asking after playing Survive are there for a reason, and many will be answered as early as Adapt. As I said before, we are only at the beginning.


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  SITREP #00033 Official    

On Wednesday 6th November 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land reported a SITREP #00033 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Tools

The positive reception of "Survive" has boosted team morale and excitement to make the "Adapt" episode a fitting continuation. Asset producers are finalizing the new sandbox content, for which we can finally share more teasers soon - including 3 added vehicles. That is not to say "Survive" came with just the campaign episode. Have a look at the full SPOTREP, and go in-depth with the cool blog written up by Creative Director Jay Crowe. Besides the second episode, what else are we working on at the moment? Coming up is the Arma 3 Tools release (read on for more) and a more traditional update of main branch later this month.


In certain cases of multiplayer performance issues, the problem may be security software interfering with BattlEye's anti-cheat engine. The BE systems are designed to run alongside the game and should not cause significant performance drops. If you experience these issues please consider checking if tweaking security software settings helps. Or look for other programs that your OS may be running in the background and which can interfere (specifically memory scanners).

Some people struggled to work out how to start the campaign. We've hotfixed 1.04 to improve this a little by making double-clicking expand the campaign menu tree structure (besides pressing the arrow next to the campaign). Restoration of more obvious button methods is forthcoming.
The main page had its Italian player community and a South African military equipment mod.


Petr Kolář has the following update on Arma 3's tools: "There have been many questions regarding releasing of the Arma 3 Tools package on our forums. We are still working on the package - mainly testing the stability at the moment - and it should be available as soon as possible. We have decided to take an approach similar to the release of the game - continuous staging of finished parts and enhancing the experience with later additions. The first batch will contain the basic tools with slightly enhanced functionality, but we feel that work on tools is a never-ending process. Some of you may have already found a new category in Feedback Tracker to report issues, and we've been asking around for wanted improvements on current tools. A general tools category has been added to the forums.

Primarily included in this first iteration are new versions of packing tools (new binarization for all the PhysX LODs e.g. / new config conversion with the new method of using arrays and all the current functionality). There also will be a new version of Oxygen 2, supporting PhysX and buoyancy LODs, together with some nice samples of models with commented configs. Visitor will not yet be added."


Before the release of "Survive", we mentioned intent to work on fatigue. This is about to kick off on devbranch. Designer Radko Voda will start publishing tweaks in the next few days, as well as to detail and discuss them on the forums. The goals are still to introduce better calculations and enhance authenticity of equipment affecting performance.

A commonly reported issue relates to surround sound audio setups. We are specifically looking into problems with center speaker volume during conversations in 3D space.

There have been a few changes to event handler handleDamage (and various others) - making it more easy to work with them. Designer Bořivoj Hlava explains the details in this thread.

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  A war on all fronts : Arma3 - Episode 1_ Official    

On Friday 1st November 2013, Jay Crowe - Creative Director-Arma 3 - has reported this "A war on all fronts : Arma3 - Episode 1_" entry on the official Arma 3 web site.

Releasing the first part of Arma 3's campaign, The East Wind, represents much more than new gameplay alone: the launch is a splendid package of content and features. While the whole team has contributed to the ongoing support of the game - by way of a multitude of post-release fixes and tweaks - there are some stand-out additions that we'd particularly like to share.

Below, we'll cover a few in greater detail and talk a little about the basic ideas behind our first episode; be sure to check out our SPOTREP for the comprehensive run-down of all the changes and additions.

Episode 1: Survive

The first chunk of the campaign sets the stage and seeks to introduce some of Arma 3's gameplay basics without overwhelming new players or patronising veterans. Taking on simple subordinate roles in a variety of situations, players have the opportunity to develop their skills and familiarise themselves with some of Arma's unique controls and concepts. Along the way, those starting on lower difficulties will, by default, be offered extra guidance to help them complete their objectives by way of hints and advice.

We hope that 'Survive' finds a balance between throwing new players in at the deep end and supporting them to think about how to complete tasks within certain constraints. By 'surviving' the first episode, we hope you'll be prepared to 'adapt' to the more open and challenging gameplay that's in store for Episode 2, where the player is offered gradually more autonomy and authority.

Progress, Splendid Progress

Alongside Episode 1, some splendid new features have made their way into the game, which contribute to the overall feeling of the campaign. Light Shafts (a.k.a., 'Crespecular Rays') have enhanced the feeling of being in strong sunlight and dusty conditions. The first chunk of campaign gameplay in particular has really benefited from this graphical enhancement, which - to some degree - has helped to make a play-through feel fresh and new on a terrain with which many players will be very familiar.

The way we visualise rain has also undergone a modest overhaul. Rather than the old 2D texture technique, each raindrop is now created as simple geometry, which means they're correctly occluded by things like tree canopies, roofs, etc., and are illuminated by global light, which means they become more visible/coloured around things like street lamps and vehicle headlights. Together with the new SFX, it's a good step forward and helps us to create a new feeling in missions where it's raining. We look forward to making more refinements in future.

Platform Additions

Of course, this release isn't just about our own story; rather, it represents another opportunity to provide yet more building blocks for the platform - new weapons, animations, 3D objects, scripted modules, etc. - each designed to grant content creators even greater freedom to produce and share their own work.

*Weapons & Optics
In terms of weapons, the Rahim DMR is a 7.62 bullpup-type rifle, which offers new long-range punch to the CSAT faction. Alongside that, two new 'heavy' pistols were added - the 4-Five for NATO and the Zubr for CSAT. These add a little more variety to infantry side arms and also feature rails upon which accessories can be mounted.

Our new accessories take the form of optics and sights specially designed for these weapons. The designated marksman scope has a 6x/12x (2-step) zoom and features a top-mounted collimator for more effective closer quarters combat. The new handguns feature the MRD (NATO) and Yorris (CSAT) pistol collimator sights.

*Objects & Compositions
A variety of new editor items have been added. These include larger objects, such as the decommissioned Hunter MRAP and cargo boxes, which were included to reinforce the feeling of the NATO withdrawal - tearing down bases and scrapping vehicles ahead of pulling out - and to provide more options for populating bases, etc.

Around 30 smaller items have been added, too, partly in splendid cooperation with the DayZ standalone team. Items like laptops, documents and medical supplies are now available, which really help mission designers to create the small details in richer scenes.

*Animations & Briefings
More than 100 new animations are part of the Episode 1 package. Many of these are 'ambient', such as soldiers at ease around a base (patrolling, chatting, sitting on barriers, etc.), medics attending to the wounded, and so on. Together with the new objects/compositions, these help to create more believable and dynamic compositions, bringing quite static scenes to life.

The new briefing animations take two forms. Some are performance-captured scenes that can be carefully engineered (read: mercilessly hacked) to suit a variety of situations. Others are more generic moves that blend with a units default idle state, which can be played when needed during a mission briefing to emphasise a point and sustain visual interest.

*Characters & Protocol
Episode 1 introduces players to a number of new characters. You can meet these guys in the campaign, or fire up the editor and explore the 'Story' section of each faction to find these new models. Highlights include the player, 'Ben Kerry', who has a unique head mesh and set of facial textures, 'Scott Miller' and his UK Special Forces team members, plus a few more besides.

The new British characters sport a new uniform and have their own En-GB protocol. When you place these characters, you'll find there are 3 new voice types from our actors, and one special Jayholder protocol (angry and splendid)! Despite, er, rumours to the contrary, all of the actors are indeed GBR nationals with accents from various parts of the UK. Apparently, there's something about the British accent which confuses players – "Australian!", "South African!", "Faaaaaaake!", etc. Just one of the costs of running an empire, I suppose.

*Music & Audio
Some great new music has been composed to support the creation of distinctive moments in the campaign. Owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition will find 7 new tracks in their Steam Bonus-folder from the "Survive" campaign episode. In game, the music is deployed as 'Lead', 'Ambient and 'Event' tracks.

Aside from these, the data also includes a number of potentially useful audio effects, such as the background noises of vehicle decommissioning, ambient 'base' SFX of soldiers chatting, and subtle 'forest' sounds. These simple effects help to enrich scenes and establish a particular kind of feeling/tone, working alongside other elements like animations and objects.

*Modules & Functions
Wherever possible, we try to build the campaign on reusable and extensible systems. Examples of useful modules include: the 'ORBAT' viewer (visualising the Order of Battle of military forces - great for establishing that 'big picture' feeling), 'Zone Restriction' (useful for creating no-go zones where it's appropriate), 'Instructor Figure' (our system of providing extra guidance on the battlefield) and 'Friendly Fire' (a configurable system that handles players killing civilians and friendlies).

There are also a bunch of interesting new functions - useful chunks of script that are centrally maintained. Some great examples include: 'BIS_fnc_buildingPositions' (returns the available positions of a given structure), 'BIS_fnc_isBuildingEnterable' (checks if a structure is enterable) and 'BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder' (creates cinema borders and handles disabling certain actions like opening the map, using the action menu, etc).

The documentation of these - and many, many more - modules and functions is an ongoing effort, and we hope to improve the process of making our internal documentation external. For now, it's worth remembering that the Functions Viewer (accessible from the pause menu in the editor) is a great tool for browsing these scripts. Much of the documentation can be found in the headers, which describe how to use them, what the parameters are, etc.

Plan of Attack

Before we unleashed Episode 1 into the wild, we first released it to the development branch. We'd like to thank all those who played early and provided feedback. This process helped us to make our final release more stable. While we couldn't include all of the feedback (a lot of which we would have liked to if we had time), we were able to fix a few really key problems that would have detracted from the player's experience. Thank you all for helping to make the release of this episode one of the most stable, polished launches in our series' history.

Looking forward to the forthcoming episodes, we’re set to continue to expand Arma 3’s sandbox with additions such as new vehicles and aircraft. In the meantime, other parts of our team are hard at work on creating an updated tools package, which we'll release more information about soon™. Central to our philosophy is improving and extending the sandbox - creating systems and features that are reusable or that establish best practise - but we're also passionate about telling our own story. With the release of 'Survive' we've sought to strike a splendid balance, and look forward to continuing this effort.

We hope you enjoy Episode 1 and our future instalments, and we're looking forward to playing the community campaigns in the near future, too! After all, the majority of our very own campaign team are community veterans themselves!

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  SPOTREP #00013 Official    

On Thursday 31st October 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SPOTREP #00013 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
UNIT: Main Branch
Game Update: 1.04 SIZE: ~1.4 GB
* Campaign episode "Survive",
* New weapons,
* Light shafts,
* Enhanced rain.
Full report

Find it under PLAY > CAMPAIGNS > Survive
Click the arrow to expand

You can help us by reporting issues on the Feedback Tracker

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  Survive trailer launches Arma 3 campaign episode Official    

Korneel van 't Land has informed us about Arma 3 "Survive" trailer release.

Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday 31st October 2013

To reinforce the launch of the Survive campaign episode, Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new trailer for Arma 3. The first campaign episode – which introduces the conflict between the NATO, CSAT, and AAF factions – is now available as an automatic update on Steam.

In Arma 3’s campaign, players take on the role of Ben Kerry, a soldier who is a part of the NATO peacekeeping operation in the Mediterranean. Five years after the bloody civil war in the Republic of Altis & Stratis came to an end, NATO has started to withdraw its forces from the region - unknowingly creating the conditions for a Mediterranean flashpoint. Kerry's unit, 'Task Force Aegis' - together with a clandestine group of UKSF operators - is soon caught up in a situation beyond their control, and trapped in a fight for survival.

Besides new playable content, the first campaign episode also provides extra building blocks for Arma 3 content creators. These come in the form of new weapons, animations, 3D objects, and scripted modules. More free content, including new vehicles, is expected to be released together with the next campaign episodes. The exact release dates of the second (Adapt) and third (Win) campaign episodes will be announced later.

Arma 3 features the large open terrains of ‘Altis’ (270 km²) and ‘Stratis’ (20 km²), 12 singleplayer showcases, 3 factions showcases, 9 multiplayer scenarios, 10 firing drill challenges, more than 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, 5 factions, the scenario editor and modding support. The singleplayer campaign is deployed across 3 campaign episodes.

People can purchase the regular Arma 3 (44.99 EUR/39.99 GBP/59.99 USD) or the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (49.99 EUR/42.99 GBP/64.99 USD) from Steam and A boxed version of Arma 3 is also available at many of the major retailers.

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