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  AAF Reinforcements Pack for Arma 3 Official    

Korneel van 't Land has informed us about AAF Reinforcements Pack for Arma 3 release.

Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday 11th December 2013

Bohemia Interactive today released the (free) AAF Reinforcements Pack for Arma 3. Supplied via an automatic update on Steam, the package includes a variety of new sandbox content, among which three new vehicles: the FV-720 Mora IFV, the MBT-52 Kuma tank, and the Wy-55 Hellcat helicopter.

The FV-720 Mora is an infantry fighting vehicle used by the AAF. They were bought by the AAF from the British Armed Forces and reconditioned to serve two more decades. The Mora is armed with a 30mm cannon and a coaxial machinegun, providing not only a carrying capacity, but also reliable fire support.

The MBT-52 Kuma is the main battle tank used by Altian Armed Forces. A batch of a few dozen tanks and spare turrets were bought under-price from a south-European country facing an economic collapse. Like similar MBTs of the era, the Kuma is armed with a 120mm cannon, a 7.62mm coaxial machinegun and a remotely controlled 12.7mm HMG. The level of protection for the crew is also remarkable, thanks to additional armor layers.

The Wy-55 Hellcat is a multi-purpose military helicopter, most suited for anti-surface, battlefield utility with limited transport capability. It replaces its predecessor the Super Lynx, improving the maneuverability, durability and protection. The armed version is fitted with twin miniguns and unguided rockets.

Aside the new vehicles, the AAF Reinforcements Pack also includes other sandbox content, such as the LRPS sniper scope, infra-red grenades, and black versions of the MX rifle family. The complete changelog can be found on Arma 3’s official website.
People can purchase the Arma 3 (44.99 EUR/39.99 GBP/59.99 USD) or the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (49.99 EUR/42.99 GBP/64.99 USD) from Steam and A boxed version is also available at many of the major retailers.

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  SITREP #00038 Official    

On Tuesday 10th December 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00038 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: AAF Reinforcements, Dedicated Servers, Winter holidays


Welcome to the last SITuation REPort in 2013. We'll be out of comms for a few weeks during the holiday period, returning on 14.01.2014 with our weekly updates and many awesome things. Wrapping up the year, tomorrow sees the release of the 1.08 game update - including the AAF Reinforcements Pack. But that's not all! We can finally bring you the free and stand-alone Dedicated Server package on Steam - for Windows and Linux. The tools suite will be updated with a few fixes as well.

2014 is going to be an amazing year for Arma 3. Things are only just getting started, and we are all committed to continued support. Thank you for your contributions to making 2013 a spectacular ride. Have a fantastic winter holiday period, and see you all soon!


Devbranch will not be updated from 16.12.2013 to 03.01.2014 (it will resume on Monday 06.01.2014). The branch will be slightly ahead of 1.08 during that time, and have the MP performance diagnostics enabled. It is also likely to have the experimental tweaking of character protection incorporated to gather feedback, unlike the 1.08 main branch.

Development on the 'Adapt' campaign episode is wrapping fully this week. It will then enter final testing under data lock until its release on 21.01.2014.

Make Arma Not War - by now you will have seen our company's announcement of this huge €500,000 modding contest. Part of an effort to take modding to the next level, we are looking forward to seeing the creative and unique results! We also hope this will be a great thing not just for content creators, but for all players out there - being able to play work-in-progress and final entries throughout the year.


There was one release that may have slipped by unnoticed due to the contest announcement. Last week we published new content licenses to support creatives working with Bohemia Interactive titles. The framework will hopefully clear up what is and what is not allowed, and make things generally more transparent. Visit the Q&A thread for more information and to ask any questions you're left with.

Together with the licenses, we have released a huge set of licensed data packages (samples, game data, models, textures, animation files, etc.). They can be used to learn from and to derive other content from - just keep in mind the specific license for each package. They are available via torrent (recommended due to bandwidth stress), FTP and also as a special 'Beta' branch for the Arma 3 Tools Steam app (licensed_data_packages). Caution: this branch will download more than 22 GB of data!


The previously mentioned Dedicated Servers can be downloaded via the standard Steam client (Arma 3 Server in library filter: Tools). Administrators can also use the command-line SteamCMD utility. The app ID is to be 233780. We should also point out that both servers have been tested on a limited scale and there may be unforeseen issues to solve in 2014 (especially for the Linux variant). We are releasing them now to gather feedback from a broader range of network situations and distributions than we are able to simulate in-house.

Last week we mentioned compatibility issues between BattlEye and real-time ESET scanners. The latter partner has begun targeting this on their end, and they have a solution which they are testing. Future updates to their software should therefore work with the anti-cheat technology much smoother.

Our programmers have fixed an old issue in triggers. There is a much-reduced update delay after triggers are created (not yet in 1.08). We highlight this because scripters may want to check their timings and execution orders are not affected by this.

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  'Make Arma Not War' contest Official    

Korneel van 't Land has informed us about €500,000 content creation ‘Make Arma Not War’ contest for Arma 3 launch by Bohemia Interactive.

Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday 5th December 2013

Bohemia Interactive, creators of the critically acclaimed Arma series and the standalone version of DAYZ, today announce the €500,000 Make Arma Not War content creation contest for Arma 3. With cash prizes ranging from €20,000 to €200,000, spread across four different categories, Bohemia Interactive challenges people to deliver their best work yet - and potentially move onto the radar of hundreds of thousands of Arma 3 players.

Using the game as their platform, people can compete in four different categories: Total Modification, Singleplayer Game Mode, Multiplayer Game Mode, and Addon. The headline prize will be awarded to the winner of the Total Modification category, where the sole victor will be taking home €200,000. In the other categories, prize money is divided between 1st place (€50,000), 2nd place (€30,000), and 3rd place (€20,000). Projects which show a lot of potential might also be offered a contract by Bohemia Interactive, whether they have won the contest or not.

“We’re delighted to be running a contest of such an incredible scope. The Make Arma Not War contest was brought to life to support our dedicated community of content creators, and stimulate the exciting culture of creativity that has formed over the years”, said Ivan Buchta, Creative Director at Bohemia Interactive, and one of the contest organizers. “Of course, with the stakes being this high, we’re expecting people to raise the bar – and we hope Arma 3 players will be there with us, to boost morale, and enjoy the fruits of the contestants’ hard labor.”

In addition to the €500,000 in cash prizes, Bohemia Interactive is also proud to announce a unique collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), who will be handing out the Health Care in Danger Special Award. Given to the entry which covers the topic of ‘health care in danger’ the best, the winner(s) will go on a one-week trip to an ICRC mission in a foreign country, organized by the ICRC.

While the application period is scheduled to open in 2014, people are already welcome to start working on their project. The closing date for submissions is October 28, 2014, after which a jury of Bohemia Interactive representatives and other industry professionals will begin to evaluate the finalists in each category (10 in the Total Modification/Multiplayer Game Mode/Addon categories, 20 in the Singleplayer Game Mode category). The winners will be announced on January 15, 2015. More details, including how people can cast their vote and support their favorite projects, are to be announced at a later date.

“With the launch of the first Arma game in 2001, we’ve laid the foundation for our series’ long-standing history in user-content and modifications. It has led us to enjoy many amazing creations, among which is the popular DAYZ mod”, said Bohemia Interactive’s CEO Marek Spanel. “Support for mod-making has always been a priority, and with Arma 3, our goal is to take it to the next level. The Make Arma Not War contest, as well as Arma 3’s integration of the Steam Workshop, the updated EULAs, and our refreshed Arma 3 tool suite, is all part of this effort. We can’t wait to see what comes from it!”

The rules for the contest, which also includes information on dates, prizes, and categories, can be found on The Make Arma Not War website will be updated regularly, starting with additional instructions on how to apply in the beginning of next year.

Last but not least, to stay up to date with the latest developments, people can sign up for the Make Arma Not War newsletter. Important announcements regarding the contest will also be communicated via the official Arma 3 social channels (Facebook, Twitter).

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  Arma 3's second campaign episode available on January 21st Official    

Korneel van 't Land has informed us that "Adapt", Arma 3's second campaign episode will be available on January 21st, 2014.

Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday 4th December 2013

Bohemia Interactive today announced the release date of the second campaign episode for Arma 3. Picking up from where the first episode left off, the campaign is set to continue with the release of the ‘Adapt’ episode on Tuesday January 21st, 2014.

The official campaign for Arma 3, named ‘The East Wind’, unfolds over three episodes: 'Survive', 'Adapt', 'Win'. In the first episode, players were introduced to Ben Kerry, a regular soldier who’s part of a NATO-peacekeeping mission in the Mediterranean. After a botched withdrawal trapped Kerry’s unit on the island of Stratis, in the midst of a flashpoint, they attempt an escape to the neighboring island of Altis.

"While the first part of the campaign focused on the basics of infantry combat, this second ‘Adapt’ episode plays with the other cool features of Arma 3’s sandbox”, said Jaroslav Kasny, Playable Content Lead for Arma 3. "Players will find more open and unorthodox scenarios, and with the help of guerrilla warfare, set out to defeat a much stronger enemy."

Before the upcoming holidays, ahead of the second episode’s launch, Bohemia Interactive will already be releasing the episode’s new sandbox content. Included in this (free) package are 3 additional vehicles for the Altis Armed Forces faction. The Wy-55 Hellcat helicopter has previously seen action with the British Armed Forces, and now provides a maneuverable and armed aerial reconnaissance platform for the AAF. The FV-720 Mora is a tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle best employed in combined arms warfare. Last but not certainly least, we find the fully new MBT-52 tank, brought in to the round out the faction's war fighting options. The vehicles, plus other new content such as black versions of the MX rifle family, infra-red grenades and the LRPS sniper scope, will be made available on Wednesday December 11th via an automatic update on Steam.

On top of the official campaign, Arma 3 features the massive islands of Altis (270 km˛) and Stratis (20 km˛), singleplayer showcases, factions showcases, multiplayer scenarios, firing drill challenges, more than 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, 5 factions, an in-game scenario editor, and modding support.

People can purchase the Arma 3 (44.99 EUR/39.99 GBP/59.99 USD) or the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (49.99 EUR/42.99 GBP/64.99 USD) from Steam and A boxed version is also available at many of the major retailers.

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  SITREP #00037 Official    

On Tuesday 3rd December 2013, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00037 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Asset library, Announcing announcements


This week's report will be a little dry. We are going to be announcing several things later this week or generally soon™. One such announcement is to provide a specific date for the deployment of the 'Adapt' campaign episode. As the designers iterate the more open and free scenarios of this stage, other developers have jumped back into the voice recording studio this week. The briefing performance capture was recorded a while ago, but now it's time to do the final scenario conversations for all actors - as well as some new radio protocols (one of which by our own designer Nelson Duarte as an Altian local speaking English). Meanwhile Audio Lead Jan Dušek is mastering the last of five new music tracks added as a score for the episode.


One of multiple factors that may affect multiplayer performance are various real-time security applications interfering with BattlEye anti-cheat. We are trying to look into this with companies such as ESET, but meanwhile there are configuration tips that may help you. Our programmers are also still trying to tackle the larger topic of performance in multiplayer compared to singleplayer.

The week's Workshop dev favorite is presented by QA Developer, Ondřej Kužel. His pick: 'Close Air Support' by StrongHarm, and here's what he had to say about it: "This mission, even though there are some bugs, really shows how an aerial mission should look like. It feels authentic with its implementation of military procedures, but it still strikes a fine balance between simulation and game elements. Also the voice-acting is excellent, and overall there are just plenty of details which add to an incredibly rich atmosphere. This mission definitely belongs to my all-time favorites!"


"Where are my jets?!" Don't worry, the NATO and CSAT Close Air Support jets are still under development. These are fully new and detailed models (exterior and interior), with lots of moving parts, so they need a bit more time to become ready for service. And besides these fixed-wing aircraft there are more assets under development to be patched into the game.


Senior designer Karel Mořický has taken to the Community Wiki and spammed it with a huge and complete Arma 3 asset library - with pictures! The library can be sorted by various categories and gives you useful technical details, such as class names, weapon load-outs and descriptions. This export is automated on our end, so we intend to iterate it with every major update of the game. It should be a nice reference guide for scenario designers and modders.

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