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  SPOTREP #00018 - Hotfix: 1.10 Official    

On Wednesday 29th January 2014 , Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SPOTREP #00018 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
UNIT: Main Branch
ACTIVITY: Hotfix: 1.10 (Debug tools disabled, Linux Server optimization)
SIZE: ~16 MB



- Debugging information removed from the main branch version (more information)
- Additional optimizations enabled on the Linux Dedicated Server version

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  SITREP #00041 Official    

On Tuesday 28th January 2014 , Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00041 on the official Arma 3 web site.

TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Scanning the horizon, Hotfix, Altis changes


Our Creative Brit, Jay Crowe, posted his "Scanning the horizon" blog last Friday. In it, his eagle eye was trained on the upcoming year and how we intent to keep supporting Arma 3. It's too early for specific details on what will be released when, but there's lots in the pipeline spread across all fields of the game, platform, tools and community.

We've discovered an error in the 1.10 version that merits hotfixing just the executable before we do a larger game update. A performance profiling tool meant just for devbranch, has made its way into the main version. Ironically, it can actually cause lower performance in certain situations. The hotfix to the game and Dedicated Servers will likely be released this week.


There will be an update to the Make Arma Not War rules posted later this week. It addresses various community concerns and feedback gathered since its announcement. Keep an eye on the website and newsletter for more information.

Brand & PR Manager, Korneel van 't Land, picked the year's first Workshop recommendation: 'Rookie' by [CZ]Sarge. He had this to say about the refreshing scenario: "This definitely is one of the most atmospheric scenarios I've played so far. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but in a very surprising way, I think it connects perfectly with the authentic nature of Arma 3. From a branding perspective, the name is just excellent - and I love how the launch trailer played with my expectations."


Encoding Lord Petr Kolář and Programming Guru Lukáš Gregor have updated the Community Wiki documentation on car configuration. With kind permission from NVIDIA, it now contains relevant extracts from the PhysX SDK references.

Not a week goes by without some contribution by Bořivoj Hlava. This week he describes a few new particle modules, and enhanced particle functionality on the forums.


Environment Design Lead Martin Pezlar and his team, are preparing Altis for its final changes (due for the "Win" campaign episode). These include two previously announced new areas: the ghost hotel and the stadium, as well as various new objects across the island. Over the next month they will be porting these changes from their internal test version to the main game's version.

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  SITREP #00040 Official    

On Wednesday 22nd January 2014, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00040 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Adapt released, Humble Bundle


After staging the "Adapt" episode last week, it was nice to get it fully released yesterday. Have a look at the full changelog in the SPOTREP. Modders, specifically animators, may find an interesting addition to get their work converted for use in Arma 3. Owners of the (Digital) Deluxe Edition will find goodies in the Bonus folder. There are 9 new tracks for the second campaign episode (MP3 and FLAC), as well as translated versions of the digital map for most languages.

The team's focus has now shifted to several things in parallel. Those involved in campaign creation are working on the final episode. Our testers and others focusing on the new multiplayer 'thing' will be spending a lot of time play-testing that. And yes, we are working on finishing those jets we promised you. Their artwork is close to final - including the interiors and weaponry. The many animated parts are being configured and we'll need to implement sound effects.


If for whatever reason you have played the whole "Survive" episode, but have lost your savegames, you may find yourself unable to start "Adapt" immediately. There is a way around this, but we'd like to stress that it's better to finish the first episode before you do. Use of the campaign cheat will apply weapon pool defaults and may cause other persistence issues.

Today is the last day to get in on the Bohemia Interactive Humble Bundle! Pay what you want, get cool games from our catalog, and support charity at the same time. To thank everybody for their support so far (it breached 1 million USD), we've added two more games. Those who purchased the bundle already can claim them on their download page.

Steam has been working on a feature called Family Sharing. We will likely need to disable this for Arma 3 for the time being, while we look at solving multiplayer cheating issues.

Our company's website has been updated with our stance on monetization using Bohemia Interactive content. It details a fair and generous policy with a request to just add a notice to the media's description.

With the "Adapt" episode taking place on Altis, now is a good time to remind you about some tips running the massive island on a 32 bit OS with low amounts of RAM. This post on the forums has a few advanced solutions for those struggling to run it smoothly.


We're aware of a loss of performance in test scenarios with lots of AI spawning simultaneously (e.g. 48 vs 48 and higher). Ironically, this was caused by fixing broken AI path planning. The AI soldiers weren't planning their paths when they should which resulted in higher FPS. Our programmers are investigating ways of optimizing this and AI in general.


David Foltyn has written a small example guide for server admins on how to use SteamCMD to download the stand-alone Arma 3 Server.

Resident design documenter, Bořivoj Hlava, posted documentation on the refraction particle effect (e.g. heat blur).

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Korneel van 't Land from Bohemia Interactive has informed us about Arma 3 "Adapt" trailer release.

Bohemia Interactive today released the second episode of the official campaign for Arma 3. In the new episode, titled ‘Adapt’, players take on the role of Ben Kerry, a soldier trapped on the island of Altis following a Mediterranean flashpoint. The new campaign episode's release is accompanied by a brand new trailer.

While the first part of the campaign introduced players to Arma 3's basic infantry combat and story, episode two opens up the military sandbox further, challenging players to adopt guerrilla tactics in the face of against a stronger, better-equipped enemy. The Adapt episode is made available to people via an automatic update on Steam

"Episode One helped players get to grips with the basic skills needed to survive”, said Jay Crowe, Creative Director on Arma 3. “Episode Two introduces a whole new set of challenges, giving players more freedom and responsibility in the wide, open terrain of Altis."

The official campaign for Arma 3, named ‘The East Wind’, consists of three episodes: 'Survive', 'Adapt', 'Win'. The first campaign episode, 'Survive', was deployed in October 2013, followed by the second 'Adapt' episode today. The third and final campaign episode, ‘Win’, is scheduled for March 2014.

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  F3 v3-0-8 Released (with ACRE) Editing    

fer has informed us about "F3 v3-0-8 (with ACRE)" release.

From the file:

3-0-8 | 28 DEC 2013
Moved to the F3 folder.
Added BIS debug console for logged-in admins.
Added Safe Start component.
Added new F3 Spectator component.
Overhauled F3 Name Tag component
Overhauled F3 Automatic Body Removal Component
Overhauled F3 Set AI Skill Component
Updated Briefing Template component to reflect new faction names.
Updated Mission Observers component to use BIS Splendid Camera.
Updated F3 Folk ARPS Platoons component to reflect new faction names.
Updated F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component to reflect new faction names.
Updated F3 Folk ARPS Group IDs to reflect new faction names.
Updated F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear scripts to improve weight-distribution in fire teams and reduce overall weight
Expanded F3 Folk ARPS Platoons component to include FIA platoon.
Expanded F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component to support FIA platoon.
Expanded F3 Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component to offer more variety for backpacks and vests
Expanded Briefing Template component to support FIA platoon.
Expanded F3 Folk ARPS Group IDs to support FIA platoon.
Expanded F3 Folk ARPS Group Markers to support FIA platoon.
Expanded F3 Folk ARPS JIP Reinforcement Options to support FIA platoon.
Re-enabled more weather parameter options in Mission Conditions Selector component.
Removed now obsolete old F2 name tag component
Removed obsolete F2 Tripwire Action entry in init.sqf
Removed unnecessary references to Stratis in mission.sqm
Disabled Weather synchronization in F3 Missions Conditions selector component for perfomance reasons
Fixed minor bug in F3 Folk ARPS Platoons component.
Fixed bugs in F3 Mission Conditions Selector introduced by A3

Discuss at:
- BI Forums (
- Folk ARPS Forums (

Special thanks to all contributing comrade scripting heroes (especially comrades Head, Wolfenswan, CaseMonster and Black Mamba), and to all at Folk ARPS.

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  SITREP #00039 Official    

On Tuesday 14th January 2014, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00039 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: Project Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Adapt, HDAO, MP optimizations


The time has come to resume normal operations ... welcome to Arma 3's 2014! The team has rapidly geared back up for 'Adapt' release prep, and next Tuesday it's go-time. We would like to stage the episode on devbranch later in the week, but let's see how things go as we are currently testing under data lock. Then we have an exciting multiplayer announcement dropping in February, and we'll be wrapping up the campaign with development on its final episode. Plans beyond that are being outlined with plenty of awesome stuff coming to everyone. Good times ahead!


A new and splendid HDAO post-process effect has been implemented based on a technique by AMD engineer Layla Mah (thanks!). The effect is DirectX 11 only and brings improved visuals and an interesting potential performance boost (1-12% based on settings). Find it on devbranch in the video settings, under AA && PP (AO drop-down). Another example of continued cooperation with various hardware partners for optimizations and new tech, are recent performance improvements to stencil shadows via Intel.

Designer Bořivoj "Druid" Hlava has posted documentation on the so-called Advanced Hints (used in the Field Manual e.g.).

The main website's Community Focus was updated with two new videos, a police modification and a tools installation guide.


There finally is some solid movement on the multiplayer optimization front. Over the past weeks our programmers, David "Dwarden" Foltyn, and several community admins tested the new build quite a bit. They are already reporting significant performance increases, as well as better load-balancing on CPU cores. There has also been a fix to make (dedicated) headless clients function again on passworded servers. These improvements are set to arrive with the next update (version 1.10 - both the main game and servers).

In December we released the first version of the Arma 3 Server for Linux (as well as Windows). Our programmers would like your feedback on using the Linux server specifically in this forums thread. Thanks!


In case you are experiencing difficulties running the Arma 3 Server tool, please try the following two steps:

* Make sure the steam_appid.txt in the installation folder contains value 107410. Unfortunately the Steam client currently automatically changes this to 233780 with every update of the app. We're trying to solve this with Valve.
* Add -mod= to your shortcut for running arma3server.exe (to ensure it will load the correct add-ons, i.e. not those from the main game installation).

To also repeat a general tip that may help performance for any Arma 3 player: run file verification in the Steam client for Arma 3, and defragment non-SSD storage.

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