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  CUP Terrains Pack v1.0 released ! Addon release    

The long awaited and incredible CUP Terrains Pack - v1.0 release has been announced on the BI Forums

The wait is finally over!!!

The Community Upgrade Project brings you CUP Terrains, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)".
It builds upon the work done by kju for AiA TP and brings all of BI's iconic terrains to ArmA 3
as well as all the amazing 3rd-party terrains created by the community.
CUP Terrains maintains full backwards compatibility to A3MP and AiA TP - no need to adjust any missions or maps.

In short

The Community Upgrade Project is the initiative to bring all the content of Arma 2
[+ OA and DLCs] from BI into Arma 3, upgraded to the Arma 3 feature set.

Its goal is to provide those assets to the community as a mod ready to use in the game,
and as an open-source repository for modders to build upon and learn from.

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  NATO SF and Spetsnaz weapons pack by Massi - update Addon release    

Massi has informed us about updated NATO SF and Spetsnaz weapons pack v1.11 release on our Forums.

Here’s quick update of my NATO SF and Spetsnaz weapons pack.
This time I’ve updated the ammo hit values to BI and other mods standards, and I tweaked a little bit the PSO optics and added SD subsonic ammo also for pistols.
I will keep working on these weapons and on all my other addons in the spare time I’ll have, thanks again for all reports and suggestions.

v 1.11 date 18/DEC/2015
- Updated the ammo hit values to BI and other mods standards
- Tweaked a little bit the PSO optics
- Added SD subsonic ammo also for pistols

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  OPREP - End Game Tournament Official    

On December 18, 2015 Greg Becksted has reported an OPREP - End Game Tournament on the official Arma3 site Dev Hub. Here an extract ...

Welcome to a special OPREP on the Arma 3 End Game Tournament. Here we'd like to briefly discuss the higher level goals of the End Game Tournament, provide a short summary of how it progressed, and share some of the key lessons learned.

Before we dig in, for those who missed it, the Arma 3 End Game Tournament was a head to head single elimination tournament - featuring 8 teams made up by community groups, developers, and other special guests. The tournament unfolded over the month of November, leading up to the Finals on Saturday December 5th. All matches were live streamed on the official Arma 3 Twitch channel.

To retro-actively catch the action yourself, head on over to the official Arma 3 Twitch channel to re-watch any of the previous live streamed match ups in their entirety here. Or check out the full and some edited down shorter highlight versions on MicOne's YouTube Channel here.


Go there to get a look at the full OPREP - End Game Tournament and/or watch the final match to the Arma 3 YouTube Channel.

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  Unsung Vietnam Mod (3.0 Alpha) release Addon release    

We have been informed of the Unsung Vietnam Mod ArmA 3 0.0.0.Alpha version release on SITREP #00136.

There was a major release in the modding scene this week: the Unsung Vietnam Mod (3.0 Alpha). It brings a first version of their custom terrain, vehicles, weapons and characters to all Arma 3 players.

Learn more on features. Countless new items, units, vehicles, weapons and much much more!
Go to The Unsung - Viet Nam Mod website.

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  SITREP #00136 Official    

On December 8, 2015, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00136 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Winter Break, Scripted Function Optimizations, Animal Enhancements, Server Stability


As the end of the year draws near, Bohemia Interactive is preparing for its winter hibernation. We will pause our regular operations from December 21 until January 4. This means there will not be daily Dev-Branch updates or further Dev Hub reports during that time. We will however continue to work on addressing the remaining version 1.54 issues as best we can before the holidays (more on that later in this report). It goes without saying that our intention is for the game to work well for everyone, so this has our full attention.

2016 is going to be a great year for Arma 3. The Eden Update and Apex will expand the sandbox in interesting ways and give you new tools to play with. We wish everyone the happiest of holidays and a fantastic new year!


If you're looking for a place to try End Game multiplayer, join one of our official servers. This small group of servers has been up since Zeus was launched, but now offers both that mode and the three instances of End Game: Zaros, Feres and Kavala.

Dslyecxi of community group ShackTac has posted his glorious 2015 year in review video. Enjoy close to 30 minutes of varied Arma 3 (and some Arma 2) gameplay highlights from this well-known unit, also celebrating their 10-year anniversary. From infantry assaults to helicopter Close Air Support, this montage does a great job of showing the serious fun that can be had in the authentic and open military sandbox.

There was a major release in the modding scene this week: the Unsung Vietnam Mod (3.0 Alpha). It brings a first version of their custom terrain, vehicles, weapons and characters to all Arma 3 players. To the dev team we say: congratulations on the release and good luck with your journey to Beta and beyond!

And it would only seem fitting that Blue Harvest Interactive have updated their unofficial Star Wars Imperial Assault mod this week, adding Stormtroopers and thermal detonators to the fun sci-fi package.


There is one server crash in particular that we're trying to resolve with priority. It appears to affect the Altis Life community most of all, but we know it's not exclusive to that mod(e). Various server administrators and player communities, like Altis Life UK, have been helping us directly by providing logs, data and testing special builds. Like we have seen with similar crashes in the past, we again have not been able to reproduce these in the debugger environment at all. We're still isolating the cause, be it data, the engine or any number of external factors. We do know that the hotfix we have in RC testing does not seem to fix this yet. Even so, we may release it soon as an interim improvement (it does fix various other issues and make tweaks to weapon sway for example). Meanwhile you can consider using the 1.52 Legacy Build branch on Steam using access code Arma3Legacy152. That is in no way a long-term solution, and we will continue to be on the hunt for a fix.

For some time now, External Designer Killzone Kid, has been working on optimizing the official scripted function library. This means he has identified common operations which could be much faster in native engine code, requested useful new script commands and looked at general improvements. The first results have now reached Dev-Branch. The goal of this work is to achieve full backwards compatibility, while making content using these functions run faster. Please report potential issues, broken compatibility, or your suggested optimizations to us and we'll take a look!

We also have Animation Encoder Martin Kašpar looking into improving scripted control over animal behavior. Currently the animals are running simplified and optimized engine-controlled behavior only. They do not react to script commands such as doMove reliably. Changing this is not a big priority for us, but it will help various mod(e)s to do various interesting things with animals, starting with dogs. Take a look at Martin's guide on the Community Wiki, as well as this quick demonstration video. Further animal animation configurations should be getting the same treatment over time.


There was a small update on main branch last week that contained only updates to the (BattlEye) anti-cheat service. It should prevent the use of more undesired cheats and contribute to an enjoyable multiplayer environment for everyone.

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  PLA Forces by Massi Addon release    

Massi has informed us about PLA Forces v1.1 updated addon release on our forums

I’m releasing an updated version of PLA forces which update armor and headgear with new armor system. It adds also new backpacks and uniform.
Hope you’ll enjoy this new version !


v 1.1 date 05/DEC/2015
- Fixed: Updated with new armor system for vest and headgear
- added officer uniform
- added 2 new russian backpacks to replace alice pack

YetMC: QBZ-95
Kiory: thank you very much for letting me use and modify your great balaclavas and berets models for the units!
AlexF1 : basic model russian VDV paratrooper and berets that I used for officer uniforms
Thanks a lot to BI for their great Arma 3 and for the public MLODs !
Thanks to all Arma community for great support !

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  SITREP #00135 Official    

On December 8, 2015, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00135 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Tournament Champions, Personal Protective Equipment Configuration


We've been working hard to process your feedback tickets after last week's 1.54 release. Some of the results have reached main branch swiftly, some topics are discussed later in this report, and some are otherwise in progress. We're also looking ahead to Eden Update in the first months of the new year by slowly wrapping up Eden Editor implementation and prioritizing other components of that promising release. Dev-Branch is set to be an interesting place over the next few months. Besides that and on-going Tanoa production, December is typically also a month during which we're busy with activities not directly connected to development of our games. We evaluate the past year and prepare the company and teams for a great and productive 2016.


Check out the release trailer for Nexus Update to get a quick visual overview of what it has brought to the game and platform!

We're honored to congratulate the Arma 3 Ambassadors on winning the End Game Tournament and becoming the reigning End Game Champions! Last weekend's match-up between the Ambassadors and RG Task Force was decided in a first-to-three series of matches. With the momentum going back and forth between the teams, the finals were very exciting to see unfold. The organizers needed to do one round restart due to external factors, but things went smoothly from there. After four matches, the teams were tied 2-2 and everything came down to a final win for either side. Ultimately the Ambassadors proved they were able to form a cohesive unit from strong individual players who had little prior experience playing together. It has also been interesting seeing various tactics develop during the tournament. Kudos to all competing teams and players for participating and giving us all a series of entertaining events!

It's been a great experience for us to host this first official tournament. There are many things we've learned and will take to future events of this type. Lessons cover topics like doing this over the open Internet, End Game mechanics, nailing down the rules, and practical aspects like streaming itself. We'd like to also thank Greg Becksted and Korneel van 't Land for being the primary organizers and all Bohemians behind the scenes for their support. A massive thank you also to our awesome shout-casters, Mic One and Stardog, who brought us to the edge of our seats many times over. Looking forward to cooperating with you again some time!

If you liked what you saw, jump into a server running End Game yourself. We host a few, but there are community servers as well. Nexus Update brought two new instances of End Game to everyone, each catering to slightly different playstyles. The system itself is modular and can be used by community designers to deploy on unofficial terrains for example. Educate yourself with the Community Wiki documentation.

Looking for something different? PHANTOM has published a powerful showcase of what you can achieve in the sandbox using scripting and modding. Inspired by the films, "The Thing CLASSIFIED SPECIMEN" is a horror scenario that's ideal to scare you silly during these dark winter days.


The improvements to Personal Protective Equipment required various asset configuration changes. While the feature itself was announced and discussed at various points during development, and staged on Dev-Branch a long time ago, we did not adequately document the specifics for mods to work with. We were very happy to see some mods use the three weeks of Community Wiki. This stub will be further expanded soon, and we'll also update the relevant Arma 3 Samples. Mod creators with further technical questions are recommended to visit this forums thread. Players, please give your favorite modders some time to adjust fully and then we're sure you'll be able to play their content including the improved hit detection.


Hot on the heels of the 1.54 update itself, we published a hotfix. We clearly needed to address a few priority issues as soon as possible. One of these required a work-around to avoid a Launcher crash that was unfortunately caused by incorrectly configured Windows libraries on user systems. A future update to the OS should fix this, but we could not wait for that. Some of the other errors fixed were really our mistake and should have been caught during Release Candidate testing. Thanks for your quick reports; they led to quick fixes as seen in this SPOTREP. Our main attention now is on reported (server) crashes. Keep sharing your logs, reports and specifics please!

One of the useful additions in the Nexus Update is the Launcher's ability to process Workshop mod dependencies for you. The Launcher team has updated the public documentation to explain how this works and what your options are when (un)loading mods.

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  SITREP #00134 Official    

On December 2, 2015, Joris-Jan van 't Land has reported a SITREP #00134 on the official Arma 3 web site.

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Nexus Update Released, Units Live, Tournament Update


The last major update of 2015 has gone live on main branch; welcome to Nexus Update! Visit the improved Arma 3 website for Creative Director Jay Crowe's blog on all the highlights. We'd like to thank all participants of the RC tests for your assistance. Together with the players and mod teams we were able to catch a few things and address them ahead of release. Please allow some time for all server administrators and mods to update and adjust to the latest version of the game. We'll of course be monitoring Feedback Tracker and other channels for potential issues that may have slipped through. Your patience while we get the game running great with all improvements and mods is appreciated. An update of our client port betas is also in progress with our Virtual Programming partners. We hope to push that update out as soon as it's ready and tested.


Last Saturday's End Game Tournament Semi-Finals certainly had their fair share of excitement! We began with the E-bracket match between the Bohemia Dev Squad and Arma 3 Ambassadors (who were reinforced by Tangodown's NyteMyre). Pre-match voting indicated even odds, but ultimately the Ambassadors were victorious in a 2-0 win. Viewers were treated to many interesting combat tactics by both teams, and a vehicle destruction derby was especially entertaining to see. If you do watch the whole recording, be sure to look out for the part where all members of the Dev Squad chase an enemy Ifrit on foot! The last round did have to be restarted because of an unfortunate glitch causing the schematics to disappear. This should since have been fixed for the finals. We obviously praise the great effort by our team's top players, but our congratulations go to the Ambassadors who managed to form a cohesive team of individual players and secure their place in the finals.

For the second half of the semis, we witnessed a battle between Armalusa and RG Task Force. The first round was hotly debated, because it resulted in a tie with an advantage for phase II winner Armalusa. This was partly possible because of the mechanic governing the availability of the schematics in phase III. We do have plans to change this in some way, such as allowing both teams to pick them up at any time or another method, but it was decided to not change the mode's rules during the tournament. For now, if you want to secure the win, you'll just have to be decisively better and RG took on that challenge in the following rounds. The second round was won by RG after a phase II blitz and clever Ifrit park at the upload location. This result allowed the final round to be one of the most entertaining of the tournament. Armalusa knew they had to win and gave it their best. There was a lot of intense on-foot combat leading up to a spectacular finale. Armalusa was very close to completing the final upload, when RG's Cpl.Tristan stole the schematics in the nick of time! RG 1, Armalusa 0. Thanks for the show teams!

The finals of this first official tournament will be played coming Saturday at 18:00 UTC. We're planning for it to be a best of 5 match-up between Arma 3 Ambassadors and RG Task Force. We're psyched and can't wait for what promises to be a very exciting conclusion.


The Arma 3 Units 'Foundation Release' revealed in the recent OPREP has now gone live for everybody. At the same time we've published an iteration of the entire website, which tweaks the design and gets things ready for Units and further planned extensions. Kudos to Brand & PR Manager Korneel van 't Land for the coordination, Web Developer Jervant Malakjan for the bulk of the implementation, and the rest of the Publishing team for their great support. Well over 100 units have registered their community groups already; now it's your turn.

One random example of such unit is the Boonie Crew, who have also shared a very nice year-in-review video of their operations. Find more units to your liking by filtering on a range of criteria, such as attitude, gameplay, region, language and more. Feedback and issues are welcome in this forums thread and on the Feedback Tracker (Category: Units).


As tradition would have it, we've also updated the main branches of Arma 3 Tools and Arma 3 Samples. Go over Tools Commissar Julien Vida's new TECHREP for the details. Similarly, get your scroll bars ready and dive into all of the game's changes in its 1.54 SPOTREP.

Designer Radko Voda has submitted the technical documentation for Stamina on the Community Wiki. It explains how the mechanics work behind-the-scenes, its connections to other mechanics, and lists the script commands that can control it.

Third-party mod sync service withSIX has announced they have gone open-source. Their platform can now be collaborated on by anybody via GitHub and their various feedback channels. Best of luck to them with this new approach.

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