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  Fww2 - Finland at War 1939-1945 Mod Screenshots    
Von Rundstedt modleader from the Fww2 - Finland at War 1939-1945 Mod released three new pictures of their latest work.

I have three new screenies for you, folks. They are made in quite a haste and they aren't all too well staged. I rather spend my time working on this mod than handling PR

Soviet artillery delivers their christmas greetings
Featuring some of our shelled trees (which are still early WIP)

Its going to get really warm soon
Here is again how lazy I am at staging screenshots, just one OT-130 and nobody else what-so-ever attacking? Sheesh...

Island is still same old, but we are making some progress and hopefully I have something to post in near future on that subject.

Source : BI Forums
  June 11th, 2009 - 20:28 By Marko112   Comment (1)  

  NZ Army Troops and C130H released Screenshots    
NZDF CRASH has informed on the BI Forums the community about the release of addons featuring NZ Army troops and C130H on the NZARMA web site.

NZ Army troops
This is a combined effort from both snoutmaster and me to try and accurately represent NZ Army Troops for Armed Assault 1...
You can download the troops and AAW Steyrs from the NZARMA site here
and we have a thread with all classnames here
Credits go to AAW for their Steyrs and Snoutmaster,HDlaeppli for his ghillie suits and myself for the troop repaint.
NZDF Mod C130H Hercules
Hi all yet again for another NZDF mod release for arma1.
Mods Required: NZDF Troops and Extendid Event Handlers
Credits go to Rocket for his Herc and DeanosBeanos and loki for their awesome flare scripts.Repaint done by me

  June 11th, 2009 - 02:49 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  C-130 USAF/ And Maryland Air Guard variants Addon release    
Soldier2390 has released a reskin of the USEC C-130 by Rocket with USAF and Maryland Air Guard markings on the BI Forums.

Hi everyone!
Well its not much at all..just a very basic skin of rocket's usec c-130(added usaf maryland air guard markings) but here ya go..and i will update this with better textures when i have time ..

News submitted by bulkington80.

  June 10th, 2009 - 11:25 By Old Bear   Comments (6)  

  WW2 warships by Gachopin released Addon release    
Gachopin has released a WW2 warships pack on the BI Forums and a YouTube video featuring the boats.

Today I released "ww2 warships addon".
It includes 3ships [flower class corvette],[livertyship],[u-boat typeVIII],
and 2 type of english ship crew.

This is still beta.
But I think next release will ARMA2

Flower class corvette and crew
*105mm canon x 1
*20mm AAgun x 3
*serchlight x 2
*commander can launch [K-lancher] [hedgehog]
(launch script supports multiplay)

*no weapon include(maybe next release)
*when dammaged,smoke script will work

*gunner can command "dive"
*gunner can launch G7e torpedo
(launch script supports multiplay)

News submitted by bulkington80.

Edit 15:20 CET : At Gachopin's request, the WW2 warships has been updated. Be advised you must dowload again the file if it has been DL before 15:20 CET.

  June 10th, 2009 - 09:33 By Old Bear   Comments (5)  

  USEC Mods (B1B, Navy, HH60, AAV(P)) by Rocket Addon release    
Rocket has released his USEC Mod addons on the BI Forums.

USEC B1B Bomber
* * Requires a Pilot and a Weapons Officer
* Self explanatory really, it's variants of a B1B bomber
* Currently Alpha
* Hard to use without instructions
* No pilot cockpit dials in this version

* * Has an LHA thats a "spawnable base"
* Couple of destroyers
* Oh and it has an HH60 too. Can be used to pickup cargo crates and such

* * This is like a mix of a bunch of stuff
* Might not work well without the core USEC mod
* Oh it has a cool AAV. If you know what that is, you'll probably be pretty excited.
* And some cammo units, which are pretty choice
* Gas masks and stuff too, and gas grenades
* I can't remember what else. But quite a bit.

USEC Core (For Moderator:
* * Old, and a real mess
* But has some cool stuff in it
* Enjoyness
* Maybe the snow units are in this one? They're pretty cool

Oh some of the units don't appear in the menu for ACE, you have to mention them directly. Some of the things REQUIRE ACE. It's all setup entirely for USEC, so if you don't have it all setup right - it doesn't work so well.

That's all the USEC mods! When ArmA2 came out, I promised myself I'd make all the USEC mods public to non-USEC people. I'll still be modding for ArmA for a few months until I see how ArmA2 pans out... then I'll commence my modding for that.

  June 9th, 2009 - 07:09 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  Unsung Mod Recruiting ! Community    
Warrior X™ from the Unsung Mod has informed us about their recruitement campaign :

The Unsung Mod is on a wide scale recruitment offensive for Armed Assault.
After our freshly released Alpha we now want to steam ahead to our next release.
But to get it done, we need a lot more help. We need you!

We need help in all fields of expertise. We need: Configgers, Moddelers, Scripters, Sound editors, Texturers, Animators, Island builders and Mission makers.

Do you have allready some knowledge in any of the above fields and are interested in the Vietnam war like we are and feel you could be of help? Do reply in our recruitment thread on click here.

Source :
  June 8th, 2009 - 12:35 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  RHS Presents Kenjis T-80 Pack v.0.9 Addon release    
bulkington80 informed us that Red Hammer Studios has released a beta v.0.9 of Kenjis T-80 Pack on the BI Forums.

Included in this pack are:

- T-80B ( 1985 variant )
- T-80BV ( 1985 variant )
- T-80BK ( 1985 variant )
- T-80BVK ( 1985 variant )
- T-80A ( Preproduction version of T-80U)

Additional note, as far as i saw, the addon also works well under ArmA 2, try it out if you want. Place it as empty as it misses the SLA crews from ArmA1 ofcourse.

Source : BI Forums
  June 7th, 2009 - 21:02 By Marko112   Comments (6)  

  Compact Fix 1.16A by zGuba Addon release    
zGuba has released an updated -1.16A- version of his Compact Fix for ArmA on the BI Forums.

Compact Fix 1.16A is up.

Release highlights:
- MES: renamed to EjectionSeats, Ka-50 uses ejection seat
- Launchers: fixed possible CTD, disposed tubes can be moved
- NVG: night vision goggles simulation by s-Hole, adapted to fit VNV
- Weapons: manual reload enabled for vehicle magazines, freeaim for binoculars
- minor script improvements

  June 6th, 2009 - 23:00 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Razani Map v.055 released! Addon release    
Nicholas Bell released a new beta version v.055 of his Razani Map on the BI Forums.

V0.55 Changes
1. New Sat Map colors
2. Couple of new compound clusters
3. Improved ability of AI to get in and out of qalats.
4. New wall and building objects.
5. Some walls will “destruct” rather than fall over.
6. Opteryx’s PBO’s no longer required.
7. Other miscellaneous items.

This update is long in coming – almost 3 months and over 140 hours of work. Unfortunately not a lot to show for the effort. Much time was spent creating new structures and attempting to improve AI behavior using multiple and/or complex AI Pathways. These experiments not only failed, but created havoc with the program when there were even a few units on map.

My follies found that AI Pathways are only sometimes used by individual soldiers, but never by units as a whole. The only way to get squads to move through openings is to make them 3-4 meters wide. Anything smaller than this will be ignored by the AI pathfinding routines. So now entrances to qalats are larger.

You will no doubt still find plenty to get frustrated about regarding the AI pathfinding around the compounds. On the other hand, the AI can do some unexpected things. After numerous attempts to set and keep sentries in the towers, I gave up. However, during a mission I found myself being shot at by some damn Taliban in a tower – the AI had somehow managed to make the guy enter the door and climb the ladder on this own. Go figure…

Note :If you don't have Queen's Gambit installed, you'll lose half the grass clutter, one rock type and one bush type.

Needed addons :
Queens Gambit (v 1.0)

  June 6th, 2009 - 20:32 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

  The Unsung Mod Alpha release for ArmA Addon release    

Redkid from the Unsung Mod has informed us about the release of the Unsung Mod R1 Alpha.

The Unsung Mod is proud to present our R1 (Alpha) release for Armed Assault.
We have tried to keep in mind all the different specs of machinery in the community.
We hope we can give a pleasurable jungle experience to everyone due to this.
After hard and long work for the past years and months, the time has finally come.
Yes troop, you get to hunt or be hunted in the jungles of South-East Asia!

What does this release have? Well it has 3 islands to get fragged on in any of million ways. They are called "Kham Duc", "Ngok Tavak" and "In Country". On them you can sneak around as a member of the US Special Forces and shoot at the hardcore Vietcong or the even more bitter NVA. Or you can even be one of them and kick some SF ass. Fly around high in the sky with some Huey's and pile on from above, walk on the ground and develop a 1000 yard stare. Run, walk, crawl, fly, shoot to kill and get your fill in a Unsung made Vietnam environment thrill. Happy gaming people! And remember, keep your head low, your 16's on rock and roll and the world will turn!

Thanks to all who contributed in any way to the mod and made it all possible!

  June 5th, 2009 - 21:17 By Old Bear   Comments (16)  

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