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  Campania de Malvinas - Beta release Addon release    

catito14 from Campaña de Malvinas Mod has informed us about the release of the first Beta of the Mod on the BI forums .

After years of works, we proudly presents a BETA release of SOME addons of the Campaña de Malvinas Mod. We decided to release these addons separated for now, until we finish the mod, for public test.
This beta include the following addons:
- MLV Weapons - Light & personal Weapons
- MLV Units - Infantry Units
- MLV Support - Heavy and support weapons
- MLV Wheels - Wheeled vehicles
- MLV Objects - Objects used in the Island and other stuff
- MLV PtoArgentino - First Map of the mod Puerto Argentino/Port Stanely zone
- MLV Extras - Icon, XML for editors, pdf. with explanation about everything (only in spanish, sorry) etc.
- MLV Missions - Some basic multiplayer/singleplayer missions for testing the addons

Some Important Info:

-In each addon, we added the credits of the people who helped (and continue helping us) including the rights of every addonmaker who facilitated to us his models
-This is only a BETA release.
-In MLV_Support are some bugs that we already know (in Oto Melara 105mm, L118 Light Gun and Roland AA), but we decided to release it anyway. We are working to fix that bugs.

We want to say THANKS to each person who helped us in ANY form in realisation of this mod. We know the ArmA1 game is a little "old" but, as we promised, we want to released this mod FIRST for ArmA1.

Source : BI Forums
  March 25th, 2010 - 15:54 By Old Bear   Comments (5)  

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