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mr.g-c informed the community on the BI Forums, that the german magazine PCAction has released a new preview of Armed Assault 2 on their website. A few editors of the magazine had the chance to visit the BIS headquarter in Prague.

Information about the story :

After the fall of the soviet union, several new states were born and Chenaurus (a fictional island on which ArmA2 will be settled) another ex-soviet republic was one of them.
In the year 2009 two fractions are fighting against each other. The Communist-Nationalist Group wants to reunite the country with Russia while the democrats are trying to keep Chenaurus independent.
After a long struggle and a civil war the Communist-Nationalist Group gains the power renames the island to Chenarussian Socalist Republic forcing the remaining members of the democratic party into exile. Russia itself is refusing to unite with the new republic, which means the russian army will propably not be included in ArmA 2.

In the exile the democrats are preparing a revolution (backed by the United States Army) and you and your 5 men strong US special force unit (called Razor) are among the first american forces who are trying to bring the democratic party back to power. Every mission is played with this 5 men team and every team member will have an unique skill.

More information :

- player switching
- the 320 km² big Chenaurus island is based on real Geo-Data
- day and night circle
- around 50 vehicles and weapons (Mi24, T-90)
- lots of new weapons (Saiga-12K-Shotgun, Colt 1911)
- realistic ballistics

  May 14th, 2008 - 16:27 By Deadeye   Comments (31)  

  Arma 2 Vegetation Progress 2 - Blog Official    
Matt Rochelle has informed us that Jan Hovora from BIS has written another interesting article called Arma 2 Vegetation Progress 2 on the BIS Website

News submitted by Matt Rochelle

Source : BIS
  May 14th, 2008 - 15:55 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

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