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  No video but a small appetizer Official    

A "Small appetizer for our dedicated ARMA II fans" have been released on the ArmA2 Official Website.

A couple of screenshots captured ingame this week to supply our dedicated fans with the latest Intel. We are continuing our work on new videos introducing the last two factions - NAPA and Russian Armed Forces which will be released over the next two weeks.

Update : Dwarden informed us that the pics are now available in a higher resolution on and

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  Developers Blog updated Screenshots    
Jan Hovora from the BI Studios has updated the developers blog with some news about the ArmA2 work in progress and about other projects from BIS. As you can see, the screenshots are from an alpha version ! Our game is on the way !

This blog entry will be about many things, some about progress in ARMA2, some not. As I don't have time to write about these things in separate, longer texts, I hope this short summary form will show you some progress in ARMA2 and also a little of what's new for BIS.

Firstly, we finished clutter; these are simplified models of vegetation that cover the landscape, such as grass or small plants and things. The locations where these models are placed is controlled by a kind of mask of the landscape’s surface texture, this is not finished yet, but we are finalizing this texture and on most parts of Chernarus it’s done. You can see it in some pictures around this text. So we can say that all vegetation for ARMA2 is finished.

Because of this we have opened a new website and started offering services in CG generated vegetation. You can see that at our website where you can find some more detailed information about the system as well as a few videos about performance & analytic tools build into Linda.

Another small note that I wanted to write is about a new process that we use for making very realistic and believable faces. As ARMA2 is encompassed within a complex story, it’s very important to have good looking characters. In previous games we used the same model with different textures or special models of just the head, but still without any real correspondence to the actors that play in the campaign. This is different in ARMA2, we chose real actors not just for their voices but we will also use their real faces. We take photos of them for textures and we also take 3D laser scans. This surface data we use as the master shape for the creation of their head model to perfectly replicate it from the original. We also developed new skin shaders that simulate lighting similar to subsurface scattering in real time, to have much more realistic face lighting then in our previous games. See attached pictures.

Civilian usage of VBS

I’m proud to announce that we are shipping VBS to Czech Universities; we hope that it will enable us to better cooperate with students on our projects and teach them to use our technology.
Read more on the Developer's Blog Topic

News submitted by telejunky.

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  Facts about Chernarussian Defence Forces Official    

Facts about the "CDF : Chernarussian Defence Forces" have been revealed on the ArmA2 official web site.
CDF : Chernarussian Defence Forces

Chernarussian military has been trained by Western armies in past years, but it retains weapons and equipment of the Soviet Army, its direct predecessor. Its main task during the past years for was to fight challenging counter-insurgecy campaign in the mountaineous regions of Northern Chernarus.

YouTube video thanks to Kenwort.

"In the name of freedom, equality and brotherhood of nations of the Fatherland, we swear to fight for the freedom and independence of the Republic of Chernarus."
- from the Oath of Enlistment of CDF

* Equipment of CDF soldiers is a mixture of older gear, modern kevlar helmets and camouflage fatigues based on Soviet airborne uniform design. Soldiers are armed with AK-74 rifles, PKMs and other personal weapons of Eastern provenience.
* CDF uses whole spectrum of Cold-War era vehicles: T-72 main battle tanks, BRDM-2 and BMP-2 personel carriers, UAZ cars and Ural trucks.
* High mobility of CDF troops in the mountains is ensured by Mi-17 transport helos. Close air support is provided by Su-25 attack jets and Mi-24 Hind helicopters.
* Although there are no „special forces“, Chernarussian soldiers always serve in place of their origin and thus know local conditions, which is especially useful for protecting locals against extremists.
* Recent training with NATO armies and foreign help enables CDF to cooperate with USMC and efficiently fight the insurgency.

Here are some screenshots from the ArmA2 video featuring CDF.

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  New secrets revealed about ChDKZ Official    

De-classified informations about the "ChDKZ " have been revealed on the ArmA2 official web site.

ChDKZ : Chernarussian Movement Of The Red Star

Although the communist insurgency has its roots in underground, it is now conventional force with military structure and weapon platforms captured from Chernarussian government or provided by international arms dealers. This has given ChDKZ enough power to start coup against the government.

„One man with a gun can control hundred without one.“
- V. I. Lenin

* Insurgents wear various old fatigues of Russian origin, commonly in urban color scheme. They are armed by variety of personal weapons, ranging from old AKMs to captured AK-74s. Anti-tank and anti-armor launchers of various types are commonly used as ChDKZ purchases them from arms dealers in great numbers.
* Insurgents lack logistic infrastructure of modern army, therefore the vehicles they use don't appear in great numbers and troops have only limited support, artillery is rather rare.
* Insurgents use mostly older Eastern combat vehicles captured from government forces. Hand-made camouflage spraypaint is often used on their vehicles.
* ChDKZ uses also various captured aircraft, but its deployment is limited to small part of Chernarus far from government air bases.
* Insurgents are organized into regional task forces, which are lead by and named after field warlords who are direct subordinates of „Akula" (Shark), supreme leader of ChDKZ.

Feel free to join the ArmA Community IRC Chat and have a chat about the latest video (See a link to the Chat on your left)

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  ARMA 2: New content revealed Official    

Some new information about the "Citizens of Chernarus" has been revealed on the ArmA2 official web site. Here is a YouTube video thanks to Kenwort.

Citizens of Chernarus

Proud people of Chernarus were divided by the civil war and its consequences. Majority of Chernarussian citizens are of Chernarussian nationality, with their own language and culture. There is also Russian ethnic minority living mainly in the northern territories, where Russian is second official language. People are also divided by their political alignments and sympathies.

„Yes, I'm pretty sure 'twas him. Yeah, it might have been a group of guerillas in ghillie suits, but Sir, snipers surely wouldn't try to unscrew that Chedak's head!“
- from notes of Cpt. Dressler, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

* Chernarussians are mostly villagers or foresters. City people from the coast work mainly in harbours and factories.
* After the civil war, life is equally boring everywhere: not much remains of the few cultural events and entertainment the distant Northern Province previously had to offer.
* Citizens are quite friendly to soldiers, sometimes even providing valuable intel. However, they rarely speak English, so knowledge of Chernarussian or Russian really helps.
* Causing any harm to the civilian population could lead to a loss of support and hostility towards the soldiers. Improper behavior towards the local women might cause a very rude response.
* Chernarussian Bigfoot is often said to be spotted in the mountains of Northern Chernarus.

Here are some low quality screenshots taken from the Video :

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