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[CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala [CO] (v 1.17)
Picture of [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala [CO] Author : Rough Knight Version : 1.17  
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Campaign: Carrier Operations - Duala

Version: v1.17

Developer(s): -=Rough_Knight=-

Description: Duala is offically in a state of civil war. The Duala Revolution is an ongoing armed conflict in the North African state of Duala being fought between forces loyal to Colonel Mumma Gotdafti and his regime and those seeking to despose of him.

The situation began on 15 February 2011 as a series of peaceful protests which were met with military force by the Gotdafti regime. The protests escalated into an uprising that spread across the country. The forces opposing Gotdafti established a movement named the National Transitional Council [NTC] whose stated goal was to overthrow the Gotdafti-led government and hold democratic elections.

The civil war rapidly esculated as the Gotdafti loyalists applied further force in an attempt to crush the rebellion of the NTC. NATO forces have alligned themselves with the NTC and provide support of the restricted Fly Zone over Duala.

The US carrier Nimitz based off the East Duala coast will provide air-support for the civilian populated NTC forces, striking deep into GotDafti held territory at various communications and other military targets. Any ground operations conducted by the UN alliance must be strictly confidential, otherwise risking a huge uprising from the rest of the Arab world.

You will play as a pilot flying various aircraft and helicopters from USS Nimitz in aid of our campiagn in support of the NTC and Dualan civilians. Parts of the campaign will also focus on covert operations from the US Marines operating from USS Nimitz.




Version | Date | Notes

b0.10 | 10-Dec-11 | Beta Release
b0.22 | 15-Dec-11 | Beta Release - see changelog
b0.23 | 21-Dec-11 | Beta Release - see changelog
v1.00 | 24-Dec-11 | Official Release - see changelog
v1.03 | 27-Dec-11 | See changelog
v1.04 | 27-Dec-11 | See changelog
v1.05 | 05-Jan-12 | See changelog
v1.11 | 22-Feb-12 | See changelog
v1.13 | 19-Mar-12 | See changelog
v1.14 | 13-Apr-12 | See changelog
v1.15 | 18-Jul-12 | See changelog
v1.16 | 05-Aug-12 | See changelog
v1.17 | 03-Oct-12 | See changelog


This mission is (c)2011 -=Rough_Knight=-. All rights reserved.


This mission (hereafter 'Software') contains files to be used in the PC CD-ROM simulator "Armed Assault 2" (hereafter 'ArmA2'). To use the Software you must agree to the following conditions of use:

1. -=Rough_Knight=- (hereafter 'The Author(s)') grant to you a personal, non-exclusive license to use the Software.

2. The commercial exploitation of the Software without written permission from The Author(s) is expressly prohibited.


The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Software is not an official addon or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk.


To begin using the Software:

1. Move the file CarrierOperations-Duala into the following directory:



To play this mission the following addons are required:

ARMA2: Operation Arrowhead. v1.62 or greater
Isla Duala by IceBreakr
USS Nimitz by JDog
F18 Hornet by Meatball
GLT Missilebox by GLT Mike
US MARSOC Marines by Meatball


* Mando Missile ARMA for ARMA2
* WarFX Blastcore


* Small intro and outro movies.
* 13 Missions based on Nimitz Air\Ground operations.
* 9 Flying missions (a number of which auto-teamswitch into ground troops for particular tasks in the mission), 4 dedicated Infantry missions.
* Many custom Scripts for various mission features.
* Singleplayer only.
* For ARMA2[OA], Also requried: ARMA2.
* Please delete or restart the campaign on installation of v1.13


* Workaround for missing GPS/INS system in the avionics menu until it is implemented again in a future F/A-18 version by Meatball\Pharohx.
* AI flying the F18 don't shoot flares by default. I have written a script to make them do this for incoming misiles.
* F/A-18's by default do not fire flares since @Mar_2MAW v2.1. Scripts implemented to fire flares in similar manner to vanilla arma2.
* @MMA in another option for easy flare use and weapon loadouts.
* Co-Pilot recruiting tweaks required. Keep falling off Nimitz. Eventually they will board your aircraft. Implemented scripts to place them back on deck.
* When using @MMA cutscene3 missilecam plays up. No solution found yet.


Version | Date

v1.17 | 03-Oct-12
* Fixed: Dependancy on JSRS soundmod causing crash in "Operation Nightowl". (Thanks fox_sds)
* Fixed: Radio call for extraction not working when General Younis has recieved medical attention in mission 6. (thanks arunajisan)

v1.16 | 05-Aug-12
* New: basic flare and missile warning system [alarm] to F/A-18's. [R] to release flares, [control] + [R] to change fire mode. (disabled if @MMA is active).
* Fixed: AI F/A-18's fire flares with incoming missile.
* Fixed: Visible table and chairs bouncing around on Nimitz lower deck.
* Changed: Cutscene improvements in mission3. [F/A-18 fires flares and some camera changes.]

v1.15 | 16-Jul-12
* Added: New cutscene on completion of mission3.
* Fixed: Yellow launch crew now hold animation state on launch signal.
* Changed: added static sound to radio coms.
* CAS support will now inform you which direction relative to the target it is approaching from as well as it's ETA.
* Changed: Mission8, enemy base populated with equipment for more immersion.
* Fixed: Mission 12, added satchels to packpacks if player chooses a stealthy approach to phase 1 of the operation.
* Fixed: All missions, Deck ambience script being initiated twice before player left Nimitz.

v1.14 | 13-Apr-12
* Hotfix: NVGoggles missing from Marine in mission 8.
* Changed: Campaign now uses the latest version of Meatballs MARSOC marines.
* Fixed: Mission9, crewman swiming.
* Fixed: CAS vehicles initiated chat even when dead.
* Improved: all missions briefingsand overviews.

v1.13 | 19-Mar-12
* Added: Description of task added to overview for each mission in the campaign lobby.
* Added : kbTell used for all mission chat\radio dialogue.
* Fixed: All missions, ambient plane on your wingman's catapult (#1) could be deleted in clear view of player at launch off Nimitz.
* Fixed: All missions, recruited Wingman was unable to fire.
* Fixed: Mission6: Chat dialogue was not initiated.
* Fixed: A few mission animation errors.
* Changed: Mission1, "Hunt the squirrel" secondary objective is now optional.
* Changed: Improvements in final mission.

v1.11 | 22-Feb-12
* Updated to use Meatballs v2.0 F/A-18.
* Updated to use Meatballs USMC fighter pilot\crew chiefs and Helicopter Pilots.
* Added: Nimitz deck activity.
* Added: Two new missions from USS Nimitz.
* Added: One new mision playing as the civilian NTC side.
* Added extra tasks for some missions.
* Changed: Mission5 player is now pilot when flying and marine team when on the ground [auto-Teamswitch]
* Changed: Mission5 added custom CAS [AH1Z] script to help [optional to use- called via radio]
* Changed: Mission6 option to use AH1Z or littlebird. Extra optional objective + more e units called if player uses AH1Z.
* Fixed: Mission7 Extraction action sometimes doesn't appear.
* Fixed: Mission7 Extraction helo destroyed means objective failure.
* Fixed: Mission7 - POW could sometimes die before he was rescued
* Fixed: All missions, extraction helicopter will now land on Nimitz deck rather than hover above it.
* Fixed: All missions, Plane wobbling on takeoff, and Nimitz crewmen feet who where partially sunken in deck on certain missions.
* Added: All missions, Workaround to falling through Nimitz deck in some cases.
* Fixed: All missions, insertion\Extraction crew Chiefs don't engage the enemy.
* Changed: mission8 NV weapons for Marines.
* Changed: mission10 NV weapons for Marines.
* Changed: All missions, MH-60 now used instead of littlebird for insertion and extraction. Script improved.
* Changed: All missions, dead body cleanup to leave playableUnits and campaign specific characters.
* Changed: All missions,AI no longer use afterburner on takeoff.
* Changed: All missions, Dip on launch of AI aircraft takeoff added.
* Chanmged: All missions Script fix to stop pileup of planes on Nimitz deck if inital plane is still on Cat#1 and a wingman is requested.
* Changed: All missions, wingman only offered if player vehicle is a plane.
* Changed: all missions, removed disableUserInput true in briefings to hopefully stop uncontrollable camera drift.
* Fixed: Wincing could be heard in campaign's final cutscene.
* Various other improvements.

v1.05 | 05-Jan-12
* Fixed: Plane taking off from Nimtz during opening cutscene could sometimes explode.
* Fixed: Issue where player could move a guy used in the intro so that he was not visible in the cutscene [Air-Controller].
* Fixed: Mission1 Enemy migs not visible on the radar.
* Fixed: Mission1 Hint on squirrel escaping airfield was not from USS Nimitz mission control.
* Fixed: Mission2 does not use sargeant in chat.
* Fixed: mission6 trigger to end mission correctly after returning to Nimitz.
* Fixed: mission6 trigger to detect if NTC are wiped out - mission fail.
* Fixed: AH-6J loadout of weapons and magazines [sidearms] for player if helicopter gets shot down but player survives.
* Fixed: Enemy planes sometimes taking out units on Nimitz Deck.
* Fixed: Some spelling errors in chat dialogues.
* Changed: Added delay to message regarding extraction availability apon ejecting or vehicle being damaged on return to Nimitz tasks.
* Changed: "alldead" variable changed to "alldead_fro" to inhibit conflicts with BIS array "allDead".

v1.04 | 27-Dec-11
* Added correct version information to the briefing of every mission.
* Fixed: Error message on some missions because of a missing briefing intel picture present on only selected missions.

v1.03 | 27-Dec-11
* Mission8: [Airfield Infiltration] patrols improved.
* Mission8: [Airfield Infiltration] Convoy lights are off until it moves into position.
* Mission10: [Takedown Gotdafti] NVGoggles added to MH-60S pilot as insertion is now just before dawn [typical mission playout].
* Removed: Atmospheric planes landing as they can't retract their undercarridge and sometimes explode on landing.
* Fixed: Issue where the Game Engine Seasonal tide calculations where causing issues with vehicles spawning on USS Nimitz [Causing explosions as they fell through the Nimitz deck into the ocean].
* Added Silenced weapons to units operating at night in mission8 and mission10.
* Fixed: Markers not hiding themselves using setmarkeralpha 0 for some missions.
* Added: Some planes to the Nimitz deck for some missions.
* Fixed: Wiki's name made it into the mission description rather than the credits section : P

v1.00 | 24-Dec-11
* Fixed some mission end markers.
* Further mods to Insertion and Extraction scripts for MH-6J
* Mission 7: Added a few planes\helicopters to airfield you are likely to fly over.

b0.23 | 21-Dec-11
* Tidy up of some more mission chat dialogues.
* MIssion 7: Turnoff troop transport helicopter lights on approach to LZ.
* MIssion 7: Measures to stop troop transport fleeing when it see's enemy.

b0.22 | 15-Dec-11
* All missions end now only when back at Nimitz or unit\group is dead [even if you eject from f18]. Littlebird extraction is initiated in this case.
* Posse added to hunt you down if you eject in all missions. You must extract by AI controlled littlebird - secondary game to make things more interesting.
* Co-Pilot now start in F18 turret. Was gunner posision before @mar_2MAW v1.8.
* Covert missions are mostly dawn. Made missions more overcast as Clouds may help balance lighting. As Wiki suggests, most covert Ops are at night.
* A2/OA ammo boxes added to Nimitz as suggested by Wiki.
* Wingman recruiting scripts imporved.
* Carrier Auto-landing action titletext hidden by default.
* Littlebird init mods to stop it fleeing on insertion or extraction.
* Insertion and Extraction scripts improved.
* Return to Nimitz task fixed
* Mission dialogues improved.
* Mission4 - Fixed: Markers for ships.
* Mission5 - Fixed: Younis still doesnt always return to extraction helicopter.
* Mission5 - Fixed: Civilians trigger doesnt work if you shoot them
* Mission5 - Changed: Direction of civs
* Mission5 - Added: Removebodies - [westUnits and NTC] + increase time bodies lay dead before deletion.
* Mission6 - Added: Removebodies - [NTC] + increase time bodies lay dead before deletion.
* Mission6 - Changed: UPS to UPSMON.
* Mission9 - Fixed: convoy mission return to Nimitz taskdesination fixed thanks to Wiki for pointing out the error.
* Mission10 - Changed: Now occurs at night rather than dawn as per suggestion by Wiki.

b0.1 | 10-Dec-11
* Beta Release.


IceBreaker for Duala
JDog for USS Nimitz
Meatball0311 for the F18 and marines
[GLT] Myke for GLT Missilebox
Snafu for his Nimitz CSG template
Konsky, Monsada & Rafalski for UPS and UPSMON scripts
Norrin for POW script
Mikey, SHK and Galzohar for briefing
Xeno for his body removal script
SHK for his searchlights FSM
Tophe for Random House Patrol Script
Big Dawg KS for his bullet cam script
Pelham for his cutscene tutorial
OPFEC for radio static sound.
Wiki and CylonicTuna for beta testing and providing feedback\ideas. Thanks heaps
Muahaha for his video work : )
blackfox34 for motivation to add kbTell for chat dialogues.
OFPEC for radio static sound.
fox_sds and arunajisan for their troubleshooting.
Anyone I forgot, I apologise in advance.
Picture of [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala [CO] Picture of [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala [CO] Picture of [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala [CO]
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