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ArmA | ArmA 2 | ArmA 3 English Français Mod Reloaded, Public Beta Release (v 1.10)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : 6thSense
Version : 1.10 Era : N/A Type : Total Conversion
Size : 921 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 53239 No rating for this addon.

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • SIX_base.pbo
  • SIX_Blood.pbo
  • SIX_characters.pbo
  • SIX_CRDS.pbo
  • SIX_islands.pbo
  • SIX_M249.pbo
  • SIX_Markers.pbo
  • SIX_Misc.pbo
  • SIX_Tracers.pbo
  • SIX_vehicles.pbo
  • SIX_Weaponpack.pbo
  • SIX_weapons.pbo
Description :
This Modification is created for usage on servers. (And as such Made for MP)
But it may and can be used by other communities or individuals.
The package has been made with many different considerations, some realism, some gameplay, some for fun.
The main idea of the Mod, is to have a uniformal classes system with many many different units, vehicles
scripts, further enhancements, all made compatible with eachother inside 1 mod.
Newer Modules will become available in the future, examples could be WW2, Vietnam etc. etc.
Original Units, Vehicles, Weapons etc. are unaffacted. This mod needs updated Missions.
(Auto-replace templates for PowerGREP are included in the @6thSenseMod\Tools folder)
Size : 921 MB
  December 2nd, 2007 - 20:57   Comment (0)  

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