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  Armed Forces of The Capraian Republic Addon release    

Yevgeni89 has submitted us new ArmA2 mod Forze Armate di Capraia that has been released on the BIS Forums by Sakai.

Forze Armate di Capraia - Armed Forces of Capraia, is my "version" of military for the map made called "Capraia" by the French dev-team "NGStudio", I was fascinated by the landscape, colors and the history of it so I thought, why not making army for it?, the island keeps its original story and location till 1796, in the history line Capraia was ruled by the Merchant Republic of Capraia and competed with fellow ally Venice, in the 1930 it has been occupied by the Nazi Germany and freed and given independence in 1945 by Britain and France and it became a Republic of Capraia, a small island with a military and oil...
Please do understand this is not a official mod of any type to the original map, this is a personal mod im doing by myself because I feel like this beautiful map needs it inhabitants so I decided to change the history.

This mod is created on community member's views, not only mine, I enjoyed doing this mod and of course I keep on, thanks to this mod I have improved my skills, this is my first major and big mod I have created that gets released, Im happy that I have been working on it 24/7 and I hope you will enjoy it!

This mod is created for ACE and NON ACE users.

Needed addons :
@ACE v1.12

Source : BIS Forums
  February 2nd, 2013 - 10:00 By Andi31   Comment (0)  

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