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Comments for Funny stuff WIP
KaBoNG, watch textures :)
this only joke version )))
Im finish Winston now, may see in BAZEF topic.
I tru use this for give map end object more reality, but if somebody know how add men in ArmA (1,2) cigareete - this be cool end atmosferick

all we need now is some weed and skins for it ;)


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Yeah consuming tobacco is crime,evil,evil,evil and a close-minded attitude can cause brain cancer too...Nothing else to do?^^

Well,nice addon.I guess I'll inhale it - sorry - I mean, I will download it if it's available, would be nice for RPG based missions.THX for the info :-D

Well, this game is about shooting metal fragments at each other. Compared to high explosives and bullets, what is so bad about cigarets?

well said KaBoNG ,lets promote cancer sticks

umm, yeah

Uhm, what's so funny about a highly-addictive, cancer-causing substance like tobacco?

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